Tuesday, 28 December 2010

The one with... my take on that rintihan hati entry.

Dear friends and readers,

Thanks so much for all of your comments so far re my rintihan hati entry :) I didn't mean to make anyone feel bad, nor did I mean to show that I've done a good job comparatively.

It is just that somehow now that I'm a wife and a mother, I feel that the society is putting the responsibility to keep a happy marriage on us mothers and wives... don't you think so?

Suami tak betah duduk rumah, is because of the wife tak pandai masak, tak pandai kemas rumah, tak pandai hias diri.

Anak nakal, tak pandai, is because of mak tak reti jaga..

Sounds so familiar right?

Well I'd like to think that the above is SO last year, and I, definitely would beg to differ.. but take a look around.. It is still happening kan. Society still put the blame on women.

So, that's the main reason why I came out with the entry.

Anyway, masa tu tengah emo I think and I'm the type of person yang allergic sikit dengar cerita pasal broken marriage. I've been hearing a lot about such cases since I was 13 and I'm still hearing it now... :(

Plus, rasa tak best when kadang2 mom or MIL say things like "masa kitorang dulu... anak siap 2-3... yadda yadda... boleh je..".. huhu..

Anyways. I feel better now that I've let it out.

I know we are all trying our best in taking up the roles as mothers and wives, so lets keep it up ok? :)

I'm still away on holiday, promise that I will reply your comments individually when I'm back can? Reply pakai phone ni susah sikitttt.. Hehehe.

Ok lah I want to continue lying down while my baby k is sleeping after rounds of swimming..

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  1. hohohohoho! penat sgt swimming ehh khayr.

    mak aku pun selalu bebel bila dia tau aku jarang2 masak n aku selalu ckp penat buat keje rumah. "mak dulu pun keje jugak, boleh je masak kemas umah, bla bla bla, anak 3 4 org..." ayat yg menusuk jiwa ialah, tu la orang nak kawen ko sibuk nk kawen pas tu complain byk. hahahaha! kene sedas!

  2. uhuk..aku mmg x mampu jd superwoman..sbb kalo aku letih sgt aku akan kebabom! meletop. dgn suri sekali kena marah nnt..sgt x patut..byk lg kena improve..hmm

  3. yannie, -- tu lah, penat swimming sampai tertdo tak sempat aku nak pakaikan baju. sempat salin pakai pampers jer! :)

    haaaa kannnn.. tak best kene mcm tuhhhh.. huhu.. boleh tak nak cakap, dulu lainnn.. skarang lainnn.. ? hehe.

    iyma, -- dont say that. i'm sure you are. in fact we mothers are all superwoman in different ways we never thought we are :)