Friday, 7 January 2011

The one with... R&R trip to Damai Laut 2010.

OK it’s time to add new entry to *my travelling stories* at the right side bar there of this blog.. :) So this time I’m gonna do a brief review on my recent family trip to Swiss Garden Damai Laut.

What happened was, normally come year end I will need to utilise the remaining annual leaves I have for the year because they cannot be carried forward to the year after. Except for 2009, of course, coz all my leaves have been utilised for my wedding and honeymoon. Heeee~*

For 2010, I had 10 days left so I applied it straight 20 Dec to 30 Dec. Saje tinggalkan 31st tuh sebab bila fikir2, alah nanti 31st mesti tak ramai orang kat office so masuk tunjuk muka, type2 sikit, then balik lah.. kan? Skaliiiiiiii, dapat public holiday pulakkkk.. Wahhh best gile!!! :D

Applied leaves in late November, last minute terus kalut buat plan nak pergi holiday. Coz kalau takde holiday plan kan.. kalau kena kacau dengan office people, mesti kita takde reason, and susah, to say “NO” to any request. Especially si encik husband yang busy musy skarang ni. So if he’s being disturbed by office matters, I will indirectly feel disturbed too. So terus cepat2 buat plan.

First week cuti plan pergi Singapore for just me and husband. And another trip to somewhere in Malaysia for me and the 2 K’s during the 2nd week cuti, preferably a beach trip. Mula2 ingat nak pergi Penang, duduk kat Feringghi tapi sebab school holiday banyak standard rooms yang dah fully booked, tinggal room yang mahal2 saje.. So cancel plan. PD is too common. Langkawi is too far. So sudahnye decided to go Pangkor. Tapi Pangkor pun based on my previous trip, hotel kat situ macam biase2 je and nothing much to be done (sebab bawak budak kecik kan) -- well don’t talk about Pangkor Laut Resort lah kan. Yang ni kalau nak pergi, berdua adalah lebih baik. Hehehehe :P

So sudahnye, Swiss Garden Damai Laut it is.



So we made move in the morning around 11am.. With few stops -- breakfast la.. driver mengantuk la.. khayr poo poo la.. co-driver nak wee wee la.. Finally managed to reach around 3pm. It’s quite easy to find the resort cause the signboard is everywhere. But.. the resort is like SO far deep in from the main road! Sepanjang jalan tuh rasa macam “Eh biar betul?”

- budak comot in the morning before we made the move -

- this is basically what you will see throughout the journey from the main road to the resort -

So the resort is quite cantik, I mean I had no expectation whatsoever. The resort is private on its own, in the sense that it has its own private beach and you are basically stuck there coz like I said, its located quite far deep in and secluded from other areas. Kira macam Berjaya Resort in Redang la.. tapi Redang tu lagi cantik, there’s no doubt about it.

The main thing I noticed about Swiss Garden Damai Laut is that they have a very big pool area (yeay for Khayr!), private beach, beach games and activities, kids corner (yeay for Khayr again!), some sports activities and few in-house restaurants for eating options. We’ve eaten at their coffee house and ordered-in once, to be honest, tak sedap for the ridiculous price they charged. Well biase lah kan hotel food mesti lah mahal. Tapi, serious tak sedap ok. And buffet spread in the morning for breakfast, hmmmm.. let’s say that, I didn’t mind having to skip breakfast. If you know me, I’m not a fussy person when it comes to food.. But this, it’s hard for me to accept. So for dinner, we drove out. Which took around 20km journey altogether. That’s the bummer part. But anything for better food, aite? ;P

Oh, they also have a boat trip to Pangkor, which takes around 10 minutes. But on the day we were supposed to go, it was raining heavily pulak. So terpaksa cancel plan.

Anyway, that’s all I have actually. It’s a R&R beach trip so we did nothing much except having a good quality family time :) Tapi seriously, bercuti with a baby yang baru dapat kaki, wah! sangat penat ok.. :P

Here are some more pictures.

- his first trip to the beach -

- at the kids corner -

- at the pool.. khayr dah pandai kayuh2 kaki.. :) -

- budak comot takmo duduk diam -

- family portrait :) -

So all in all I had a great time.. Especially there's this one time after mandi pool Khayr terus tertidur kat pool bench tu, giving chance for his mama and abah to have some time to relax by the pool as well... ;)

On the way back to KL, we made a stop at Lumut to do some shopping and also at Tronoh for lunch break with the dearest friend of mine -- Tazz! :)

Travelling with Khayr, the main things I was a bit concerned about was:

1. How is he gonna behave during the travelling time.
2. Will he be able to sleep well at night (sebab tempat lain kan..).
3. What about his food.

Well thank God, things turned out to be a-ok. He slept mostly throughout the journey in his baby chair.

When he's awake, then I had no choice but to bring him to sit in front with me when he started to be restless in his chair.

In terms of sleeping at night, we brought along his favourite pillow and blanket.. and when we asked for a baby cot from the resort, they gave us the play pen almost similar to what we had back at home. So all the more I think Khayr had some 'security' there.

In terms of food, hmmm this is a bit tricky. Coz Khayr still doesn't have all the teeth he needs to chew properly. So for the first day, it was still ok because I brought his porridge which was already being heated up at home. And I brought extra frozen porridge for him as well though I doubt how was I suppose to heat it up later. What I did was, I heated it up by soaking the tupperware in a just-boiled hot water but dang, it took a while until the whole food is properly heated-up. Any idea on how to tackle this issue, sharing is caring please?

Luckily I brought along his cerelac for back-up. For breakfast, there was no issue as Khayr can have a soft texture type of food like the honey star soaked in chocolate milk, waffle, bread, fruits and yogurt. And he had his baby biscuits for snacking, as well as bits and pieces of our food. He's still breastfeeding so I do not have any problem when it comes to milk time.

So, there you go. Hope you find this useful.. :P For more information about the place, you can check here.

Okie dokie. Till later~*

Tak sabar nye nak tunggu habes working hours!! Off to lunch, bye!

p.s. A special shout out goes to my dearest friend Alin, Happy Birthday!!! :) We all miss you here. Hope you have a great time celebrating it for the first time with Wil as husband and wife.. Looking forward to seeing you some time later, if not sooner. Muahmuah.


  1. Looks like Khayr had a blast at the beach!! Isn't holidaying with our little one the best thing everrr?

    Oh and regarding the heating issue, whenever we go on trips I plan Zuhair's mealtimes around our small rice cooker for that quick, easy, hot meal! :)

  2. aimie, -- ahah, small rice cooker!! *tepuk dahi sendiri* adoiii how can that didnt came across my mind?!!! :P

    and yes yes holidaying with the little one is definitely one of the best thing everrr!

  3. tumpang tanya..bila khayr mandi pool, is he wearing a diaper(swimmer diaper.
    coz..i selemba hentam bg nayyif mandi wo wearinga ckp huggies ada jual, but quite far tk de la dia poo poo dlm pool lagi

  4. wahhh duduk hotel mahal, aku dok hotel murah jek .. (bukan aku handle, tok penghulu yg handle hotel so kitorang terima jek laa hehe. sbb dah pegi ramai2 kene laa ikut bajet ramai2).

    lia bercuti dgn baby yg dah dapat kaki lggggggggggg penat!!! haha. even when weh went to the mall pon sgtlah penat. tp itu urusan bapaknye hokayy. hehe. mak haruslah buat2 tak nampak :P

    kahyr & his pink floaties! comelllll.

    gamba dlm kete dgn khayr tido kt blakang tu sgt sweet hihi. aku pn suke dok dpn & bile hadzim tido biar dia kt blakang jek. tp skang car seat adalah tidak muat lg ;)

    baru tau bole request playpen kt hotel .. erkkk maybe hotel mahal jek kottt.

    bout the food, normally aku bg hadzim apa yg aku mkn jek (since he 9months), tp still aku bawak farley sikit & roti .. mini rice cooker is just brilliant idea!

  5. masa gi melaka aritu, aku dgn muka x malu, suh waitress kat cafe hotel tolong panaskan kat dapur dorg, masa kitorg breakfast..hahah..sbb kalo rendam air panas, smpai suri tido pun bubur x cair lg..

    khayr ni mmg x suka senyum time amek gmbr la..aku rasa muka dia monyok sepesen je dlm semua kalo candid, mak aih cheeky sungguh!

    seronok tgk khayr pandai jln..suri jln tolak push walker, pastu kalo tersangkut apa2 and push walker stop, dia pun smbung merangkak..haih..bila nak pandai jln cmtu?? huhu

  6. biasa kalau go tempat susah2 bawak cereal je. xpenah pulak buat frozen bubur. abih2 pun beli KFC whipped potato je. xpun kalau ada mekdi, beli je bubur mekdi..ala utk sehari dua je kan :D

  7. wow, looks like u guys had a great time :))
    aku ada baby food warmer that can warm up both baby food and milk. brand little bean. the sterilizer comes together with the food warmer. x besar sgt, easy for, when maya was at khayr's age, we used to carry this thing when we travel. it helps a lot!

  8. raihan, -- bogel sudahhhhh :) i mean, pampers-less. just pakai seluar mandi je.. hihi.

    farah, -- hihihi kat pangkor tu nanti.. macam takde tempat yg ade swimming pool je kan?

    anyway… i can imagine how penat it can be!!! yg macam ini punye boleh berjalan aku dah penat… wuwuwuwu.

    Hoihhh PURPLE ok PURPLEEEE!! as in, PEPEL! (hahaha duh. i hate such a spelling :P)

    Ohhh aku memang kalau gi mane2 pun, memang khayr tinggal sensorang kt belakang.. asal jangan aku jenguk dia sudah. coz pagi2 kerol anta dia gi umah mak aku memang dia dah biase dok belakang sensorang. What? dah tak muat? How fast time flies!!

    Rasanye hotel sume ade kot ek provide baby cot tuh? Aku pun tak sure. Tapi kalau mcm chalet type tuh perhaps memang takde lah kot..

    About his food, hmmm taktau ngape aku tak prefer to him have bits and pieces of our food, coz rasa macam tk complete jer meal dia.. :P Tu yg bawak bubur siap2 tuh. Tunggu dia dah ade full set of teeth kot.. And yes, mini rice cooker is the way to go!

  9. iyma, -- hahaha tu lah kan. aku ade terfikir jugak nk suruh orang dapur tuh buat. tapiiii. taktau ngape aku pilih the other alternative. huhu. anyway.. hahaha by now kau dah tau ngape kan time amek gambar dia tak senyum… :P and yes, after ko dah tengok betapa lasaknye khayr berjalan.. adakah anda still mahu mengeluh suri belum pandai berjalan?? haaaaa… =)

    mama bosan, -- tu lah kan.. bawak cereal is one option actually. taktau ngape mase tu tak terfikir. anyway, when i go to work, i memang prepare khayr’s bubur during weekend, for a 3-4 days stock. so frozen bubur memang sentiasa ade dalam freezer. bubur mekdi also is an option, thanks! :) ohh pasal whipped potato KFC tuh kan.. actually my SIL before this pernah part time kat KFC. and dia cite yang whipped potato tuh bukan real potato yang di mashed kan. it’s a serbuk, they put air panas, then benda tuh mengembang. so sejak tau benda tuh, i’ve never given khayr with the whipped potato.. sebab rasa it was so artificial.. that’s just my judgment call as a mother. ;)

  10. mummy arissa, -- ohhh ye ke! i c i c.. tapi aku memang takde warmer. sterilizer pun takde. hihi. semua old fashion ways aku nih… :D anyway, yes, that’s an option you've got there! thanks..