Monday, 29 November 2010

The one with... feeling under the weather.

Poor my baby he's down with fever for the second time.. Lucky thing that this time around Kerol and I, we were quick to react.. More like, we knew what needed to be done.. Unlike the first experience we had.. Huhu.. Masa tu, it was someone else who pointed out that our Khayr was feverish.. And by the time we took measurement of his temperature, it was already a rocket high 38.5 degree C. *tsk*

Anyway this time around the temperature was not that high, just bordering 37.5 degree C max. I suspect that it's because he's teething (yup, finally!!!) but from reading on the internet they said there's no real direct link. Oh well, whatever it is I'm praying that he'll get well soon, like PRONTO!! Tak suka tau anak sakit.. Huhu.. Pergi kerja pun tak tenang.. Tidur malam pun tak lena.. Tsk.

This was him earlier.. He was still active playing (and climbing stairs) and tiba2 dah penat agaknya terus crawl to his mattress tapi tak sempat sampai dah bommmm! Tertidur terus.. Alolololooooo.. Dah bagi ubat tadi and now he's sleeping soundly in bed next to me.. Gonna wait until a little while before transferring him to his playpen.

Okie dokie that's all for now!

Gotta say that I'm loving it this new app, I get to write whenever I want.. Takyah nak switch on laptop. It's like as convenient as updating the status in facebook, only that I get to 'elaborate' it further. Hehehe. Hope that with this new app (that I just bothered to find out. Padahal dah lama ada dah I think. Or for all I know ada yang lagi canggih agaknye :p) my blog will be updated every more so often.. LIVE. Hehehe.

Till later~*

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  1. alahai..kelakar plak aku rasa dia x larat crawl smpai tilam, dah terlena kat tepi tu...kesian pun ada..

    alahai khayr..

    get well soon!

    eh, gigi yg tumbuh atas ke bawah?? finally...hehehe

  2. khayr to auntie fauzana, -- thanks auntie! khayr dah sihat dah.. yeay! :)

    iyma, tu lah kan. kelakar ada, kesian pun ada.. tapi seriyes kali ni punye demam dia active kemain lagi. cuma a bit clingy lah. nak berkepitttt je.

    anyway thanks! khayr dah sihat dah harini.. *phew* dia tumbuh gigi bawah.. tapi satu jer. hehehe kelakar je tengok. but yes, he has started to bite already masa feeding.. ouchhh !!!