Friday, 3 December 2010

The one with... a quick trip to Perak.

Last week I took leave on Friday coz as planned, we were going to Perak to attend SIL's convocation day at UiTM Seri Iskandar, Perak on Saturday. Was so excited coz I took it as a short getaway with family and most important, with the little one baby k :)

On Thursday night, I actually almost was about to lose my cool because.... accomodation tak sorted out lagi! Eeeee geram je tau. Coz ye lah kan, it was school holiday PLUS it's convocation time so I'm sure most hotels will be fully booked. And yes, I was right. Pum pam pum pam to make long story short, at almost midnight on that Thursday only Kerol managed to get the confirmation from this one homestay place located in Tambun. Well, about 30 ~ 45 minutes away from Seri Iskandar but at least, accomodation was finally sorted out. *phew*

We pushed off on Friday late morning and boy, this Khayr was SOOOO active dalam kereta.. He just refused to sleep. Kejap ke depan to sit with his opah, kejap ke belakang to kacau us the back passengers -- myself, Kerol and SIL (i.e. Khayr's mak lang). But all in all, reached safe and sound at the destination and was glad to find out that the (last minute) homestay that we managed to book was acceptable given the price we paid for. It's an apartment with 3 bedrooms, 2 toilets and a proper living hall, kitchen and dining area. Only thing, they didn't have a water heater and the weather was freaking cold over there because of the rain and whatnot. Huhu. On the first day we were there, Khayr sampai biru2 bibir and menggigil coz mandi air sejuk, dah la baru lepas mandi swimming pool. Huhu.. Risau masa tu.. :'( After a while thank god he was ok, back to the usual active and cheeky him..

Budak takmau tidur sepanjang perjalanan, dah sampai baru berjaya tidurkan dia. Itu pun selepas bertungkus lumus berusaha. Hehehe.

On day 1, we did not do anything much sebab 1st, the journey itself was quite tiring (to me lah.. though I didn't drive).. then 2nd, it was already late evening and the next day nak kena bangun awal for the convo. So petang first day was spent melayan budak kecik mandi pool.. So happy tengok Khayr enjoyed splashing the water and crawling like there's no tomorrow.. Sukahati je tau nak merangkak ke tempat dalam, sampai terminum2 air pool tu and tersedak2.. Tapi tu lah, kids just being kids, tau nak main je kan.. Dah tersedak pun still tak serik.. still nak merangkak ke tempat dalam.. Heh.

Khayr with his mak lang.

Malam tu we went to the Greentown and had the yummylicious meal with udang galah! Sedapppp. Tapi takde gambar. Sebab photographer cakap gambar tak clear so tak boleh nak publish takut jatuh credibility. Hmmm.

Then next day, came the big day for SIL. Khayr and I, we did not join as it was so early in the morning. We were left at the apartment and I brought him to the pool again.. Hehehe.. Khayr, when I brought him, dari jauh dia dah start menggelupur excited dah coz I think he can recognise the pool. Sigh, my baby has grown up so fast!

Around noon time, when it was about the time to check out then only Kerol came and pick us and off we went to Seri Iskandar..

To SIL (whom everyone call as 'Kakak'.. including me!).. Congratulations! Looking forward to attending your degree convo pulak ok.. :)

Nota kaki: It has been ages, but don't know why I still remember. Seeing the convo scene that day brought back the ugly memory I had during mine last time. Gah!


  1. oh.. khayr bam bam is so cute! and his mother too!i loves reading your blog coz it make me smile right after i finish read all your post!well done!

  2. tak sangka ipoh ada homestay camtu..mana ko dapat??google2 yer.agak menarik n selesa..lia, baca nota kaki kau buat aku teringat jugak peristiwa time tu.hmm..dah2..jgn dikenang air yg keruh ;)..yang pasti bila nak dapat sembang ngan ko ni..uwaaa..aku siap buat list nak tanya tau.kalo ko free, aku lak tak free..huwaaaaaaaaaaa..


  3. suka nya khayr mandi... budak2 mmg suka la mandi manda ni. pantang tgk. Insyirah pun smpai demam swimming tak ingat kat PD. suara smpai serak2 dah. tapi bahaya klu kita tak tgk anak2 ni, aku g Pd kelamarin, ada budak umur 2 tahun mati lemas kat swimming pool pasai dia terjun je kat dalam tu. bapak dia sibuk borak2 dgn kawan dlm pool jugak.

  4. fauzana, -- awwww really?? hoho terharu! :) glad that my entry makes you smile.. hehe.. cant wait for your turn! *wink*

    irna, -- tu lahhh aku pun tak sangka.. kerol la dia dok google2 skali jumpe.. weh muni pun ade homestay tau rupenye kat ipoh tuh..hehe.. double storey house lagi. anyway tu lah.. takmo kenang tapi kenangan datang... haha. oh well baby kecik lagi, susah la kot nak estimate time.. anyway like i said, whenever u're ready k! just buzz me.

    yaNNie, -- takutnye dengarrrrr :(( and sedihnye... hmm tu lah.. ape2 yang budak2 ni buat, memang nak kene oversee coz you'll never know what's gonna happen kan..