Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The one with... C is for ?


You see sometime last year, I received a call from celc0m informing that I have an outstanding payment due to them.. to which I was like “huh?!” coz I was not even a subscriber.

Long story short, they actually have a number registered under my IC number. But when they asked me “what’s your mother’s name” and “what’s your address”, the answers they got from me were different from what they have in record. Well, obviously.

I said that it was not me who registered the number, so to hell with the outstanding bill. But then they said, “But because it’s your IC number, so ‘legally’ it’s your bill to settle”.

For a while, I lost my word. Like, what the??!!

I was fuming mad, how the heck did they do their work? I mean, aren’t they suppose to verify the original IC? And I’ve not had my IC lost or stolen before. So how the heck did they allow a number to be registered under my IC number then? And didn’t they check whether the picture on the IC is of the same with the person registering???

So I said, “What do I do now? That’s not my number and that’s not my bill and I’ve not used any 019 number before..”

You know what, I was asked to go make police report la, go to celc0m office la, fill in god-knows-what form la, go to commissioner of oath la and whatnots..”..

WHATTTT??! Why must I be the one having to go through all the hassle?? Sigh.

So yes, I chose to ignore. Coz I was like, what’s the worst can happen? Blacklist my name? Go ahead, it’s not like I’m gonna register number with them. After all, the bill was RM177 ONLY. Waheyyyy big deal, really celc0m???!

One year has passed, and out of nowhere, recently I received a lawyer's letter regarding the same matter. And that I have 14 days to respond to it. Are you effing kidding me celc0m? For RM177? Really?

Anyway, being the panicky me, upon receiving the letter I went to lodge for police report right away. But then, after the heat of the moment cooled off, I was like.. gosh. Having to go celc0m and commissioner of oath whatnots, all that require my time ok. My precious working hours time. I have lots other stuff to do if I were to sacrifice my working hours.. like settling the EPF thing for my housing payment, go to open the bank account, get someone to fix my gate, so on and so forth.

Side track: Why all this thing can only be done during office hours?? Why oh why?

So again, this time around, I have decided to ignore… We shall see what’s gonna happen. Wish me luck. Oh ya, has anyone else experience the similar thing? Coz around my circle itself, apparently I’m not alone. Again, how the heck this happens Celc0m? Something’s wrong with your system, dude.

Max1s jugak terbaik di pasaran (this is personal opinion).

Before I end, here are some interesting facts to ponder:

1. How the heck they know my max1s number?

2. How come they know to contact my husband to chase me for the outstanding bill?

3. My IC is showing my parents house address, how come the lawyer's letter is sent to my current house? I have my current house address registered nowhere else in any other formal documentation, except for of course, the housing loan purposes. Other than that, all my corresponding mails are my parent’s house address; I’ve not changed that even after I moved out.

Weird much? I have no idea (-_-')


  1. yess maxis is the best wpun sbnrnya i celsom user since uni time.but my comp facing a lot of problem with C, coz our corporate line use C.

    becos of tht, today...orang kuning (DIGI) dtg buat roadshow and resulted many staffs converted from C to D.

    Yang geram dorang nyer service slow.kalau ada prob lmbt nk reply & take action

  2. hi lilia, this is ain and it's been quite a while reading your blog. nicely written and that's why i came here often.

    umm, ive faced this incident before, but my dad settle kan da bill since it came to our house. and it's cost more around rm290+.

    i went to da c centre and told them bout da stupid line, said dat i got cheated, but there's nothg they can do bout it.

    hopefully nothg will happen to you and umm, all da facts really sumthg to ponder about. sgt cuak jugakla mcm mana diorg boleh tawu evrythg out of no where?!

    take care lilia, comel betul khayr, he's such a cute boy indeed

  3. Lilia,

    Ingat tak i dulu pernah kena macam ni jugak? The line was active okay masa I try call tu siap ada orang angkat lagi. Gila okay masa I call kata I dari celcom dia siap mengaku nama I...buduh. Anyways it was a huge hassle but I did the police report and lodged the fraud report with celcom and get them to waive the bill because seriously, its identity theft and I tak nak dia guna my ID in the future. I punya saiko siap pergi bank lagi check CTOS just in case ada bank account under my name kat mana2 i tak tau...hahahah.

    Take care k.

  4. ingatkan kau pernah hilang ic dulu .. tp sungguh musykil btol laa dgn segala kemusykilan as u stated .. hurrrmmm.

    haha. jgnlah begitewww. lps guna maxis 11thn (pehh lama siot) aku tetap nak switch to celcom end of this month.. :P jgn kedekut sms aku yee walopon aku dah tukar celcom lps ni ok!

  5. raihan, -- haihhh tu lah kan. i guess semua pun ada their own fair share.. D ke. C ke. M ke. semua pun ade je yang tak puas hati. But C i memang geram not only because of this, but because of other reasons as well but i cannot mention here because its P&C. matik nanti kene saman. Hehehehe.

    ain alida, -- hi ain! hoho thanks for reading my blog :) anyway, seeeee!!! Ramai je yang kene this thing ok… I don’t understand why??? Whats wrong with C punye security system? So unreliable ok… good for you cause your dad dah settle kan.. I pulak.. entah, mcm malas laaa nk buat all the procedures. Banyak lagi bende I nak kene buat.. so far nothing happened, we’ll see how.

    And yessss… konfius kan mcmane they get to know all those info? I suspect once ade issue all the telco will cross-share the information kot? Same goes if one has debt issue ke, nak amek loan ke, they hv this database on our info.. like how much commitment we have with the bank, etc etc etc.

    You too take care! I miss Khayr!! Haha tiba2 mannnn.

    Farah, -- respect sama lu la… berani buat perubahan dalam hidup! Hihihi.. tukar kerja.. buat dapur baru.. buat anak baru... and now tukar line? Hoho good on ya!

  6. kak zue, -- i know! dulu i call u kan.. tapi i really2 takde masa la nak buat bende2 nih.. huhu. bende2 housing pun tak settle2 lagi just bcoz i dont hv the time to take leave or even time off. sigh.

    good on you that u've settled yours.. and i really hope bank wont jeopardise their security system as well.. gile ah siap check CTOS tuuuuu! hehehe..

  7. Lilia,

    check kat maybank kat bawah ni je....beruntung keje kat mid valley semua bank ada. muahahahaha. kenyit2 mata sikit ngan abang kat kaunter.


    anyways i tak mo bayar and I was afraid the imposter will be using my ID for something else so sebab tu I try and find time to do it anyway. better late than naver

  8. one of ur silent reader..
    just want to mom pernah kena case c ni bila ic dia hilang dulu. then, bila 1st bill datang ke rumah, my mom pi celcom lagi report kate ic dia hilang n this number is not hers and mintak utk terminate that number..
    tapi this c is berlagak pandai kate, its not my mom's right to terminate line tu, coz nama dlm bill tu lelaki..even my mom show evidence like bill letrik rumah semua..

    gile dah kasi tolong pon tak mau.last2 bil tu sampai 1k mom did lodge a police report too..tapi biasa la..takder action taken pon..

  9. kak zue, -- tu lah, i miss working in sime darby. maybank kat bawah. eon is on the opposite road. sigh.

    mas, -- tu lah kannnn.. dah la diorg nye problem.. pastu nak layan kite mcm hape je.. and yg tu pun lagi satu jugak. report polis mcm la dia layan kan? sigh.