Monday, 28 February 2011

The one with.. one (or two) for the monday blues~ ♪ ♪ ♪


Like father like son.. love them both to bits! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Thursday, 24 February 2011

The one with... live update.

- just got back from a 4D3N outstation trip to Hanoi.
- tired, and god knows how much i miss khayr!
- Hanoi was nice in terms of the current weather.. around 15 ~ 20 deg C.. very cooling, i like! :) nak landing tadi dalam plane bila dengar announcement "cuaca di kuala lumpur lebih kurang 32 darjah calcius.. yadda yadda .." i felt dang, panasnye KL! *gedik please* :p
- to find halal food was very challenging, in fact there was no muslim's restaurant at all. had breakfast and dinner alone in the room with bread, tuna, maggi and mushroom soup brought from KL.. and lunch time i was left with no choice. best the client could do was to bring me to the jap restaurant. so i had the vege tempura throughout my stay.
- glad to reach home safe and sound, but immediately i felt there's this big lump in my throat the moment i get to see my 2 K's.. they are both down with fever and flu :'(
- ni baru lepas kasi dia makan ubat and tidurkan dia.. he's been cranky.. i guess its the difficulty to breathe.. poor my baby..

- with that, i foresee its gonna be a long night tonight. but takpe, asalkan dia dan bapak dia di depan mata... :)
- oh and syukur i get to do my pumping activity during my stay over there *kulit muka kena tebal memberi penjelasan kepada orang*.. and for the first time i brought my medela FS (managed to grab recently at a price 50% cheaper than the retail price).. i must say, avent manual is still the best!
- nevertheless, syukur 13 bottles/packs x 5oz berjaya dibawa pulang..

- next week kena pegi lagi 3D2N.. tsk.
- lepas2 ni dah taknak pegi lagi boleh tak? :p
- ok khayr dah merengek, till later~*

ps. sorry masih tak berkesempatan nak reply comment, will do that hopefully soon ok? xoxo

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Hoho ade rupenye restaurant halal at Hanoi.. menyesal tak google awal2! :P for more info, click here.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The one with... khayr's 1st birthday celebration ♥

Alhamdulillah Khayr turned 1 early this month on 5 Feb 2011.. and so did we as parents! :) *good job!* (siapa lagi nak puji kalau bukan diri sendiri ye tak.. hehehe). Anyway, we have had gone through a lot during the past one year being a family of 3.. and I must say, Khayr has brought joy and happiness into our already blissful life.. I cant thank God enough for that :')

The first year is over now, and I'm quite excited to have him entering the toddler years.. Walaupun I have to admit that sekarang pun macam dah start pening2 and geram (like geram rasa nak picit2, kiss2 pipi Khayr tu) that he's getting cheeky-er, smarter, and sneaky-er !! :D

Anyway, on his birthday we were in Kuantan.. cause that time was the long weekend CNY break. We had a family gathering for kenduri tahlil (Kerol's side). So for the sake of celebrating his birthday on the ACTUAL day itself, we bought a cake and had a brief singing-birthday-song-then-blow-candle-then-cake-cutting moment with the presence of family members and relatives.. :)

- muka Khayr mamai sebab kena kejut bangun from his morning nap.. hehehe -

Back in town, Kerol and I, we agreed that for Khayr's 1st birthday, we would like to have just a small birthday celebration for him with the close family members.. And it took place during the recent weekend at our home sweet home..

Enjoy the pictures!

- The day before the party: Brought him for a haircut and pressie picking.. ;) Oh final decision of course in the hands of the parents. As if la kan Khayr knew what to choose.. Hehehe. -

- Cuppy cakes by Kak Rita, Kerol's ex-officemate -

- The celebrated person... the apple of everyone's eyes.. ♥ -

- The food: Bihun goreng cina by the host, together with kicap cili and fried egg.. =) And salad, carbonara and bread butter puding by Tok Ma. Not in picture -- domino's pizzas and chicken wings.. NYUMSSS!!! -

- The guests of honour, L to R: Khayr's Tok Ma, Mak Tam, Opah and Mak Lang. Not attending: Khayr's 2 Atuks, Mak Teh, Pak Su and Mak Ndak -

- The official photographer of the day: Khayr's Pak Ngah -

- PRICELESS moment :') -

- picture perfect ♥ -

- The one that definitely goes to the wall of memories -

- Stripping time for the one and only moment that I let Khayr created the mess around the house! :D -

- Sessi bukak hadiah.. Thanks everyone for making this a memorable one for him! xoxo -

- Webcam thru YM with Khayr's Mak Teh.. who's in Jakarta studying medic -

All in all, I'm glad that everything went well .. It was a very intimate and small celebration, but surely a lovely and memorable one for all of us.. especially for my dearest Kh@yr Elymr@n.. Though he won't probably remember.. :D but at least I have the pictures and this entry to tell him one day when he's big enough to do so!.. :)

Just 12 short months ago
You made your big debut
You were few months old then and full of fun
With a blink of an eye, you are suddenly one!


We ♥♥♥♥♥ you so much!!

*poem obtained from here.

Monday, 14 February 2011

The one with... kissing my monday madness away~*

- my baby boi, during his 1st birthday celebration :) -

more to come, soon!

Salam Maulidur Rasul 1432H.

p.s. photo credit to brother in law.

Friday, 11 February 2011

The one with... khayr at 12 months.

A quick one on Khayr's milestone.
  • Can walk pretty steadily now. Sometime siap takmo kita pegang tangan dia... ! *tsk* And loves to walk backward now.. Suka2 dia je nak reverse, tak kesah whatever is there behind him.. :P
  • Active, cheeky, notty.. and the like.. :)
  • Sudah ada 6 batang gigi.. He was quite late when it comes to teething (he cut his first tooth when he's 10 months old), but skali keluar.. haaaa it has been non-stop! ;)
  • Sangat suka kucing! serta binatang2 yang bergerak yang lain.. seperti semut, burung, anjing, lalat, and cacing! *pengsan*
  • Pandai imitates some of our activities. Especially talking on the phone. He waves goodbyes and gives flying kisses, but then these skills of his are not consistent.. Haha.. And he still doesn't know how to kiss people like when I said, "khayr... kiss mama mehhh..." and gave my cheek to him, he just turned away.. Sheesshhh! ;)
  • He loves to produce some gibberish sounds, so cute! And sometimes he loves to shout at things.. Like wanting to talk to them.. He shouts to TV.. to washing machine.. to his toy car.. etc.
  • He's quite a scaredy-cat! He's scared of vacuum, washing machine, oven, and tong gas.. :D
  • Makin pandai turun katil sendiri.. :)
  • Suka climbs over things.
  • Suka seret benda.. like my handbag, his high chair, the laundry basket, the dirty clothes, the folded clothes, etc.
  • Loves to play matching lids.. like putting the water bottle caps, the container lids, etc. But of course he can't put it tightly lah.
  • Loves to play his toy car alone. He will move the car on the floor, kadang2 sampai ke dapur.. He does that like a true boy! =)
  • Still fully breastfeed.
  • He eats well now. Suka laaa nak nganga mulut bila tengok orang lain makan.
Okie dokie. I guess that's all for now. Till later~*

Friday, 4 February 2011

The one with... it has been a year!

- the day he was born.. 5 february 2010 -

- 1 month -

- 2 months -

- 3 months -

- 4 months -

- 5 months -

- 6 months -

- 7 months -

- 8 months -

- 9 months -

- 10 months -

- 11 months -

- 11 months 2nd week -

- 11 months 4th week, taken earlier today -

Tomorrow.. 5 February 2011 exactly at 1.16pm, he turns 1 !


Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The one with... welcoming Feb 2011.

Can’t believe that the first month of 2011 has already ended… (-_-’)

Goodbye Jan, and hello Feb!

Honestly, I’m hoping for better days ahead. I’m grateful that I am still alive and whatnot, but Jan has not been a nice one for me. *tsk*

Anyway, here’s a recap of what had took place last month:

  • 2011 was kicked off with me and the 2 K’s taking turns having rounds of fever, flu and cough.. sigh. I took comfort by the fact that we (hopefully) won’t be sick for the rest of the year anymore.. *amin*

  • 2011 also was kicked off with me being SO busy at work -- striving to achieve budget, billing, collection, completion of work, and such.

  • There was a regional training taking place at the end of January in our BKK office, and I had to do a presentation with another colleague. So, coupled with the day-to-day work, I had to juggle in between the time to prepare the slides as well. You know lah, brainstorming session, preparing it for the 1st cut, clearing it with the bosses, practicing, more research done, amendments, etc.. I think for most days of my Jan 2011, I reached home around 8.30 – 9.00 pm.. with one trip to office on a Sunday afternoon! Something I’ve not done for ages! :’(

  • I’ve actually planned to start weaning off Khayr now that he’s turning 1 this year. Not totally weaning him off, but more like introducing formula milk to him for his daytime feeding and stick to breastfeeding for night time. And the fact that my stock was finishing anytime soon and my 3D2N BKK trip was coming, SO I thought the timing could have never been this perfect. Or so I thought. Khayr has been refusing all the FM we tried to give him! And we’ve tried all the means suggested -- mix FM & BM in ratio of 1:4 before gradually increasing the FM portion, feed with spoon, syringe, drinking cup.. you name it, we’ve tried it. Dumex, Dutch Lady, S26, Pedisure, Enfagrow, Enfalac, Isomil, and few others… I never thought it would be this hard! I mean Khayr did not want to take in at.all. If ever he did it pun, it was by force :’( I was so stress. What with the busy with work and whatnot + tak cukup stock while I was gonna be away + and he’s not accepting any FM. And to ‘train’ him to accept FM means I had to deny his request for BM, gosh that’s the hardest!!! Especially when he’s on my lap, crying, and keep on trying to lift up my tudung and baju.. *heartbreak* I cried, cried and cried while trying to pujuk him, but he’s one smart boy I tell you. He knows whats best for him. I should have known better. But… *sigh* I have my own reservation, tapi malas nak type kat sini for I don’t want to sound as if I’m giving excuses. In the words of a blogger friend, Ayu -- “Instead of being judged, I should be applauded for my effort..” .. Full Stop.

  • So because of all the points mentioned above, I was so SO moody on most days of my Jan 2011 :’( Especially because of the point #4. I was, to one extend, worried about Khayr more than worried about giving presentation in front of the regional participants.

  • Anyway, the eventually happened. I went to BKK for a 3D2N trip with only 10 bottles of milk left for Khayr, when he actually needed 14 bottles (i.e. 5 bottles for 1 day.. I was away on the early morning of day 1 and was back only late night of day 3). Every day when I was in BKK, without fail I received sms from my mom and Kerol that said, “still not accepting”… *sigh* So they had to pandai2 sort of ‘catu’ kan the milk intake for Khayr, and how sad is thatttt!! I know he’s turning 1 yr, so by now he should be eating more than relying on milk. But still, I don’t feel that I’m being fair to him you see… Talking about being a mother huh.

  • But Alhamdulillah, Jan ended quite well for me. The presentation went way better than I thought, I had great time in BKK (despite the restricted time so I didn’t get to do much shopping, boo hoo!), I’m glad that I didn’t extend my stay over the weekend, the food was SUPERB, hence contributing to my supply I think. People in BKK office has been very accommodating to my needs, so at the end of the day, I managed to transport back home 12 bottles x 5oz of BM, safe and sound. I’ve been at home ever since and only return to work today, so that means, all the 12 bottles was kept as stock. And I've been pumping to add more and more stocks, and it has been a success.

  • So now I think I need to re-visit my decision. Maybe. Just maybe, I will have to continue to fully BF Khayr until he decides when to stop, when he’s ready that is. It won’t be easy, I know. Especially that there will be more outstation trips in store for me this year. But. We’ll see how.

Okie dokie, with that.. I welcome February 2011 with more hopes, with more positive vibes. To those celebrating, HAPPY NEW YEAR! To the rest, have a good CNY break! :)

Khayr is turning 1 yr this coming 5 Feb 2011, but that’s gonna be another entry altogether <3

Before I end this entry, here are some latest pictures of my baby k.. :)

And this is the video of him being such a baby. He was 'crying' because I didn't let hime climb the couch.. and yet he still sempat kasi flying kiss in between.. Hehehehe.

Okie dokie, till later~*