Thursday, 9 December 2010

The one with... time to vote!

For Khayr, it is.. :)


I do not know how to do a sticky post! Huhu.

Anyway, all I want to say is.. from the very bottom of my heart, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH to those who has voted for Khayr. It meant a lot to us :) The contest is still running and it's running quite tough and competitive. All babies are equally cute, if not more! And they have more voters too (-_-') So.. I need your kind help to push Khayr's number of votes pretty pleaaaasseeee :)

1. click -

2. select Malaysia.

3. then browse for Khayr's picture (he is on page #10 or under the 'I J K L' category, page #2) & vote!

Siapa yang belum vote, jom vote sekarang!! Thanking you guys in advance for your time and care... xoxo.


If you do not already know... here's what I'm talking about.

(as extracted from Gap Casting Call on Facebook):

Gap is looking for the next faces of babyGap and GapKids in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Parents now have the chance to have their child featured on the window displays across all regional stores (Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia) in Spring 2011.

Professional photo-ops will be available at Gap (The Gardens) and Gap (One Utama) over two weekends; 4 - 5 December & 11 - 12 December respectively. Parents can bring in their children aged from new-born to 10 years of age during these dates. Participants must meet the qualifying minimum purchase amount in order to enter the contest and contest rules apply. Pictures of the children will then be taken and posted on from 4 to 31 December 2010, and the public will vote on the published images. This will constitute 60% of the final vote tally. The remaining 40% will be dependent on input from a panel of judges from the three countries.

So just wanting to try our luck (and as for me, taking the opportunity to shop for my baby k.. hehe), off we went to The Gardens earlier today .. Masa mula2 masuk BabyGap, tak ramai orang sangat.. To which we were relieved because memang we purposely decided to come at a time nearing to 6pm with the hope it would be much lesser crowd. But suddenly in the midst of choosing for items to shop, ramai pulak orang masuk.. Semua pun saje datang last minute kot ek? Penuh the outlet with parents and kids and strollers.. Huhu..

The queue outside BabyGap outlet.. Lucky thing was the photo session did not take that long..

Ish.. Anak sapa la tak pakai kasut tuuuu.. :D

So anyway.. Khayr had his turn and... this baby boy of mine, slalu ok je tau nak senyum and posing depan kamera.. Tapi tadiiiii.. hmmphhhh! Susah nak flash his cutie smile. I can see that he was a bit uncomfortable with so many people looking at him and with us the parents kept on cheering "Khayrrrr... smillleeeee... senyummmm.. Cakkk! Khayrrrr... Tengok Mama niii... Cakkkk! Tuu.. tengok Abah tuuuu.. Cakkkk!"..

Hahahaha.. Bila fikir2 balik kelakar pun ada.. :P

So this is the photo of Khayr that was chosen to be uploaded for public voting:

See... Senyum ala tersipu2.. Haishhh.

So friends and readers and you.. you.. and YOU... Kindly help to vote for Khayr !
Khayr: Click vote for me ya! :)

Click here, and choose 'Malaysia'.. and browse through for Khayr's picture ok.. The pictures of participants keep on adding up, so I can't say at which page Khayr's picture is located. At the moment he's on page #10. Click at Khayr's face.. and finally, click VOTE.

Thanking you peeps in advance! Muahmuah xoxo.

Oh ya, voting period starts today and ends 31 December 2010.

Remember, click the link - choose Malaysia - click Khayr's face (page #10) - vote. Thank you thank you !!


  1. cute2..
    sori,aku da tak deactivate fb la..
    kena sign up baru le vote.

    gud luck khayr..

  2. dah vote for khayr..muka ala2 macho x mo senyum :)

    to lia's blog reader, vote for Suri Raudhah too k. Hehehe

    aku promote jgk ek lia ek...... :D

  3. kenapa aku tak boleh bukak link yg ko bg tu... nk vote jugak!
    khayr mmg cute sangat!

  4. ashra, -- oh ye ke.. takpe its the thought that counts! :)

    iyma, -- ho yeah thank you! aku memang dah vote suri dah.. hehehe.. to my readers.. help to click for too!!

    yaNNie, yannie, kalau ikut fon memang takbleh.. kalau ikut PC.. hmm skang ni site tuh tengah slow coz overwhelming response rasanye.. don't give up k!! :) esok lusa leh cuba lagi as long as before 31 Dec.. thanks !!

  5. alahai comelnye little K berposing. Teringin nk hantar zarith, but die x boleh duduk lagi..mcm mane nak pose?sob sob..

  6. kak hanney, -- hehehe tapi dia tak senyum la kak hanney... nervous tengok ramai orang keliling dia.. =) and this is a bit late, actually kak hanney bleh je tolong pegang kan zarith utk dia berposing.. but anyway, fret not you are missing anything. i came to realise that the contest was just a waste of your time. huhu. money tak waste sgt kot.. sbb i really like the purchase i did for khayr =)