Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The one with... skinny jeans are so overrated!!

... and they even have ULTRA skinny jeans on sales whenever i dig for one in the whole lot for that matter.. every.single.time. gah!

Shopping day 1:

Husband 4, Own self 0.


Gonna miss this comforting and serene sight when i wake up tomorrow morning.

Heck, i've already been missing him since, forever..! *cry*


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  1. hahaha tell me about it Lils! I hate skinny jeans with all my life!

    Have fun shopping guys!=)

  2. tiap2 thn ko gi spore, rite? :) i said b4, me too, hate skinny much!

  3. awww honeymoon ya! bessnya. lemme knw hw u guys survive the whole ordeal w/out baby k. i am still contemplating mine. hmm hmm

    anyway happy shopping dan best apa skinny jeansss hehehe

  4. aimie, -- kaaaaaaaannnn??? =)

    iyma, -- tahun lepas tak dapat pegi! coz tengah sarat memboyot :)

    ayu, -- alaaaa i kenot la carry skinny jeans style… my hips don’t lie you knowwwww ;) anyway. what exactly you want to know eh? like.. hmm.. what to pack for the baby when leaving him behind? or whatabout expressing is it? hmmm or what eh? let me know k! :)