Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The one with... khayr's 1st birthday celebration ♥

Alhamdulillah Khayr turned 1 early this month on 5 Feb 2011.. and so did we as parents! :) *good job!* (siapa lagi nak puji kalau bukan diri sendiri ye tak.. hehehe). Anyway, we have had gone through a lot during the past one year being a family of 3.. and I must say, Khayr has brought joy and happiness into our already blissful life.. I cant thank God enough for that :')

The first year is over now, and I'm quite excited to have him entering the toddler years.. Walaupun I have to admit that sekarang pun macam dah start pening2 and geram (like geram rasa nak picit2, kiss2 pipi Khayr tu) that he's getting cheeky-er, smarter, and sneaky-er !! :D

Anyway, on his birthday we were in Kuantan.. cause that time was the long weekend CNY break. We had a family gathering for kenduri tahlil (Kerol's side). So for the sake of celebrating his birthday on the ACTUAL day itself, we bought a cake and had a brief singing-birthday-song-then-blow-candle-then-cake-cutting moment with the presence of family members and relatives.. :)

- muka Khayr mamai sebab kena kejut bangun from his morning nap.. hehehe -

Back in town, Kerol and I, we agreed that for Khayr's 1st birthday, we would like to have just a small birthday celebration for him with the close family members.. And it took place during the recent weekend at our home sweet home..

Enjoy the pictures!

- The day before the party: Brought him for a haircut and pressie picking.. ;) Oh final decision of course in the hands of the parents. As if la kan Khayr knew what to choose.. Hehehe. -

- Cuppy cakes by Kak Rita, Kerol's ex-officemate -

- The celebrated person... the apple of everyone's eyes.. ♥ -

- The food: Bihun goreng cina by the host, together with kicap cili and fried egg.. =) And salad, carbonara and bread butter puding by Tok Ma. Not in picture -- domino's pizzas and chicken wings.. NYUMSSS!!! -

- The guests of honour, L to R: Khayr's Tok Ma, Mak Tam, Opah and Mak Lang. Not attending: Khayr's 2 Atuks, Mak Teh, Pak Su and Mak Ndak -

- The official photographer of the day: Khayr's Pak Ngah -

- PRICELESS moment :') -

- picture perfect ♥ -

- The one that definitely goes to the wall of memories -

- Stripping time for the one and only moment that I let Khayr created the mess around the house! :D -

- Sessi bukak hadiah.. Thanks everyone for making this a memorable one for him! xoxo -

- Webcam thru YM with Khayr's Mak Teh.. who's in Jakarta studying medic -

All in all, I'm glad that everything went well .. It was a very intimate and small celebration, but surely a lovely and memorable one for all of us.. especially for my dearest Kh@yr Elymr@n.. Though he won't probably remember.. :D but at least I have the pictures and this entry to tell him one day when he's big enough to do so!.. :)

Just 12 short months ago
You made your big debut
You were few months old then and full of fun
With a blink of an eye, you are suddenly one!


We ♥♥♥♥♥ you so much!!

*poem obtained from here.


  1. alhamdulillah sekejap rasanya dah setahun.. happy bday khayr.. by the way, comel giler gambar dia masa senyum nampak gigi jer tu.. hahaha... tak sabar nak tgu baby aku pulak.. :)

  2. awww..

    happy belated birthday to khayr!

    *big hug & big kiss from auntie liza*

  3. tak sabar nak tunggu khayr boleh bercakap pulak... mcm mana ehh suara dia... hihihihhik
    walaupun simple2 je party tapi meriah ! khayr mesti seronok tak ingat.

  4. bestnye buat birthday among the family members jek .. still nampak meriah! =)

    khayr nampak macho gile kat gamba pilih hadiah tu .. ekeke. n gamba dia senyum nampak gigi comellllll gileeeee!! bilelah nak jumpe khayr niiii

  5. haooy belated birthday speechless with ur entry

  6. yantie, -- thanks! tu lah kan.. cepat gils masa berlalu... tsk. eh so ko dah tau tak bb girl ke bb boi?? ;)

    aunty liza, -- awwww belated thanks to u!!! :)

    yannie, -- hahaha skang ni pun dah membebel byk dah ni... ;)

    farah, -- tu lahhhh bile nak bertemu lagi nehhhhhh??? asyik2 gi midval tapi tak ketemuan pun... hihi.

    raihan, -- thanks aunty raihan... hmmm nape speechless with this entry?