Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The one with... my 10 m.o baby k.

Tomorrow, 5 January 2011 at 1.16pm my baby k turns 11 months yaw! And that means, in 1 month time he'll be my 1 y.o TODDLER!!! sobs. Khayr, can you please stop growing up so fast?


So as always its the time to re-cap his developmental milestones during his 10th month of life.

1. Sangat2 aktif especially now that he can officially walk. Its like his feet is itchy or something that he MUST walk all the time except when he's asleep of course. Kadang2 rasa comel pun ada sebab kat rumah tu rasa crowded when Kerol, myself and khayr are all walking at the same time. Hehe. And he's like a sneaky little thief walking around the house always with something in his hands while giving us this cheeky smirk look on his face. Gerammmm!!! :)

mula2 curik stokin abah.

lepas tu punggah plastik pampers pulak.

then next thing, play with the water bottle.

haishhh. active. sneaky. comel. nak marah pun tak sampai hati tau. tu belum lagi tiba2 dia dah ada kat atas tangga.

or kat dapur tengah punggah plastik.
** sorry gambar memang susah nak get a clearer one sebab asyik la bergerak si budak kenit tuh. and yes, the above pictures are taken on the same night as you can see he's wearing the same baju. he's like everywhere in the house!

so, alhamdulillah khayr dah boleh berjalan. he can even stand up on his own from sitting down / squatting down position without having to hold onto something.

2. remember that i wrote before yang of all things, khayr is quite left behind when it comes to teething? well well finally the time has come and it has been a nasty one. this month alone, he had 2 bottom teeth PLUS 2 upper teeth coming out! guess thats why this month he's a bit cranky, clingy, and recently, was down with fever and flu. huhu.

3. he loves to shake his body to the tune of music. hehe. gedik!

4. he now knows how to imitate some of our actions or words. like kalau kita batuk dia pun sibuk laaa nak batuk, over pulak tuh. and when i check his temperature using the ear thermometer, after that he will take the ear thermometer and put at his ear as well. awwww so comel ok. and he knows how to pronounce 'mamamamama' already! yeay.

5. tak suka tengok kartun sangat. but movies, tv series, and video clips haaaa yang tu dia suka. lagi satu iklan.

6. his appetite towards solid food tak menentu. kadang2 makan banyak. kadang2 makan sikit. he now knows how to spit out his food as a sign that he does not want the food anymore -- either he dislikes it or he's full. yang pasti, he's quite a small size baby, ikut macam abah dia waktu kecik. coz mama dia waktu kecik sangat bambam and debab. hehe.

7. on top of solid food, masih fully breastfeed.

8. understand simple instruction like 'no' and 'give that back to me / bak sini kasik kat mama'. tapi kadang2 the way he shows that he understands it is by crying. haaaa yang ni kira category cengeng sikit laaa my baby k. tak dapat benda sikit, nangis... huhu.. salah siapa? ye semua orang salahkan mamaaaaa jugak. sigh.

9. loves to play 'hide and seek' and kejar2..

10. suka campak barang.

11. sangat suka explore sana sini, especially now that he can walk. macam haritu pegi bercuti, masa mula2 sampai kat bilik hotel, dia lah manusia yang paling busy jalan sana sini check itu ini. hehehe.

hmmmm i guess that's the obvious ones i can remember for now. sigh my baby has grown up so fast, somehow i miss the little helpless baby he was, not capable of moving. hehe.

okie dokie, till later~* happy 11 month old my dear baby khayr. mama & abah love you so much, more than words we could ever say, more than actions we could ever display.

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  1. hahaahahaha.... sgt comel khayr! khayr ada di mana-mana. kat tangga ada khayr, kat dapo ada khayr, kat hall ada khayr... hehehehe.

    biasa la kan budak baru dapat kaki, mmg nk berjalan aje. pas tu nk tunjuk rajin kemas itu ini.

    aku dulu pun, bila insyirah dh pandai merangkak, sibuk tak sabar nk tunggu dia jalan supaya tak yah dukung-dukung dia dah tapi... bila dia pandai jalan. huuuh! sangat tak larat nk berkejar-kejar.

  2. super comel la si khayr ni! hehe..

    btw, maryam baru nak paut-paut kat cabinet/wall.. bila la nak jalan ni, hehehe..

  3. Wah hecticnya khayr!! Cant imagine qalif nanti camane. Sekarang pun rasa dh mcm anak monyet. Heheh. Siries xreti duduk diam.

  4. yannie, -- hehehe tu lah he’s like everywhere in the house! :)

    tapi betul kannn.. dulu tak sabar sangat nak tunggu dia besar n boleh berjalan… skarang baru tau betapa senang nak jage time dia takleh gerak dulu… :P skarang ni kerja aku ngan kerol kat umah tuh dok pekik “khayrrrr!!!” sesaje. Kadang2 nama penuh terus. Hehe.

    tina, -- hehe thanks! Hey u better be careful with what you wish for! Nanti maryam bam bam dah leh jalan sendiri yang pening noks. Ngan mika lagi… haaaaaa.. :D

    ~liza~, -- thanks dear.. hows motherhood treating you? Hope all is good! :) your baby boi is cute too!

    ayu, -- hahahahaha.. tu lah. Ni dah leh jalan dah macam rupe drunken master pun ade. Terkinja2 sana sini. Cant wait to hear what you hafta say once qalif dah master the art of walking! :)

  5. sikit lg nak sethn .. time flies too fast kan when it comes to our baby :)

    perghhh skali arung 4 terus keluar ehh.. dia demam x?

    hehe baru 3org dah rasa rumah penuh eh? kene dok banglo camni! :P

    baby bila dah start jln ni dia akan bz explore & kurang makan. nnt lama2 ok blk appetite dia.

    nnt 1st birthday kalau buat party jgn lupe jemput aku ok!

  6. farah, -- tu lahhhh!! cepat gils ok...

    tu lah. and after that, another 2 are out! demam tu takde lah. tapi aku rasa dia selsema bcoz of teething.. hmm logik tak?

    hahaha takde lah penuh ape.. cuma, rimassss! ade jeee budak kecik melintas kat laluan aku n kerol tuh.. hihihi.. annoyingly cute!

    skarang ni appetite dia dah bertambah! ho yeah ho yeahhhh.

    takde party lah.. but if i change my mind, will sure invite you fret not!