Monday, 29 November 2010

The one with... feeling under the weather.

Poor my baby he's down with fever for the second time.. Lucky thing that this time around Kerol and I, we were quick to react.. More like, we knew what needed to be done.. Unlike the first experience we had.. Huhu.. Masa tu, it was someone else who pointed out that our Khayr was feverish.. And by the time we took measurement of his temperature, it was already a rocket high 38.5 degree C. *tsk*

Anyway this time around the temperature was not that high, just bordering 37.5 degree C max. I suspect that it's because he's teething (yup, finally!!!) but from reading on the internet they said there's no real direct link. Oh well, whatever it is I'm praying that he'll get well soon, like PRONTO!! Tak suka tau anak sakit.. Huhu.. Pergi kerja pun tak tenang.. Tidur malam pun tak lena.. Tsk.

This was him earlier.. He was still active playing (and climbing stairs) and tiba2 dah penat agaknya terus crawl to his mattress tapi tak sempat sampai dah bommmm! Tertidur terus.. Alolololooooo.. Dah bagi ubat tadi and now he's sleeping soundly in bed next to me.. Gonna wait until a little while before transferring him to his playpen.

Okie dokie that's all for now!

Gotta say that I'm loving it this new app, I get to write whenever I want.. Takyah nak switch on laptop. It's like as convenient as updating the status in facebook, only that I get to 'elaborate' it further. Hehehe. Hope that with this new app (that I just bothered to find out. Padahal dah lama ada dah I think. Or for all I know ada yang lagi canggih agaknye :p) my blog will be updated every more so often.. LIVE. Hehehe.

Till later~*

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The one with... testing 1 2 3..

testing post. trying to update blog from phone.

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Monday, 22 November 2010

The one with.. Monday morning thoughts.

It’s almost end of November, soon December is approaching. What have I achieved for the past 11 months in this year 2010? Well, of course the major one was -- I gave birth in February. And life has changed ever since.

It has been a great year, I must say. But of late I kept on thinking; there’s just gotta be more to life.

You gain some, you lose some. Fair enough. That's life as we know it.

I have a loving husband, a brilliant little baby who’s growing up so fast. I have a secured work that pays to make the ends meet. I have a house to live in comfortably with my love ones. And I am so SO thankful for that.

I breathe in and out with the thought of spending my time with my baby. When I go to work, I can’t wait to go back home to see him again. That’s basically the main reason why I live these days.

And I feel that things have become unbalanced. Juggling the role as a mother is not easy. Well nobody said it is easy. It's rewarding, but I don’t feel quite as much as fulfilled anymore. You know, it’s like I’m in a comfort zone, too complacent until I feel quite… uncomfortable.

It’s like there’s no thrill like that. Life has become a tad mundane.

People of my age, or perhaps, of the same boat.. are talking about venturing into new business.. into new things.. They are talking about how they are enjoying their passions to cook.. to bake.. to decorate their love nest.. to beautify themselves.. to improve themselves to the better..

It’s like, they have passions alright you see.

But me? I live my life on a day to day basis. Do I have passions? I don’t know. Yes, my husband and I… We talk and discuss a lot about our future life.. about improving.. about new things.. about enjoying life.

But I don’t know why I feel 24 hours is just enough to go through the basic things in life. I didn't get to execute those things and plans that I've been talking about with husband. And I get tired easily to even be doing other things, except to take care of my husband and son.. and make sure my work is done. Weekend is the only time I look forward to, but then again its occupied with the necessary.. Like, laundry and such. Weddings and gatherings. Groceries shopping and eating. Time for families and such.

I'm not saying that it's a boring life that I am living in. But, I'm just hunger for more. There are more things in life awaits to be explored. There are a lot of other things to be done.


2011, I look forward for you to come. I want to be better than I already am. I want to get better than what I already have.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The one with... drama mama. heh.

This is going to be just a quick one. I keep on having these questions playing in my mind ever since Khayr started taking solids -- is he eating too little or too much? And, is he taking enough milk?

So I did some search from the internet and found these few useful links, thought of putting it here for my own reference:

And now I feel more contented... :)

Selamat Hari Raya Haji everyone !

Saturday, 6 November 2010

The one with... khayr at 9 months.

Hello hello kopi ke milo? :)

Hmmm.. I think these days the one thing that moves me to update my blog is my baby k. Coz I don't want to forget every single thing possible about his month-to-month progress... Well I think I can remember, but yet I am only a human you see. Sometime reading back my old entries, especially about Khayr, brings back the fond memories I had with him... So I want to feel the same way when I go through again all the entries about raising Khayr in 1 year.. 2 years.. even in 5 years time to come, and more...

So yes my baby k turned 9 m.o yesterday, yeay!!

  • He's getting cheeky-er.. Suka 'bebel' sorang2.. Riuh! But I love layan him membebel coz I think that will encourage him to speak more... :)

  • Can say 'abah' more clearly now.. But not specifically to his abah.. It's rather said randomly.

  • Responds well to sounds and noises around him.. Like for example bunyi orang bukak pintu.. Bunyi hon / alarm kereta.. Bunyi orang bukak gate kat keluar.. When people calling his name.. etc.

  • Can sits well now!! :) So comel... Before this macam wobbly2... Sampai kan kadang2 scary sebab tengah malam terjaga tengok dia tengah duduk kat dalam playpen dia.. Hehehe.

  • Sometimes manage to stand without support and make 1 - 2 baby steps..

  • No sign of teething yet. Hehehe.

  • Crawls like nobody's business... Kadang2 sampai ke dapur perginye in split second.

  • Manourves his walker very well.. And so far Kerol and I sangat satisfied with Chicco's walker albeit a bit pricey.. There's this one time during the morning rush on a working day, Kerol went outside to open the gate (I was in the kitchen), and before he knew it, Khayr was already behind him grinning happily in his walker! Hehehe.. Means he's made it through the split level without tumbling down.. Thanks to the safety features of the walker. But then, yes, we take note that we need to be extra careful next time.. aye aye! *peace sign*

  • Responds well to the 'chasing game'.. Like when we said "haaa.. kejar dia.. kejar dia.. nak pergi mana tuuuu...".. He knows that he needs to 'run away' as fast as he can... Hehe.. Comel ok.. Menggelupur dia dibuatnye... :P

  • Hmmm yang ni tak syok sikit.. Somehow he knows how to show tantrum.. Like if he's playing with something that he shouldn't.. and we take that thing away from him, my... his crying and shouting and hands+legs gesture showing protest.. is something that we don't know how to tackle.. And we've been wondering also, how did he pick up such an act? But now we (well, more like his abah.. :P somebody has got to be the bad cop when the other is the good cop aite.... hehe) have no choice but to be firm and 'scold' him that what he did was wrong. Serious weyhhh.. Kadang2 sampai hentak2 kaki... Any advice, anyone?

  • Masih fully breastfeed, alhamdulillah.

  • Doesn't like porridge so much.. He prefers potato over porridge.. So instead of porridge + carrot + chicken, he likes it when I prepared potato + carrot + chicken.. Dah try macam2 dah to make him like the porridge.. and guess what, today he (finally!) showed a sign of interest.. and the secret ingredient? salmon ok! Hambekkkk. But whatever makes you happy and want to eat my dear... :)

  • Had his first fever when he was 8 months old.

  • Started to show interest on books (before this tak..)

  • Pandai waves goodbye.. Tapi yang ni ikut mood. Kadang2 kita beria2 lah bye2 kat dia, tapi dia buat dont know je.. :)

  • Suka mainan kereta kecik2... Suka = masuk mulut nom nom nom... :D

  • Dah ada sense of direction. Like kalau kat atas katil, when he's crawling towards the edge, he will just stop until there.. But still kene monitor jugak, you'll never know kan. Baby ni ntah ape ade dalam imagination dia...

  • Started to drink water from his sippy cup. We first bought yang brand munchkin tu. Tapi banyak yang menjejeh keluar dari yang masuk.. And now we have changed to avent, and loving it. Spill free! :)

  • Pandai hulur tangan bila kita nak dukung.

  • Somehow understands when we gestures 'no' to his action.

Hmmm so far I think thats about it.. Till later k!