Tuesday, 28 December 2010

The one with... my take on that rintihan hati entry.

Dear friends and readers,

Thanks so much for all of your comments so far re my rintihan hati entry :) I didn't mean to make anyone feel bad, nor did I mean to show that I've done a good job comparatively.

It is just that somehow now that I'm a wife and a mother, I feel that the society is putting the responsibility to keep a happy marriage on us mothers and wives... don't you think so?

Suami tak betah duduk rumah, is because of the wife tak pandai masak, tak pandai kemas rumah, tak pandai hias diri.

Anak nakal, tak pandai, is because of mak tak reti jaga..

Sounds so familiar right?

Well I'd like to think that the above is SO last year, and I, definitely would beg to differ.. but take a look around.. It is still happening kan. Society still put the blame on women.

So, that's the main reason why I came out with the entry.

Anyway, masa tu tengah emo I think and I'm the type of person yang allergic sikit dengar cerita pasal broken marriage. I've been hearing a lot about such cases since I was 13 and I'm still hearing it now... :(

Plus, rasa tak best when kadang2 mom or MIL say things like "masa kitorang dulu... anak siap 2-3... yadda yadda... boleh je..".. huhu..

Anyways. I feel better now that I've let it out.

I know we are all trying our best in taking up the roles as mothers and wives, so lets keep it up ok? :)

I'm still away on holiday, promise that I will reply your comments individually when I'm back can? Reply pakai phone ni susah sikitttt.. Hehehe.

Ok lah I want to continue lying down while my baby k is sleeping after rounds of swimming..

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The one with... Khayr's first beach trip...

Currently at Damai Laut.. But today is raining.. Nasib baik semalam sempat chillexing by the beach and by the pool.. Hope petang karang tak hujan dah..

So sekarang tengah lepak kat coffee house 'bergaduh' anak beranak :) Great time nevertheless..

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Monday, 27 December 2010

The one with... this is how I do it.

Khayr is turning 11 months in less than a week, and alhamdulillah he's still fully breastfeeding (bf). I've been meaning to share with others on how did I manage to do it, like especially when I'm at work / outstation but there are 1001 things about bf and I'm not sure how to explain everything under the sun. So I'm just gonna narrow it down to how do I myself go about it.

Anyway, feel free to ask questions or clarify things coz I've been there done that myself where I had doubt about bf so if you want to hear my own personal experience, do ask ya? I'm no expert (yes, anak baru sorang je pun kannn ;P) but I'll see how I can help to clear the air :)

Oh ye, before I start, please be reminded that this is how I do it. Others might have different ways, so be it k? :) I'm sure it won't be far off, it's just how you take matters on your own hands.

First thing first, mindset kena betul. You have to instill it within yourself that bf is not supposed to be a troublesome process. And second, you have to be positive that whatever amount that you are able to produce is just about the right amount your baby needs, if kena cara la that is. Don't la expect the output from just a one pumping session can help to meet the demand of your baby, you get what I mean?

Hmm ok.. where do I start ye? Well, to be honest, I am not one of those hardcore bf mommies out there who have like 100 bottles / packs of breastmilk stock being stored in freezer. Serious, tak tipu. I only have like, 10-15 bottles in freezer in case of emergency, and that's it. I live on 'kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang' concept. Heeee, not good not good. But like I said, I don't want to feel that bf is a troublesome process, so I make do with what I can do best.. i.e pump today for tomorrow's consumption. In a way, it helps me to be discipline as well coz you know sometimes kalau ade backup ni mesti ada rasa malas nak pump thinking 'takpe laah.. tak cukup 1-2 botol ni boleh amek from stock.. nanti ganti lah balik'.. To which you will find yourselves struggling to replace the stock. So in my case with only few bottles of stock in store means automatically I am moved to make sure I pump enough for the day for tomorrow.

And don't worry about having to pump every 3 hours.. Well, I know in most bf-related websites thats what they will suggest. But to me that's only the ideal way to do it lah. IMHO, pumping schedule should suit your own lifestyle and once you establish it, stick to it. So you only pump twice during office hours, then there's nothing wrong about it as long as you stick to it. Coz bf is about demand and supply. So if you pump 2 times (i.e. creating a demand), then supply will be there also during that 2 times. And that's how I do it. I pump only 2 times a day when I'm at work -- dalam pukul 11 pagi then pukul 3 petang. Bila time tak banyak kerja or ada extra masa, then yes, I will go to the extend of 3 times. Then at home at night, I will do another one round. That's it. I don't wake up in the wee hours in the morning to pump. And if I know in advance that I will be going for outstation, then yes, I will add more pumping time to build some stock.

OK, the main doubt I used to have about pumping at work dulu was -- sempat ke nak pump masa kerja? How long will it takes? Nak basuh pump after every use, then nak tunggu kering lagi etc.. How????

Thanks to my pumping buddies at work, I managed to take things easy.

One thing is I feel thankful that the firm I'm working with provides a dedicated room for the mothers to pump =)

I use avent manual, and here are my tools:

breastpump - mini fridge (thanks to my friend Muni for this brilliant lil thing!) - ice pack.

The mini fridge can also be replaced with cool bag or something like that, not sure what it is called. And on top of the above 3 things, of course the storage bottles / bags.

After pump and transfer the output into storage bottle, what I do is, I put the used pump in the fridge. Yes, without washing it. From reading, this is safe to do for approximately 24 hours. So nanti dah kat rumah karang baru basuh. So masa kat office, just pergi pump, transfer, then letak pump dalam fridge, then next pumping time, keluarkan je pump from fridge, then pump, so on and so forth. Kat rumah pun, say if I pump that night after dah basuh semua, then I just keep the pump in the fridge right after that, esok bawak pergi office then letak dalam fridge before guna macam biasa.

If outstation, then after pump, I will put the pump back in the mini fridge / cool bag for my next use. But duration is lesser than 24 hours lah, depending on how long the mini fridge / cool bag can last.

With the above, you save the time for washing - sterilizing - drying ordeal. Easy peasy? For me, it is. This is the same exact way I did when I went to Singapore last week.

Hmm so yeah, that's about it. What else? Hmmm in terms of storage, I will just store according to my output and nanti masa nak transfer kan ke feeding bottle for Khayr, I will do according to his requirement. Hmm macamana nak elaborate ni ye? Ok say for example, I pump 4 times (3 kat office, 1 kat rumah):

1st session: 7 oz. So I store 5 oz dalam 1 bottle, lagi 2 oz in another bottle (coz my 1 storage bottle is for 5 oz milk).
2nd session: 4 oz. So I store that accordingly.
3rd session: 4 oz. So I store that accordingly.
4th session: 5 oz. So I store that accordingly.

So maksudnye I have 5 bottles altogether - 5oz, 2oz, 4oz, 4oz, 5oz.

When I want to transfer to feeding bottle for Khayr, who is consuming 5oz, then yang mana dah cukup 5oz tuh then takde masalah la kan, sebab cukup2. Yang 2 oz tuh, 1 oz campurkan dengan yang 4oz tuh, and balance 1oz campurkan dengan yang another 4 oz tuh. So dapatlah 4 bottles x 5 oz.

Kalau ade lebih sikit2 like 1 - 2 oz, then I kasi la extra to Khayr jadi 5.5oz ke.. 6oz ke.. and kalau ade lebih banyak macam 3 - 4oz, then I will put in fridge untuk campurkan dengan besok punye output.

My point here is, whatever my output is, I will, at the end of the day campur2kan ikut Khayr's need. Dalam websites semua cakap tak elok campur2 kan.. But, like I said earlier, I dont want to feel that bf is such a troublesome process. But I will only campurkan time Khayr nak consume for that day.

Hmmm I guess that's all for now.. This is the least I can share with you in the hope that I can inspire you mothers / mother-to-be out there who plan to bf :) I'm not saying things are easy, it is not. To be honest, sometimes I feel on the verge of giving up coz 1. it's tiring. 2. baby is SO depending on you. 3. bf-related problem - sangat sakitttt!! :(

But the benefits of bf is far too great to pass, so, ku gagah kan jua .. =) and alhamdulillah, I've been this far.

Yang penting, get the people around you to understand about bf and get them to help whenever necessary, especially your husband.

So ok, I hope I can be of a help here :) Like I said earlier, if you have more specific question feel free to ask..(email me or leave comment). I'll be more that happy to answer. Otherwise you can always read the info on bf from the famous websites like and Also, there are a lot of other blogs about bf, do google for them! Recently I found this one bf mom's sharing of experience -- Therein, she's put a link to this inspiring story about a mother who transports her breasmilk from afar across the miles for her baby.. Truly amazing! Do read.

Ok lah.. Till later~*

Khayr dah boleh berjalan!! =)

Sunday, 26 December 2010

The one with... rintihan hati di malam hari...

Ewahhh tajuk tak agak2... hehe.

Anyway. I'm not gonna whine here, but I'm just gonna pour my heart out to see whether am I alone in this or not. Whatever it is, keep the support coming yaw.. That would be much appreciated :)

You see, I get so tired easily ever since baby came into the picture. And I feel a bit.. disgusted with myself. Coz nak kata I've been such a perfect wife who cooks and cleans every.single.time, takde lah kan.. All I do is just the basic stuff. Like taking care of Khayr.. Laundry (itu pun just limited to loading the dirty clothes into washing machines and hanging 'em dry.. coz folding clothes and ironing are Kerol's tasks.. heeeee ~).. Washing dishes.. Making sure things in the house are in place like tukar cadar, tukar towel, kemas rumah sikit2..  Andd... hmm... Anddddd yes, that's it. That's all. Masak pun, kadang2.. Well, ok scratch that. Jarang2. Sigh. And mopping and vacuuming are done by the weekly maid. I've done all the things I need to do at my level best and yet I know there's more to it. And I SO want to improve myself but.. like I said.. I just feel so easily tired.. :(

Is it because of the age factor? I thought every mom will be a supermom naturally so why can't I ?? :( Ni anak baru sorang.. I want to be that supermom everyone is looking up to. Just he way my mom is. Just the way my MIL is. Just the way every mother I know is. Buttttt... sigh! I've always wondered, will my kid(s) say things such as, "My mom's cooking is the best..!" "Rindunye nak makan masakan mak aku.." "My mom is the supermom!" and the like.

Ok lah. Itu je rintihan hati. Semoga 2011 brings a whole lot meaning to my life and family... in ways better than they already were.

*positive thinking.. ting!*

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The one with... demi curve and sexy boot is the way to go!

.... yes, finally get to find jeans that fits ME nicely *grinning*. its levi's demi curve cut and gap's sexy boot cut, ON SALE! =)

Yesterday was a so tiring day yet we had such a great time hopping from one mall to another along that orchard rd. its pack with people definitely, but that was kinda expected. i had fun regardless.

The only time we took picture together coz the other time we were just not bothered. Well, more like he's not bothered :p

Though I was out almost the whole day, never failed to look out for and go to this important place:

So, whatever it is.. pencapaian didahulukan, anak diutamakan :)

Here are some night scenery at orchard rd:

Please excuse me for the bad quality of the pics.


The scoreboard for shopping day 2:

Husband 9, Ownself 9. Yeay!!

Tapi, dari segi value for money.. he's definitely on the lead.

He went crazy at Banana Republic. And I was there sitting quietly and feeling crazily-jealous coz nothing much that interest me there despite the crazy sales offer frenzy. *tsk*

Anyway, today its gonna be the last day before we make move back home. Yang pasti harini husband kena duduk diam2 sebab budget allocation dah habis (read: deficit). muahahaha.

Till later~*

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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The one with... skinny jeans are so overrated!!

... and they even have ULTRA skinny jeans on sales whenever i dig for one in the whole lot for that matter.. every.single.time. gah!

Shopping day 1:

Husband 4, Own self 0.


Gonna miss this comforting and serene sight when i wake up tomorrow morning.

Heck, i've already been missing him since, forever..! *cry*


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Thursday, 16 December 2010

The one with... usaha tangga kejayaan..

Here's baby k's one of favourite activities these days... Huhu.. Makin active and playful.. I'm loving it..! But on the flipside.. Susahnye laaa nak suruh dia duduk still for me to feed him.. In 2 months time he's turning into a 1 year old TODDLER!! Can you believe that, how fast time flies?

Oh talking about that.. Can't wait to reach the end of tomorrow, as it's gonna mark my last working day for the year weehoo~*

Looking forward to this one trip I'm gonna have with just Kerol (minus baby k, that is ;p).. and another trip with both of my favourite K's... Cant wait cant wait!!!

Until then, oh workloads.. here I come.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The one with... baby steps by my baby k :')

Here's to many more steps to come! =)

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The one with... great time, great place, great companion =)

After weeks of planning, finally I get to meet my girlfriends from secondary high school during a lunch date at this child-friendly place, Dish Deli in Solaris Mont Kiara. Call me jakun or what but.. my, I really dig this place!!! =)

How come I never knew its existence before? Like so comfy for us mommies if we were to have an outing with friends -- be it married friends or single friends.. because the place, like I said, it’s so comfy especially to cater the needs for a child. They have a kids section filled with toys. They provide kids related utensils like the plastic colorful fork, spoon and bowl. Baby chair, baby changing place.. and even better, home-made frozen baby food -- all ready to be heat-up! The food is stocked readily in the deep freezer, labeled accordingly i.e. 6 months – 9 months, 9 months – 12 months or 12 months to 18. No difference from the way I prepared for Khayr's food.. Impressive! Read more here.

And the food for us adults pulak, also quite tasteful. I tried their chicken casserole and Kerol had their roasted chicken.. Sedap!! I didn’t take any picture of the food though. But suffice to say, I had great time that day.. Great time, great place, great companion -- what more can I say..?

The girlfriends...

The kids busy playing..

Mommies gossiping.. Daddys chillaxing...

Mommies with kids -- gambar tak clear :(

L to R: Rayyan, Dalia, Syafia, and my baby k..

or like how my sister captioned it:

L to R: baby cute, baby cantik, baby sweet, and benda bulat.


So mommies out there, do give this place a try! :) Here's for more information --

Saturday, 11 December 2010

The one with... life resumes as usual =)

No more campaign whatsoever. (refer to the previous post). I'm letting the fate to take its course. Such a ridiculous contest after all. And a bit one-sided perhaps. It's like macam dah jadi popularity contest pulak. Huhu. In spur of the moment and in all excitement, I became a tad bit gungho, I somehow realised that now ;)

Especially when I read the comment from this one person in the G*A*P Malaysia facebook page:

Something stinks here... My friend decided to stop campaign for this ridiculous competition which not only require money to enter but time to campaign. Not to mention, the votes can be rigged. Those who have "resources" can spend days... at internet cafe or at home creating fake email accounts and then fake FB accounts to vote for their preferred baby/kid. Give it a try, you can definitely increase the vote for your favorite at a rate of perhaps 100 votes per day per capable resources!!
All of the babies and kids here are beautiful and cute. Parents, better spend your time and money , create your own baby and kids profile at casting agencies and compete in ads opportunities that really bank on real talent. My 2 cents worth!!
I totally concur the above!

So for now, I'm just gonna let is pass and enjoy the purchase I did for my baby k. He indeed needs a new pair of jeans! and new clothes as well ;)


To those who have voted, and helped to promote, thank you so much. Really appreciate it =) To those who felt that I've been harrassing you with the constant request to vote, I apologise.

So are we good now? :) *peace!*
- will always gonna be my favourite cute & handsome model :) -

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Thursday, 9 December 2010

The one with... time to vote!

For Khayr, it is.. :)


I do not know how to do a sticky post! Huhu.

Anyway, all I want to say is.. from the very bottom of my heart, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH to those who has voted for Khayr. It meant a lot to us :) The contest is still running and it's running quite tough and competitive. All babies are equally cute, if not more! And they have more voters too (-_-') So.. I need your kind help to push Khayr's number of votes pretty pleaaaasseeee :)

1. click -

2. select Malaysia.

3. then browse for Khayr's picture (he is on page #10 or under the 'I J K L' category, page #2) & vote!

Siapa yang belum vote, jom vote sekarang!! Thanking you guys in advance for your time and care... xoxo.


If you do not already know... here's what I'm talking about.

(as extracted from Gap Casting Call on Facebook):

Gap is looking for the next faces of babyGap and GapKids in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Parents now have the chance to have their child featured on the window displays across all regional stores (Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia) in Spring 2011.

Professional photo-ops will be available at Gap (The Gardens) and Gap (One Utama) over two weekends; 4 - 5 December & 11 - 12 December respectively. Parents can bring in their children aged from new-born to 10 years of age during these dates. Participants must meet the qualifying minimum purchase amount in order to enter the contest and contest rules apply. Pictures of the children will then be taken and posted on from 4 to 31 December 2010, and the public will vote on the published images. This will constitute 60% of the final vote tally. The remaining 40% will be dependent on input from a panel of judges from the three countries.

So just wanting to try our luck (and as for me, taking the opportunity to shop for my baby k.. hehe), off we went to The Gardens earlier today .. Masa mula2 masuk BabyGap, tak ramai orang sangat.. To which we were relieved because memang we purposely decided to come at a time nearing to 6pm with the hope it would be much lesser crowd. But suddenly in the midst of choosing for items to shop, ramai pulak orang masuk.. Semua pun saje datang last minute kot ek? Penuh the outlet with parents and kids and strollers.. Huhu..

The queue outside BabyGap outlet.. Lucky thing was the photo session did not take that long..

Ish.. Anak sapa la tak pakai kasut tuuuu.. :D

So anyway.. Khayr had his turn and... this baby boy of mine, slalu ok je tau nak senyum and posing depan kamera.. Tapi tadiiiii.. hmmphhhh! Susah nak flash his cutie smile. I can see that he was a bit uncomfortable with so many people looking at him and with us the parents kept on cheering "Khayrrrr... smillleeeee... senyummmm.. Cakkk! Khayrrrr... Tengok Mama niii... Cakkkk! Tuu.. tengok Abah tuuuu.. Cakkkk!"..

Hahahaha.. Bila fikir2 balik kelakar pun ada.. :P

So this is the photo of Khayr that was chosen to be uploaded for public voting:

See... Senyum ala tersipu2.. Haishhh.

So friends and readers and you.. you.. and YOU... Kindly help to vote for Khayr !
Khayr: Click vote for me ya! :)

Click here, and choose 'Malaysia'.. and browse through for Khayr's picture ok.. The pictures of participants keep on adding up, so I can't say at which page Khayr's picture is located. At the moment he's on page #10. Click at Khayr's face.. and finally, click VOTE.

Thanking you peeps in advance! Muahmuah xoxo.

Oh ya, voting period starts today and ends 31 December 2010.

Remember, click the link - choose Malaysia - click Khayr's face (page #10) - vote. Thank you thank you !!

Friday, 3 December 2010

The one with... a quick trip to Perak.

Last week I took leave on Friday coz as planned, we were going to Perak to attend SIL's convocation day at UiTM Seri Iskandar, Perak on Saturday. Was so excited coz I took it as a short getaway with family and most important, with the little one baby k :)

On Thursday night, I actually almost was about to lose my cool because.... accomodation tak sorted out lagi! Eeeee geram je tau. Coz ye lah kan, it was school holiday PLUS it's convocation time so I'm sure most hotels will be fully booked. And yes, I was right. Pum pam pum pam to make long story short, at almost midnight on that Thursday only Kerol managed to get the confirmation from this one homestay place located in Tambun. Well, about 30 ~ 45 minutes away from Seri Iskandar but at least, accomodation was finally sorted out. *phew*

We pushed off on Friday late morning and boy, this Khayr was SOOOO active dalam kereta.. He just refused to sleep. Kejap ke depan to sit with his opah, kejap ke belakang to kacau us the back passengers -- myself, Kerol and SIL (i.e. Khayr's mak lang). But all in all, reached safe and sound at the destination and was glad to find out that the (last minute) homestay that we managed to book was acceptable given the price we paid for. It's an apartment with 3 bedrooms, 2 toilets and a proper living hall, kitchen and dining area. Only thing, they didn't have a water heater and the weather was freaking cold over there because of the rain and whatnot. Huhu. On the first day we were there, Khayr sampai biru2 bibir and menggigil coz mandi air sejuk, dah la baru lepas mandi swimming pool. Huhu.. Risau masa tu.. :'( After a while thank god he was ok, back to the usual active and cheeky him..

Budak takmau tidur sepanjang perjalanan, dah sampai baru berjaya tidurkan dia. Itu pun selepas bertungkus lumus berusaha. Hehehe.

On day 1, we did not do anything much sebab 1st, the journey itself was quite tiring (to me lah.. though I didn't drive).. then 2nd, it was already late evening and the next day nak kena bangun awal for the convo. So petang first day was spent melayan budak kecik mandi pool.. So happy tengok Khayr enjoyed splashing the water and crawling like there's no tomorrow.. Sukahati je tau nak merangkak ke tempat dalam, sampai terminum2 air pool tu and tersedak2.. Tapi tu lah, kids just being kids, tau nak main je kan.. Dah tersedak pun still tak serik.. still nak merangkak ke tempat dalam.. Heh.

Khayr with his mak lang.

Malam tu we went to the Greentown and had the yummylicious meal with udang galah! Sedapppp. Tapi takde gambar. Sebab photographer cakap gambar tak clear so tak boleh nak publish takut jatuh credibility. Hmmm.

Then next day, came the big day for SIL. Khayr and I, we did not join as it was so early in the morning. We were left at the apartment and I brought him to the pool again.. Hehehe.. Khayr, when I brought him, dari jauh dia dah start menggelupur excited dah coz I think he can recognise the pool. Sigh, my baby has grown up so fast!

Around noon time, when it was about the time to check out then only Kerol came and pick us and off we went to Seri Iskandar..

To SIL (whom everyone call as 'Kakak'.. including me!).. Congratulations! Looking forward to attending your degree convo pulak ok.. :)

Nota kaki: It has been ages, but don't know why I still remember. Seeing the convo scene that day brought back the ugly memory I had during mine last time. Gah!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The one with... oh so sad.

I was playing with the BlogPress app and accidentally deleted my previous entry on "u smileee.. i smileeee..."..

Oh well not big of a deal. So this is just to reinstate what i've written previously for remembrance sake:

- khayr was fast recovered.
- kerol and i, we were quick to react this time around (it's khayr's 2nd time of having fever).

hmm what else? i guess thats the main gist of it. oh yeah the pictures:

to iyma & yannie... korang punye comment pun terdelete skali! huhu.. sempat bace my reply tak?

ok lah.. takde mood nak update blog malam ni.. tidur sudahhh.

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