Saturday, 1 January 2011

The one with... welcoming 2011 and 1432H..

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!

Skimming through all my 1st January posts, I'm surprised that I did not have any for 2010. Hmmm how come eh? Maybe masa tu I was heavily pregnant (*lame excuse* :P).

Anyway, I don't normally have any new year resolutions for I feel that resolutions can be made at any point in time throughout the year. But in view of the new year spirit (both the 2011 and 1432H), my resolution this year would be,

  • to be better than who I've been..
  • to have better than what I've had..
  • to get better than what I've achieved..

New year eve was spent quietly at home with hubby.. counting down and exchanging new year wishes and hopes, with baby k being in his deep sleep.. I could never feel so blessed...

Till later~*

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2010 -- takde. hehe.


  1. happy new year..bila baca balik ko punya entry, i was like, haaa dah pernah baca..heheh..aku pon lupa sejak bila baca blog ko..sbb 2007 pon dah pernah baca.. :P

  2. iyma, -- awwww pembaca setia aku nehhh! terharu! from silent reader to being friends. hehe. happy new year. bila nak jumpe suri lagi ni kan... hmmm. padehal ada masa dok dekat je ngan aku ni haaaa.

    ~liza~, -- happy new year to you too!