Saturday, 11 December 2010

The one with... life resumes as usual =)

No more campaign whatsoever. (refer to the previous post). I'm letting the fate to take its course. Such a ridiculous contest after all. And a bit one-sided perhaps. It's like macam dah jadi popularity contest pulak. Huhu. In spur of the moment and in all excitement, I became a tad bit gungho, I somehow realised that now ;)

Especially when I read the comment from this one person in the G*A*P Malaysia facebook page:

Something stinks here... My friend decided to stop campaign for this ridiculous competition which not only require money to enter but time to campaign. Not to mention, the votes can be rigged. Those who have "resources" can spend days... at internet cafe or at home creating fake email accounts and then fake FB accounts to vote for their preferred baby/kid. Give it a try, you can definitely increase the vote for your favorite at a rate of perhaps 100 votes per day per capable resources!!
All of the babies and kids here are beautiful and cute. Parents, better spend your time and money , create your own baby and kids profile at casting agencies and compete in ads opportunities that really bank on real talent. My 2 cents worth!!
I totally concur the above!

So for now, I'm just gonna let is pass and enjoy the purchase I did for my baby k. He indeed needs a new pair of jeans! and new clothes as well ;)


To those who have voted, and helped to promote, thank you so much. Really appreciate it =) To those who felt that I've been harrassing you with the constant request to vote, I apologise.

So are we good now? :) *peace!*
- will always gonna be my favourite cute & handsome model :) -

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  1. aku pon dah give up..aku x bukak pon Gap Malaysia punya site dah..last aku bukak is last thursday..pastu balik kg, pastu td bukak coz nak tolong vote for my fren's son. and x baca pon komen tu sumer..but i did terpk nak amek gmbr suri cantik2 kat studio and hantar to talent agency..hahaha..berangan dosss.. :P

    waaaa...suri dah lama x gi jenjalan..asyik balik kg je..kalo x balik kg, nnt mommy dia emo x nak ckp dgn org..i need to move on mcm susah je..

  2. hi lilia..i soo feel u.. tp I mmg x sign up in a first place pon since the line is not to my liking and to spend rm170 on sumthing I din like it's not worth it.. and yes, babies are all d cutesy aren't they especially our own hehe

  3. iyma, -- aku bukak yang page Gap Malaysia tuh.. rasa macam hape je pulak tengok masing2 promote anak masing2.. huhu.. tapi ye lah, I understand the feeling.. cuma, i don’t want to be part of that anymore. like you said, marilah tangkap gambar anak cantek2 and anta ke casting agency, lagi baguih dok ada… (sejak bila kah tiba2 nak anak jadik model nihhhh??? :P)

    anyway, wahhh tak sangka ko punye homesick kemain lagi! maybe sebab aku anak sulung kot.. so, i am more independent. cewah!! anyway, baru lagi kot… lame2 nanti ok lah tu.. =)

    ~ZuE, -- hi zue! hey haritu you ade leave comment kat blog i kan? so sorry, i dah approved kan.. tapi ada error.. tatau ngape.. so komen you tak appear..

    anyway, you did the right thing by not participating! =) and yes, our own babies are the apple of our eyes….