Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The one with... great time, great place, great companion =)

After weeks of planning, finally I get to meet my girlfriends from secondary high school during a lunch date at this child-friendly place, Dish Deli in Solaris Mont Kiara. Call me jakun or what but.. my, I really dig this place!!! =)

How come I never knew its existence before? Like so comfy for us mommies if we were to have an outing with friends -- be it married friends or single friends.. because the place, like I said, it’s so comfy especially to cater the needs for a child. They have a kids section filled with toys. They provide kids related utensils like the plastic colorful fork, spoon and bowl. Baby chair, baby changing place.. and even better, home-made frozen baby food -- all ready to be heat-up! The food is stocked readily in the deep freezer, labeled accordingly i.e. 6 months – 9 months, 9 months – 12 months or 12 months to 18. No difference from the way I prepared for Khayr's food.. Impressive! Read more here.

And the food for us adults pulak, also quite tasteful. I tried their chicken casserole and Kerol had their roasted chicken.. Sedap!! I didn’t take any picture of the food though. But suffice to say, I had great time that day.. Great time, great place, great companion -- what more can I say..?

The girlfriends...

The kids busy playing..

Mommies gossiping.. Daddys chillaxing...

Mommies with kids -- gambar tak clear :(

L to R: Rayyan, Dalia, Syafia, and my baby k..

or like how my sister captioned it:

L to R: baby cute, baby cantik, baby sweet, and benda bulat.


So mommies out there, do give this place a try! :) Here's for more information --


  1. haha..

    i tergelak baca caption adik u tu.. comel! :)

  2. ha22..kelakar statement adik.but serius khayr looks bulat

  3. impressive!! tetibe rase excited hehe.. mmg pnt hari2 blk keje nk prepare baby food..plg2 pon every 2 days lah.. so far I bg biskut rusk tu je yg lain sume homemade.. knowing dis surely sgt suke sbb at least penat2 tu leh la gune gourmet goo ni hehe.. nxr gath konpem I suggest dis place hehe.. thanx fr sharing lilia :))

  4. tina, -- hahaha tu la pasal… =)

    raihan, -- kan.. si budak bulat! :)

    ~ZuE~, -- my pleasure! sharing is caring =) i pun sama.. tapi i freeze his food for 3 – 4 days stock. and yes yang lain2 tuh home made. and snacks dia is biskut baby bites / farley rusks. dulu ade laa kasik bende2 heinz in the jar tuh kan.. tapi i rasa macam bende tuh manis sangat. khayr pun takde lah suka.. oh tapi breakfast dia i kasi baby cereal.. what about you?

  5. biasanya ua gave him mix fruit purée for bfast.. skrg asyik gugel cr new recipe hehe

  6. lilia,

    u always come up with the coolest places to bring my baby!

    went to that kids gym the other day, tp all jauh la from bangi=(

    kisses to ur benda bulat.hihi

  7. tempat ni sgt menarik!

  8. lepas baca website dia baru aku perasan dish deli ni kat husband aku punya ofis..the same building yaw..sgt menarik..hehehehe

  9. ~zue~, -- tu lah kan.. i pun sebok nak carik resipi baru.. and yang penting, SENANG :P

    niesa, -- :) sharing is caring! anyway, which kizsports you went to? well, skali skala pegi jauh sikit takpe kot eh.. i’m sure aisyah enjoyed it so much so it’s totally worth the distance aite? :) benda bulat blows bubble right back to you! hehehe.

    iyma, -- haaa ye keeee.. menarik nih. ape2 hal leh pesan kat husband ko.. hahhahaha.

  10. tepat sekali! malas masak utk suri bleh kirim dia belikan frozen food for suri..hahahaha :P

  11. iyma, -- haha tu lah pasal.. aku yang pegi singapore baru2 ni memang singgah sana dulu beli food khayr. senang.. tak payah aku nak sediakan siap2.. :)