Monday, 27 December 2010

The one with... this is how I do it.

Khayr is turning 11 months in less than a week, and alhamdulillah he's still fully breastfeeding (bf). I've been meaning to share with others on how did I manage to do it, like especially when I'm at work / outstation but there are 1001 things about bf and I'm not sure how to explain everything under the sun. So I'm just gonna narrow it down to how do I myself go about it.

Anyway, feel free to ask questions or clarify things coz I've been there done that myself where I had doubt about bf so if you want to hear my own personal experience, do ask ya? I'm no expert (yes, anak baru sorang je pun kannn ;P) but I'll see how I can help to clear the air :)

Oh ye, before I start, please be reminded that this is how I do it. Others might have different ways, so be it k? :) I'm sure it won't be far off, it's just how you take matters on your own hands.

First thing first, mindset kena betul. You have to instill it within yourself that bf is not supposed to be a troublesome process. And second, you have to be positive that whatever amount that you are able to produce is just about the right amount your baby needs, if kena cara la that is. Don't la expect the output from just a one pumping session can help to meet the demand of your baby, you get what I mean?

Hmm ok.. where do I start ye? Well, to be honest, I am not one of those hardcore bf mommies out there who have like 100 bottles / packs of breastmilk stock being stored in freezer. Serious, tak tipu. I only have like, 10-15 bottles in freezer in case of emergency, and that's it. I live on 'kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang' concept. Heeee, not good not good. But like I said, I don't want to feel that bf is a troublesome process, so I make do with what I can do best.. i.e pump today for tomorrow's consumption. In a way, it helps me to be discipline as well coz you know sometimes kalau ade backup ni mesti ada rasa malas nak pump thinking 'takpe laah.. tak cukup 1-2 botol ni boleh amek from stock.. nanti ganti lah balik'.. To which you will find yourselves struggling to replace the stock. So in my case with only few bottles of stock in store means automatically I am moved to make sure I pump enough for the day for tomorrow.

And don't worry about having to pump every 3 hours.. Well, I know in most bf-related websites thats what they will suggest. But to me that's only the ideal way to do it lah. IMHO, pumping schedule should suit your own lifestyle and once you establish it, stick to it. So you only pump twice during office hours, then there's nothing wrong about it as long as you stick to it. Coz bf is about demand and supply. So if you pump 2 times (i.e. creating a demand), then supply will be there also during that 2 times. And that's how I do it. I pump only 2 times a day when I'm at work -- dalam pukul 11 pagi then pukul 3 petang. Bila time tak banyak kerja or ada extra masa, then yes, I will go to the extend of 3 times. Then at home at night, I will do another one round. That's it. I don't wake up in the wee hours in the morning to pump. And if I know in advance that I will be going for outstation, then yes, I will add more pumping time to build some stock.

OK, the main doubt I used to have about pumping at work dulu was -- sempat ke nak pump masa kerja? How long will it takes? Nak basuh pump after every use, then nak tunggu kering lagi etc.. How????

Thanks to my pumping buddies at work, I managed to take things easy.

One thing is I feel thankful that the firm I'm working with provides a dedicated room for the mothers to pump =)

I use avent manual, and here are my tools:

breastpump - mini fridge (thanks to my friend Muni for this brilliant lil thing!) - ice pack.

The mini fridge can also be replaced with cool bag or something like that, not sure what it is called. And on top of the above 3 things, of course the storage bottles / bags.

After pump and transfer the output into storage bottle, what I do is, I put the used pump in the fridge. Yes, without washing it. From reading, this is safe to do for approximately 24 hours. So nanti dah kat rumah karang baru basuh. So masa kat office, just pergi pump, transfer, then letak pump dalam fridge, then next pumping time, keluarkan je pump from fridge, then pump, so on and so forth. Kat rumah pun, say if I pump that night after dah basuh semua, then I just keep the pump in the fridge right after that, esok bawak pergi office then letak dalam fridge before guna macam biasa.

If outstation, then after pump, I will put the pump back in the mini fridge / cool bag for my next use. But duration is lesser than 24 hours lah, depending on how long the mini fridge / cool bag can last.

With the above, you save the time for washing - sterilizing - drying ordeal. Easy peasy? For me, it is. This is the same exact way I did when I went to Singapore last week.

Hmm so yeah, that's about it. What else? Hmmm in terms of storage, I will just store according to my output and nanti masa nak transfer kan ke feeding bottle for Khayr, I will do according to his requirement. Hmm macamana nak elaborate ni ye? Ok say for example, I pump 4 times (3 kat office, 1 kat rumah):

1st session: 7 oz. So I store 5 oz dalam 1 bottle, lagi 2 oz in another bottle (coz my 1 storage bottle is for 5 oz milk).
2nd session: 4 oz. So I store that accordingly.
3rd session: 4 oz. So I store that accordingly.
4th session: 5 oz. So I store that accordingly.

So maksudnye I have 5 bottles altogether - 5oz, 2oz, 4oz, 4oz, 5oz.

When I want to transfer to feeding bottle for Khayr, who is consuming 5oz, then yang mana dah cukup 5oz tuh then takde masalah la kan, sebab cukup2. Yang 2 oz tuh, 1 oz campurkan dengan yang 4oz tuh, and balance 1oz campurkan dengan yang another 4 oz tuh. So dapatlah 4 bottles x 5 oz.

Kalau ade lebih sikit2 like 1 - 2 oz, then I kasi la extra to Khayr jadi 5.5oz ke.. 6oz ke.. and kalau ade lebih banyak macam 3 - 4oz, then I will put in fridge untuk campurkan dengan besok punye output.

My point here is, whatever my output is, I will, at the end of the day campur2kan ikut Khayr's need. Dalam websites semua cakap tak elok campur2 kan.. But, like I said earlier, I dont want to feel that bf is such a troublesome process. But I will only campurkan time Khayr nak consume for that day.

Hmmm I guess that's all for now.. This is the least I can share with you in the hope that I can inspire you mothers / mother-to-be out there who plan to bf :) I'm not saying things are easy, it is not. To be honest, sometimes I feel on the verge of giving up coz 1. it's tiring. 2. baby is SO depending on you. 3. bf-related problem - sangat sakitttt!! :(

But the benefits of bf is far too great to pass, so, ku gagah kan jua .. =) and alhamdulillah, I've been this far.

Yang penting, get the people around you to understand about bf and get them to help whenever necessary, especially your husband.

So ok, I hope I can be of a help here :) Like I said earlier, if you have more specific question feel free to ask..(email me or leave comment). I'll be more that happy to answer. Otherwise you can always read the info on bf from the famous websites like and Also, there are a lot of other blogs about bf, do google for them! Recently I found this one bf mom's sharing of experience -- Therein, she's put a link to this inspiring story about a mother who transports her breasmilk from afar across the miles for her baby.. Truly amazing! Do read.

Ok lah.. Till later~*

Khayr dah boleh berjalan!! =)


  1. bestnye opis ko ada bilik mcm tu. :) kat opis aku, masing2 pump dlm store, x pon menyorok di bawah meja masing2. some of them buat kat surau (aku malu kat surau sbb ramai org).

    aku dulu pump dlm kete ok, kat basement parking lg. tp ok la, sbb bleh dgr lagu and pasang aircond. :) cuma kdg2 takut jgk kot2 ada pak guard ternmpk. luckily x pernah kena.

    aku dulu pump sekali je at work and ptg balik keje. sbb kalo pump byk2 kali hasil sikit, tu yg pump jarang2, so aku puas hati sekali kuar 5-6oz and pernah capai 10 oz! ahh..tu dulu.. :(

    i wish i can do that again. so, all the best to you. kahyr sgt bertuah still dpt bf, so dia sgt bijak and 10 mos dah bleh jalan. sgt hebat!! :)

    xoxo - to khayr, and to u also. :P

  2. thanks for that info. nanti boleh guna kalau ada rezeki dapat anak lagi. aku tak tau pun sebab dulu aku tak keje so tak buat pun benda-benda tu.

    office ko memamg best la... jarang ada company yg sediakan facilities mcm tu.

    insyirah smpai 7 bulan je rasanya. lepas tu dia sendiri tak nak walaupun susu ada lagi n aku sedih sangat dia tak nak...

  3. lilia..ofis i pun ada bilik mcm tu.we call mommies room.90% mommies kat ofis tu its motivated other newly mom utk BF jugak.baca u punya cerita, i also pumping 2 kali kat ofis, production pun lbh kurang.i try really hard to BF my baby, but suddenly he stop direct feed at 3 mths,i still cont pumping..but day by day my production drop sampai stop terus.mcm2 i buat.sedih tuhan saja yg tahu.and when i know someone who can BF their baby until 1 @ 2 tabik spring.
    insyallah..for 2nd one,I dah tak nak jd mcm ni lagi

  4. iyma, -- takpe.. next time you’ll find better ways on how to manage about the pumping place k! aku kan.. kalau kat tempat client or training, pun ade time aku pump dalam keta. Siap kat open car park lagi tau. Huhu. And kadang2 buat je dalam surau even ramai orang. Dah la orang yg tak kenal kan sebab tempat client. I guess, the determination overrules every other things kot. Aku pun cam tak percaya aku buat sume2 tuh.

    Takpe iyma, jangan sedih2 k.. remember, you’ve done your very best and you should be proud of it! Ade member aku, dulu anak 1st hasil sikit. Anak kedua ni, haaa mencurah2! So there’s always next time for you k. if takde pun, like I said, you’ve done ur best!

    i wish i can do that again ---> hoho you sure know how to fulfill that wish! Sila dapatkan adik untuk suri. Hehehehe.. kisses to you and suri as well! Xoxo.

  5. yannie, -- you’re most welcomed.. sharing is caring :) yes, lets hope for the better when it comes to adik insyirah nanti k! anyway I can imagine how sad you felt when insyirah tiba2 taknak dah.. sebab susu ade lagi kan.. isk. I have a friend yg mcm ko jugak.. susu ade.. tapi baby tiba2 taknak dah masa 10 bulan. Hmm takpe nanti next pregnancy gather knowledge banyak2 about bf k! :) it helps a lot.

  6. raihan, -- don’t be sad.. you’ve done your best. So give yourself some credits for that ok! ;) its ok.. insyaAllah the next babies you dapat nanti hopefully things will be better k.. aminnnnn.

  7. Mashallah.. thanks dear sis..u're such an angel in helping me on the road of bf... insyallah will follow yr style..

  8. hunny, hi!! :) all the best k nanti... if anything feel free to email me.. anyway there are lots other blogs that you can use as reference... :)