Thursday, 16 December 2010

The one with... usaha tangga kejayaan..

Here's baby k's one of favourite activities these days... Huhu.. Makin active and playful.. I'm loving it..! But on the flipside.. Susahnye laaa nak suruh dia duduk still for me to feed him.. In 2 months time he's turning into a 1 year old TODDLER!! Can you believe that, how fast time flies?

Oh talking about that.. Can't wait to reach the end of tomorrow, as it's gonna mark my last working day for the year weehoo~*

Looking forward to this one trip I'm gonna have with just Kerol (minus baby k, that is ;p).. and another trip with both of my favourite K's... Cant wait cant wait!!!

Until then, oh workloads.. here I come.


  1. selamat bercutii .. weehoooo!!!

    (sungguh cpt kau update blog skrg .. kejap aku bukak dah 2 3 entry dah .. hehe)

  2. the next tangga tinggi..rehat jap kt R&R

  3. farah, -- skang leh update ikut phone.. type pon pendek2.. so senang nak update :)

    raihan, -- hahaha tu lahh..