Thursday, 24 February 2011

The one with... live update.

- just got back from a 4D3N outstation trip to Hanoi.
- tired, and god knows how much i miss khayr!
- Hanoi was nice in terms of the current weather.. around 15 ~ 20 deg C.. very cooling, i like! :) nak landing tadi dalam plane bila dengar announcement "cuaca di kuala lumpur lebih kurang 32 darjah calcius.. yadda yadda .." i felt dang, panasnye KL! *gedik please* :p
- to find halal food was very challenging, in fact there was no muslim's restaurant at all. had breakfast and dinner alone in the room with bread, tuna, maggi and mushroom soup brought from KL.. and lunch time i was left with no choice. best the client could do was to bring me to the jap restaurant. so i had the vege tempura throughout my stay.
- glad to reach home safe and sound, but immediately i felt there's this big lump in my throat the moment i get to see my 2 K's.. they are both down with fever and flu :'(
- ni baru lepas kasi dia makan ubat and tidurkan dia.. he's been cranky.. i guess its the difficulty to breathe.. poor my baby..

- with that, i foresee its gonna be a long night tonight. but takpe, asalkan dia dan bapak dia di depan mata... :)
- oh and syukur i get to do my pumping activity during my stay over there *kulit muka kena tebal memberi penjelasan kepada orang*.. and for the first time i brought my medela FS (managed to grab recently at a price 50% cheaper than the retail price).. i must say, avent manual is still the best!
- nevertheless, syukur 13 bottles/packs x 5oz berjaya dibawa pulang..

- next week kena pegi lagi 3D2N.. tsk.
- lepas2 ni dah taknak pegi lagi boleh tak? :p
- ok khayr dah merengek, till later~*

ps. sorry masih tak berkesempatan nak reply comment, will do that hopefully soon ok? xoxo

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Hoho ade rupenye restaurant halal at Hanoi.. menyesal tak google awal2! :P for more info, click here.


  1. rindu berjauhan dgn anak kan..
    khayr also miss u so much..cuma blum pandai ckp je tu.he =p

  2. ala..kesian pakai avent jugak ke?same lah dah tuka ke FS plak eh?best tak pakai FS?beli katne?

    kejap je budak2 ni dah besar kan? :)

  3. ashra, -- rindu sangat! and true.. aku rasa dia demam rindu.. sebab bila aku balik, besok nye terus ok... :')

    arissa zoela, -- tu lah kan, what to dooooo its all in a days work. anyway a'ah all along memang pakai avent manual. beli FS sbb murah, thought of making it as investment. pesan kat cousin husband beli kan kat US. pakai FS best sebab efficient and dual pumping. tp my personal experience, dia mcm tak extract abes. lepas pam, still B mcm bengkak, so kene ending kan dengan manual (i.e tangan). hope its a matter of time to get used to it!

    anyway tu lahhhh can i freeze the time??? huhu.