Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The one with... demi curve and sexy boot is the way to go!

.... yes, finally get to find jeans that fits ME nicely *grinning*. its levi's demi curve cut and gap's sexy boot cut, ON SALE! =)

Yesterday was a so tiring day yet we had such a great time hopping from one mall to another along that orchard rd. its pack with people definitely, but that was kinda expected. i had fun regardless.

The only time we took picture together coz the other time we were just not bothered. Well, more like he's not bothered :p

Though I was out almost the whole day, never failed to look out for and go to this important place:

So, whatever it is.. pencapaian didahulukan, anak diutamakan :)

Here are some night scenery at orchard rd:

Please excuse me for the bad quality of the pics.


The scoreboard for shopping day 2:

Husband 9, Ownself 9. Yeay!!

Tapi, dari segi value for money.. he's definitely on the lead.

He went crazy at Banana Republic. And I was there sitting quietly and feeling crazily-jealous coz nothing much that interest me there despite the crazy sales offer frenzy. *tsk*

Anyway, today its gonna be the last day before we make move back home. Yang pasti harini husband kena duduk diam2 sebab budget allocation dah habis (read: deficit). muahahaha.

Till later~*

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  1. aku nmpk tefal..bravo!! :P

    masak tau, bkn beli je..keh keh keh :P

  2. woohooooo...! banyak nya shopping n stock susu jugak. sangat best ok.

  3. suke btol kau shopping kat kampung aku eh .. hehe.

    tabik spring kat stok-stok susu!!

    hehe shopping kuali sekali nampaknye .. pasni kene rajin masak hokayy :)

  4. rajin masak.... aminnnnnn!!

  5. anak diutamakan wpun mak dia sedap bershopping...
    crazy sale ke kt spore? tk penah ada chance nk g sana.
    cik suami allergic ngan tempat2 shopping nie

  6. iyma + farah, -- cisss korang ni macam laki aku pulak tauuuu! see.. see.. kan korang dah kasik idea kat dia… :P

    yannie, -- lepas geram asyik shopping barang khayr je hehehe.

    farah, -- tahun lepas tak dapat pegi babe.. hehehe.

    s0ulz, -- amiiiiinnnn! :)

    raihan, -- harussssss.. hehehe. tapi memang kene cekal hati lah.. :P anyway, its christmas sales.. tapi kene usya2 jugak ade barang after convert from SGD to MYR still lebih kurang sama.. so, homework kena buat before pegi! :) try la ajak suami pergi.. barang lelaki macam banyak murah + senang nak carik. bukan macam barang pompuan fesyen pun sume merepek2 jer.