Monday, 22 November 2010

The one with.. Monday morning thoughts.

It’s almost end of November, soon December is approaching. What have I achieved for the past 11 months in this year 2010? Well, of course the major one was -- I gave birth in February. And life has changed ever since.

It has been a great year, I must say. But of late I kept on thinking; there’s just gotta be more to life.

You gain some, you lose some. Fair enough. That's life as we know it.

I have a loving husband, a brilliant little baby who’s growing up so fast. I have a secured work that pays to make the ends meet. I have a house to live in comfortably with my love ones. And I am so SO thankful for that.

I breathe in and out with the thought of spending my time with my baby. When I go to work, I can’t wait to go back home to see him again. That’s basically the main reason why I live these days.

And I feel that things have become unbalanced. Juggling the role as a mother is not easy. Well nobody said it is easy. It's rewarding, but I don’t feel quite as much as fulfilled anymore. You know, it’s like I’m in a comfort zone, too complacent until I feel quite… uncomfortable.

It’s like there’s no thrill like that. Life has become a tad mundane.

People of my age, or perhaps, of the same boat.. are talking about venturing into new business.. into new things.. They are talking about how they are enjoying their passions to cook.. to bake.. to decorate their love nest.. to beautify themselves.. to improve themselves to the better..

It’s like, they have passions alright you see.

But me? I live my life on a day to day basis. Do I have passions? I don’t know. Yes, my husband and I… We talk and discuss a lot about our future life.. about improving.. about new things.. about enjoying life.

But I don’t know why I feel 24 hours is just enough to go through the basic things in life. I didn't get to execute those things and plans that I've been talking about with husband. And I get tired easily to even be doing other things, except to take care of my husband and son.. and make sure my work is done. Weekend is the only time I look forward to, but then again its occupied with the necessary.. Like, laundry and such. Weddings and gatherings. Groceries shopping and eating. Time for families and such.

I'm not saying that it's a boring life that I am living in. But, I'm just hunger for more. There are more things in life awaits to be explored. There are a lot of other things to be done.


2011, I look forward for you to come. I want to be better than I already am. I want to get better than what I already have.


  1. yeah, btol tu. kau kene ada passion on something. baru la rasa seronok sbb tak la living with the normal routine everyday.. :)

    current passion aku selain hadzim & hubs (mati la kalau xde passion kat hubs sendiri) - swimming, running & cooking new recipes. aku try every week utk swim (kadang2 ada terlepas jugak) .. wan mmg pesan kat aku awal2 biar aku ada passion sendiri (sbb dia pon ada passion dia sendiri) so aku x la expect smua dpd dia .. :)

    so best of luck in creating new you bebeh!! =)

  2. i had passions before. cuma it was taken over by the existence of the little one.. :) the little one, who rocks my world!

  3. tetiba aku pon terpk, aku pon xde passion on anything other than Suri and her dad! everything pon skrg mesti relate to pon utk dorg...ape ni?? need to change too!!

  4. hehe.aku yang tak keje ni pun kdg2 tu rasa cam boring gak.duk ulang rutin sama.

    nak sedap kan hati,ckp kat hubby,sok da tua,anak da besar2,kita enjoy berdua travel sana sini.hehe...