Thursday, 29 December 2011

The one with... SAHM.

I've had a taste of being the almost-everyone's-dream-job SAHM (that's stay at home mom for you!) for about 1.5 week now.. I must say, not easy weh!!! :) but it's pure rewarding and satisfying.. and I enjoy every moment of it.. <3

Khayr has become so clingy (than he already is), although a bit annoyed sometimes (i'm only human), but if there's any consolation i'm actually taking every opportunity that's left for me to manja kan him to the max before welcoming his baby brother next year.. *Oh, sebak and mixed feelings!* :') Anyway that sounds about fair enough right? :)

Ok lah I better get going now. Will write more when time permits. On our recent trip to Melaka (yup another round of cuti2 Malaysia!), on bringing Khayr to a trial playgroup class & my opinion about it, on my pregnancy (& satisfying my long list of must-eat-before-give-birth food hehehe!) and.. on every other things lah yang I feel like wanting to blog about :)

Till later~*

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Monday, 19 December 2011

The one with.. THE checklist.

Ok December is coming to an end soon and that means I have another 2 months +/- to go to prepare for stuff to welcome our 2nd baby k :)

First thing first, YEAY to baby’s first name! :) Hubs has approved it during the recent weekend… ♥

And now.. THE list. Had the chance to go out berdua with hubs during the recent weekend and we had our first round of visit to the baby shops, just to have a look at the kind of things we need and need not to buy for our second baby.

So comparing with the baby list I had for Khayr last time, here goes the list for 2nd baby, of which thank God is a much simpler list -- all thanks to the experience gained during the 1st baby AND the same gender! hehe (I’m just gonna list only the important ones anyway):

For me
  • More of button-type of clothes -- easy for nursing
  • Socks and house slipper
  • Kain batik
  • Tudung sarung yang bodoh2 -- senang nak sarung time orang datang visit.. and doesn’t matter kalau terkena mak nenek minyak serta rempah ratus
  • Maternity pad, disposable undies
  • Confinement set -- I think I’m gonna stick to NR. There’s this one NR pill that works wonders when it comes to that first toilet visit after give birth. Huhu!
  • Tungku -- nak kene remind mama
  • Bengkung -- pun nak kene remind mama
  • Nipple cream
  • Breast pump, storage bottles, sticker, ice packs, cooler bag -- nak kene start keluarkan balik from storage box in the store, basuh, sterilize, and tambah additional ones / beli the new ones for apa2 yang patut
For baby
  • Yassin
  • Diapers -- new born size
  • Baju, booties, mittens, small towels -- recycle from Khayr’s one. But nak la jugak beli a few pairs yang baru kan... :)
  • Minyak yu yee
  • Baby wipes
  • Bath towels
  • Toiletries & grooming set (nail clipper, hair brush, etc) -- I think can share with Khayr since it’s no different
  • Blanket -- this one also can recycle, but nak jugak beli 2-3 helai yang baru :)
  • Napkin -- This one dah banyak kat rumah. We’ll see
  • Baby bag -- Yang ni nak kene beli baru to cater for 2 kids! :) Hubs dah approved jugak on which one. And Muni, thank you so much for helping out with the purchase arrangement.. ♥
  • Benda to tuam telur baby -- yang ni nak kene remind mama
  • Barut -- can use Khayr punya. But nak kena keluarkan balik see whether new ones are needed or not. Kalau perlu, nak kena start bagitau ibu..
  • Nappy liner
  • Cotton wipes
  • Bedding set -- the bedsheet, pillows, and bolsters.. and maybe a small mattress as well.
  • Kelambu -- yang ni boleh guna Khayr punye.
  • Feeding bottles + newborn teats -- gonna stick with Avent
  • Berus + penyepit for bottles -- boleh share dengan Khayr
  • Bottle drying rack -- yang ni rasa nya nak beli lah sebab lepas ni mesti banyak bottles nak keringkan.. Feeding bottles for 2 kids + storage bottles lagi…
  • Bottle liquid cleaner -- nak kene tambah stock
  • Bath tub for baby -- boleh guna Khayr punye
  • Baby hanger -- nak kene tambah another 2 sets, perhaps
  • Stroller -- still contemplating whether or not to buy the new one or just re-use Khayr’s..
  • Car seat -- boleh guna Khayr punya
  • Nursing cover -- dah ada.
  • Changing mat -- oh yang ni nak kena beli cause masa Khayr dulu kitorang tak beli. eksyen tu lah… :P pastu banyak la jugak 'accident' terjadi, though sikit je quantity nye kan. but enough to leave peta Malaysia kat tilam bila tukar pampers / after mandi ;)
  • Diaper rash cream
Hmmm I guess that's all that I can think of (errr... kata important ones. ni macam dah jadi a complete list je ek? hehehe.. ).. Anyway, anything else to add on to the list, anyone?

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The one with... R&R trip to Penang! ♥

*Phew after few days of drafting and resizing pictures (at home, that is), finally I get to post this entry. Enjoy!*

As always come year end, I will have XX number of annual leaves left to be utilised (cannot carry forward to next year boo hoo!). This year, I have 12 days left. Ideally, of course I would want to use up all of the days towards the end of the year, all one shot. But, because one of the holiday plans that we have is to spend some family time in Penang, and just so happened that my bestie, Dayana is having her wedding reception held in Ipoh on 3 December.. So Kerol suggested for us go to Penang straight after we go to Ipoh.. Sebab alang2 dah half of the journey kan. Maka kerana itu lah annual leaves saya have a break in between..

\ Ipoh + Penang trip ----> Back to office ----> Back to being on my most awaited year end break
(I have no idea how is this explanation can be important to you readers.. :P)


- Barang2 Khayr je dah banyak ni.. Mentang2 naik kereta .. Hehe -

So... off we went to Ipoh first, to meet the rest of my girls there.. We stayed at Impiana (previously known as Casuarina), the hotel where the wedding was held at. Sebab senang, if Khayr mengamuk je, Kerol can bring him upstairs to the room, and I on the other hand can stay at the wedding right till the end. Wise decision ever! :)

- Now Khayr will sit in front as the co-driver whenever we travel, and Mama has to take the back seat :(
But bila dia dah restless maka dia dibenarkan untuk ke belakang kacau Mama... :) -

Everything at the wedding was so beautiful, with the exception of the newlywed couple - they were EXTRA beautiful! :) ♥ ♥ ♥

- my highschool friends ♥ -

- The huge 6months ++ pregnant me, Alin, Rozie and Tazz with Mr & Mrs Firdaus :) -

The girls hang out till late at night, spilled to the wee hours in the morning right after the wedding reception.. I can hear them next door laughing & giggling at 2am, the bride's voice included! hahaha. But I, being the boring pregnant lady yang cepat tired, decided to join my 2 K's to the la la land much earlier.. Seriously, I was like all fine during the first 5 months, not even realising that I am pregnant.. But come 6 months, BAM! I turn into this one huge person. I walk like a penguin. My face got so kembang. And I have to catch my breath everytime I move. Heck, even when I speak. Or even when I'm trying to lift up my finger. *sigh.

We had our morning breakfast together the next day, before we parted our own ways. The girls went back to KL, Dayana & hubs went back home in Ipoh, and my 2K's & I, we continued our journey up north to Penang, wee hoo~* =)

Masa nak ke Penang, bukan main lagi we planned to make sure we get to try all the must haves local food (well, fine, sounds more like MY plan actually :P).. Buttttt.. bila travel with a toddler and a pregnant fussy lady, lupa kan saja ok.. Mee udang Sg Dua ntah ke mana.. Yong tau foo / kuewteow Doli Taiping ntah ke mana, all we I wanted to make sure was, we reached the hotel safe & sound, the soonest possible.. pfffft. :P

- Lepak kat Gurney Drive kejap.. Angin kuattt.. But air surut.. So view tak cantik.. -

- Hotel entrance... Ohhh saya suka, ini hotel is like so cool and happening! :) -

If you expect a romantic, quiet getaway, this hotel is definitely not for you :) They played songs almost all the time through their loudspeaker, and they have a lot of activities going on all day long. But the downside of this place is, when it is peak time, it can get REALLLLY crowded :( We reached on Sunday on a school holiday month.. and my oh my, the place is like so packed with people! It did feel a bit too crowded.. But luckily came weekdays, the crowd was very much tolerable.

Masa browse the website for the room types, I immediately fell in ♥ with these 2 types of rooms:
1. The Lagoon Deluxe room -- a room with a direct access to the pool.. Bestnye!! :)
(picture taken from the hotel's website)


2. The Family room -- a spacious room with added kids' playground!
(picture taken from the hotel's website)

But of course the price, toksah cakap la kan... *coughcough* So in the end I got my feet back on the ground and booked for a normal Seaview Deluxe room instead.. And thanks so much with the corporate rate, we paid for such a good deal! The corporate rate is even cheaper than the published rate for the Hillview Deluxe room.. :)

- Our room.. very modern and spacious.. They even have the docking station for ipod / iphone, together with CD / DVD players..  But the bathroom is a bit sempit, and no bath tub (minus point especially for those travelling with kids).. -

- View from the balcony of our room -

- Sampai2 ape lagi.. Terus ke pool! :) The one who enjoyed the most is none other than my baby k.. ♥ -

- Pool view 1 -

- Pool view 2 -

I must say, this is by far the coolest pool area I've seen a hotel has for kids.. With the slides, spacious pool area, and the water play area, Khayr enjoyed it so very much! Hence the reason why during our 4D3N stay, we spent most of the time at the hotel itself! Hehehe..

Here are some of the photos of Khayr having the time of his life.. :)

- Khayr sudah berani terjun pool! -

- My intan payung ♥ -

- As you can see, the beach area is located just sekangkang kera from the hotel's pool area -

- Budak yang enjoyed main pasir.. :) -

- This was taken on the day we spent from 10am till 4.30pm just by lepaking by the pool.. Super bliss! Managed to secure 3 pool benches -- 1 untuk abah, 1 untuk mama, 1 untuk Khayr :) Mandi pool, tidur, makan, sambung mandi, and makan lagi.. Habis hitam dah kitorang anak beranak.. Hehehe.. -

Their pool area also has a touch of a beach feeling sebab around the area are all filled with pasir pantai.. Even at the kids pool, the underneath is pasir.. And not sure whether is it because of school holiday or what, throughout the day ada je activities organised by the hotel. In the morning they had aerobic exercise by the pool.. Then after that they had some activities by the beach.. Followed with some dancing session.. Then paper plane contest.. And at night, they even had an outdoor movie at the lobby, with free popcorns provided.. Such a perfect place for a family holiday I suppose..

- That night they had Kungfu Panda 2 -

- They even have a kids playroom, ideal for 4y.o onwards.. whereby you can actually leave your kids under their care while you go for a spa or wherever..
If I'm not mistaken, they have another room for teen-adult kids, complete with electronic game stations.. Tapi kitorang tak sempat tengok pulak how's the place look like.. And the spa pun kitorang tak sempat check out how does it look like, and best ke tidak.. -

The newlyweds actually had their ad-hoc pre-honeymoon trip to Penang as well, so we had a lunch date at this talk-of-the-town makan place -- Nasi Kandar Line Clear :)

- Hmm my verdict, honestly I dont understand why the much hypes about this place.. Huhu.. And lets not get to the part when it comes to the cleanliness... (the reason why I ordered a can drink, instead of drinking from their glass.. huhu).. Well takpe lah, at least if people were to ask, I can say yerpp, been there done that! :) -

- Khayr's condition come night time.. a total knocked out! ;) This is one of the reasons why we did not get to tour around the Penang town trying the local hawkers food like the char kuew teow, more of nasi kandar, pasembur, asam laksa etc.. Sebab kesian kat Khayr.. Even one of the nights pun masa tengah browsing through stuff at the night tourist market along the Feringghi, Khayr dah tertidur.. So we had no choice but to make it short.. Sempat la sambar item2 yang dikehendaki :) Oh, speaking of Feringgi, susah nye nak carik kedai makan Melayu.... :( Ke kitorang yang tak pandai cari?? -

- My 2 lovely K's, on a lovely morning.. Taking a walk around the hotel area -

- Khayr having his favourite mango yogurt for breakfast.. The breakfast provided by the hotel is nothing to shout about, in my honest opinion. The variety is pretty standard, but the quality is there. Fresh food, the hash brown is not soggy, the fruits are fresh, etc.. But masa peak time, wahlau, crowded sangat! Sampai kena beratur ok before we can have breakfast.. :( Lucky it only happened on one of the days we were there -

Oh ye speaking about food, I must say, this is the time I enjoy so much travelling with Khayr.. coz he eats what we eat.. So much easier! My facebook friends would have seen my status that goes something like this:

"I think the best time to travel with kid(s) is -- (i) when they are still relying 100% on milk.. and (ii) when they can totally eat solids. The in-between stage is the hardest!"

:) Most mothers seem to agree with me!

- My morning sight.. :) Sebesar2 katil tu pun boleh jadi sempit ye... -

- During our final night, we decided to hang out at the Hard Rock cafe.. Nak layan live band.. :) Not bad jugak lah.. We can sing to almost all the songs the band sang that night ♥ But of course we cannot stayed up that long... -

- Sebab ini budak sudah tidur! :) Bising la macamane pun, elokkk je dia lena.. But kesian lah kan.. Memang la lena, but god knows what goes into his dream with such a noisy surrounding.. Anyway hotel guests can layan the live telecast of the live band from the tv room itself! -

- After breakfast on our last day, before check out.. Tsk Tsk.. :'( -

- Posing at the must-take-picture place in front of the hotel.. Hehehe -

All in all, we had such a great getaway (despite some minor hiccups -- both of us being disturbed by office calls *grrrr!).. It was such a great hotel to stay at, great facilities, great hospitality.. Ngaaaaa kan best if I can turn back time and repeat it all over again.. Huhu.. In the words of theirs -- we had such a rocking stay! :)

- Ni masa nak balik, Kerol ajak naik ferry.. Jakun please! hahahaha .. Dah lama kotttt tak naik ferry, tak ingat dah.. Dulu masa kecik2 rasa macam gempak jer.. Dah besar ni rasa macam, hmmm.. okeyyyy... :P -

Okie dokie HRH, till we meet again! For more info, you can check the hotel official website here.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

The one with... holiday-withdrawal symptoms.

I have officially kicked off my year end holiday, the 1st one being spent over the past 5 days. 5 rocking days, I must say :)

- Khayr sobbing over the fact that its over. Such a poser isn't he? Hehehe -

Today I am back in office; and so does hubs. Khayr is sent to Tok Ma's house. Everyone is back to routine.

Sigh. Siap lupa bawak staff tag. Nasib baik tak lupe password email & telephone office.

But fret not, soon I'll be back on leave again, wee hoo! :) And this time around, it's gonna be straighttttt right up until 2 January 2012 ♥ ♥ ♥

Anyway I shall write about my recent awesome holiday trip aka babymoon holiday for me aka honeymoon holiday for Khayr before dapat adik, and aka errr.. chillaxing holiday for hubs before isteri masuk fasa makin banyak songeh hehe! (i.e. 3rd trimester)... and I shall write it hopefully later, if not so soon! =)

As for now, mari mourning over the ever mounting work and laundry to be done and house cleaning chores (oh tapi ini sudah di delegate kepada weekly maid ;P). And Khayr yang tiba2 sangat cranky malam tadi like apekah???! causing us to have interrupted sleep throughout the night maka harini sangat penat and mengantuk... *yawn*

Thursday, 1 December 2011

The one with.. who the who?

I'm surprised to see my stat counter shows a high number of visits today. Unusually high I must say.

Turned out it's coming from one reader.. who landed on this blog by specifically searching for it via G00gle using my full name as the key word search.. and has been reading (or perhaps just scrolling) from one old entry to another... To be honest it creeps me out (a bit).. *yikes*. I tried to g00gle based on the host name, hmmm I don't recall knowing someone working in that company / from that place.. Errk..


Whoever you are, I shall say "Hi ! Welcome aboard..! :)"

(I hope you are a friend, not a foe..)

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The one with... 2nd pregnancy updates.

Of late I’ve been having trouble sleeping at night. No positions seem to be comfortable enough for me with this ever growing baby I have in my tummy (nope, not complaining!).. So yesterday night, while tossing and turning in bed next to my two K’s who have long gone to the la la land, I took the iPad and started browsing the old entries of my own blog.

Because it’s the same timing, I can somehow relate it all back. Like I was 6 months pregnant with Khayr in November 2009.. And now that it’s November 2011, I’m 6 months pregnant with his baby brother :) So those old entries were actually very good to keep myself in check.

What I have established is, I am not far off from what I used to experience before ♥ About the same size.. same weight gain (phew, I’m on track!).. same pregnancy phase – troubled sleeping, Brixton Hicks, haven’t bought baby’s stuff at all (yeay at least I know that I am not taking things easy this time around.. I am how I am, be it 1st or 2nd pregnancy.. hehe!), sudden increase in appetite, dah start susah basuh pinggan, cepat penat, etc. One good thing is, I am not as emotional freak as I was before.. (I think).

Buttttt.. this time around during my last pregnancy, hubs and I have had agreed with our baby’s first name (i.e. Khayr) and hence have started talking to the baby by calling his name.. NOT THIS TIME AROUND though.. yikes! I told hubs, “Hey faster lah decide on the names.. We need to be fair to our second baby!”… To which, you know guys, was responded by a roll of eyes.. Sheeesssh~!

I’ve given him a list to choose from.. so takpe baby k junior, soon you’ll have your name finalised ok sayang? ;) We will wait for abah to agree on it... With this motherly instinct of mine, I somehow can tell which one suits you best. Hope your abah shares the same sentiment :)

Other than that, at least I know it’s not the time yet for me to get swollen feet and swollen face (due to water retention) though I can see it’s coming.. (hidungku kekembangan already!).. I’ve experienced those in December last time when I was 7 months pregnant.. So now I don’t have to wonder when will the time come.. cause the answer is there, it’s coming in December! :) And when it’s the time to start buying the baby stuff? Also it’s in December! Ahhh it feels nice to finally know that I am indeed still on track.

Oh of all entries, I found a post I wrote about my doubt on how do expectant mothers deal with spectacles / contact lenses during labour time.. Hahaha surprise surprise, I still have my reservation about it! :P Lupe laaa how did I deal with it when it was my time to give birth to Khayr.. Must ask hubs when I get back home later ..

Okie dokie that’s all I have for now.

Monday, 21 November 2011

The one with... baby ghimau ;)

"hello there......!"

"so... tell me... are you ready for tonight huh?!"

"i say JYEAHHHHHH !!!"

"hehehe.. dah itu jer... **meowwww!**"


Friday, 18 November 2011

The one with... almost about everything. almost.

It has been a while, I know :) Been very very very busy at work (1st shift) and at home (2nd shift).. The phrase 'working mother' is redundant -- and so they said, and so I abso-freaking-lutely agreed!


It's Friday, it's lunch hour, it's raininig so heavily outside there... So what the heck. Here's what has been happening since my last entry.

- Celebrated hubs birthday with a date day :) Sayang kan anak, tinggal2 kan gitu ♥ -

- Drooling much aye? :) -

- The section I had to give it a pass :( *sObs*
Sashimi & fresh oysters.. I shall see (eat) you guys next year! -

- Then after stuffing ourselves silly over the buffet spread, we went to watch Real Steel (ohsem pohsem with the capital O!), followed by the musical theatre The Secret Life of Nora :) Love it, but not as much as we love PGL and P.Ramlee the Musical... -

- Then it was my mom's birthday on 6 November, the second day of Raya Haji.. (Didn't take any pictures during Raya Haji though.. hmmm.) We celebrated it over lunch at Tony Roma's in Jalan Yap Kwan Seng -

- Then had a chance to also have a makan2 with my in-laws during that Raya Haji week.. Like a celebration of sort as well for them.. Birthdays and graduation.. Had dinner buffet at Rebung in Bangsar.. -

- And about my dearest little one... he has been teething like cendawan tumbuh selepas hujan! :) After having only 6 ketul gigi for 1y7m, that is. So comel coz his teeth tumbuh tak sekata merata2... looks like a little monster... hehehe -

- And look at his latest 'skill'... :D Kerol was the one inside the fitting room at that time, by the way.. Not just some random people ye... -

- And about me.. well, I've been growing so 'healthily'.. Membesar bagai johan.. and enjoy eating like there's no care in the world... ♥ -

- Andddddd....  I guess God has decided that there can only be 1 princess at home... for the time being, that is -


Oh yessssss, lets say hi to another baby k ! :) baby L has got to wait. hiuhiuhiu.

- Imagine two of this.. pengsan! :D But ooohhh yeah, bring it on..! Hehehe -

Okie dokie, that's that.

For now, as usual come November I'm busy planning for my year end break! My annual leaves cannot be carried forward to next year. So 12 working days = 2 1/2 working week = 1/2 of December.. yeehaw!
- The analytical traits in me.. :P Anyway the winner is still what the corporate rate has got to offer. Way cheaper than the market rate hip hip horey ! -

Since I'll be 7 months ++ by December, so flying is not an option for me.. as well as going in to Singapore.. Maka coti2 Malaysia lah kita... babymoon bebeh, can't rockin' wait!!! ♥ Jalan2.. Makan2.. and the rest of the days will be spent on the making preparation to welcome the little one next year!

Alritey.. till the next entry~*