Monday, 25 October 2010

The one with.. snapshots.

Sigh .. Blog ni lately tak ber update because of these 2 things:

2. TAKDE MOOD. Because I feel uncomfortable people judging me by what I wrote about my life, which really, it's only thiiiiiis tiny part of my entire world. But still. When I wrote about being too engrossed with work, it does not mean my life is ALL about working. And when I wrote about my little baby k, it does not mean my life is ALL about spending time with family.. you know? There has got to be more to life, why can't people get that? Hmmmm.

Anyway, I need to (and want to) keep on writing because I realise that I enjoy it so much skimming through my past entries. It reminded me of those things that took place in my life in yesteryears, that might have slipped my mind.

So here goes some snapshots of what has been happening of late:

1. Had to do outstation job for the first time and be away from baby k for 3D2N. First 2 days was ok, but on the third day, mendapat laporan daripada K besar bahawasanya k kecik telah dibiarkan merayap sensorang maka terjumpe lipas mati and mamam! (bukan kunyah2 dan telan.. more like nibbling..)Haaaaa... Menjerit lah saya dari kejauhan but K besar telah memberi assurance bahawa everything was under control. None of the lipas's body parts went missing. Tsk. So that goes into Khayr's milestone list -- kumam lipas mati at 8 months. Hehehe. Oh ye, managed to transport back 15 bottles x 4.5oz of expressed breastmilk via airplane safe and sound.. Hip hip horey! =)

2. Also, at 8 months and 2 weeks.. Khayr managed to stand on his own and made 2 little steps..

3. But, masih tiada tanda2 gigi akan keluar. Hehe... ;)

4. Khayr makan agak sikit per meal time.. the quantity is equivalent to 2 spoonful of sudu besar, approximately. Time nak kasi makan tuh, hmmm memang bersilat lah...  To worry or not to worry? Some days I feel ok about it, because he is just all fine and a one healthy active boy.. and he gains weight gradually too. But there are days I feel so worried because, yes, what else.. after comparing him with the other babies of same age lah. Huhu. Dah try macam2 combo dah. And now I can see that he's more into potato-based dish instead of rice-based. So I'm exploring more towards that option.

5. Last week I had great plans all tabled down before me, awaiting to be executed. BUT. Buttttt... unfortunately with the battle I had to fight with, things did not go so well. Wah, battle lah sangat... Hehehe.. (Skarang boleh la gelak2, cuba kalau last week.. Huhu.. Seriously I thought it was end of the world already..)... Anyway, I had this thing called 'breast abscess'..  Isk. What a scary experience.. :( This thing apparently is one of the challenges a breastfeeding mom could have. Long story short, my case had to be referred to the breast surgeon in PMC Bangsar, and thank god, it was still at the early stage.. So no incision or surgery required.. LEGA + SYUKUR SANGAT2!! Coz on the day before my appointment with the surgeon, I did some search and found a lot of articles + blogs about it.. I got so scared thinking about the worst case scenario.. Siap nangis2 tak boleh tidur.. Huhu. But anyway, I was given a 2 1/2 days MC and feeling much better now.. Still on antibiotics + painkiller, but yep, recovering. My follow-up check up this morning confirmed that. And the most important thing, now that Khayr is already 8 months and 3 weeks, I am proud to say that he is still exclusively on breastmilk in addition to his solids.. :)

6. Nevertheless. Though things did not go as planned and that I was still on pain now and then, things still took place in ways better than I could have imagined. First, on the days I was on MC (of which I have planned for annual leaves actually), Kerol and I managed to sort our housing loan.. (finally..) wee hoo! And next, Kerol's birthday on 21 October 2010. We sent Khayr to my mom's house as agreed, he was sent there for an overnight for 2 reasons -- (1) both Kerol and I thought we wanted to have some cuti2 Kuala Lumpur sempena Kerol's birthday *wink2* and (2) my sister Liana was going back to Jakarta already, so she wanted to spend the night with Khayr. Kerol and I, we did not manage to have our cuti2 KL because of reason number (5) above.. but still.. we had great time being alone together reminiscing our days as a couple... ;)

First we went to watch this movie.. it was AWESOME! I so totally can relate myself to the storyline, i.e. adapting life once a baby enters into life. The joy and excitement of having a baby. The scary thought as to whether will Kerol and I be able to be a good parents or not. The those changing-diapers-moment and feeding-solids-moment and the who's-turn-to-do-what moment. and a lot more. Sobs. Very touching I tell you this movie! It gives me a roller-coaster ride of emotions. Huhu.

Plus points: Josh Duhamel is oh-so-yummy and Katherine Heigl is so witty and funny as always and little Sophie (which was played by a triplet btw) is are so brilliant! =)

And then came the celebration dinner :)

Went to the Shang's Lemon Garden cafe using a colleague's Privilege membership card, 50% off the total bill yaw! :) Good food and good time spent together talking about future and whatnots.. ;)

Alritey. That's all I have for now sebab dah nak balik. Nak update on Khayr's activities on the weekend that set him happy and all excited, hence slept throughout the nite sebab kepenatan! Hehehe. On Saturday we brought him to Maya's Barney birthday party and on Sunday we brought him to Kizsports & Gym in Bangsar. But that has got to wait for now :)

Till next time comes!



  1. It doesn't matter who made the comments.your life will neve be the same wit others.keep blogging k bila2 free..

    emm..biasalah aku,bila tak keje nak keje.tapi,rezki tak lekat2.tapi,bila keje,pening pala lak kot nak cope with all that.Allah knows the best for us.ada sebab kita di tempat kita skangkan.kemampuan mental n fizikal ~ takkan ada org le faham kehidupan kita.dan jgn harap org lain faham.they will keep judging...hehe

    hehe..bukan senangkan nak besarkan anak.. =p risau tetap ada.wpun 24/7 dgn anak.

  2. Lia:

    What was the cause of breast abscess in the first place? Too much milk production? So, tak leh feed Khayr ke time you take the medication tuh? Mesti sakit kan, I yang breast nak membesar nih pun sakit. Adui....

    Anyway, glad everything worked out, future and all for the both of you and Khayr.

  3. awww...sgt romantik dating berdua.. :) sekali sekala dpt berdua mmg sgt2 seronok..suka gmbr ko peluk kerol..soooo aww aww aww.. :D

    eh..the reason no (5) tu mcmana ek? bengkak and sakit? or cmne? hahah..aku tau ko link situ, tp cam x sempat je nak baca :P (malas sebenarnya..nak tau in short word je..ngeheheh)

  4. cepatnya masa berlalu, baby k dah pandai nak menapak.

    btw, syok x berdating berdua2 an bersama suami macam dolu kala? hehhee....

  5. Ashra, -- tu lah.. ignorance is bliss. but to ignore is hard. sometime no matter how much we tell ourselves not to give in to what other people say, at the end of the day, human being human it is just so difficult to not to care kan? haihhhh la.

    Anyway, yup agreed with you.. bukan senang nak besarkan anak.. ni baru sorang.. belum lagi 2, 3, 4 orang kan.. and yes, being a mother is never easy. Be it a working mom. Or a fulltime housewife mom. Never easy. And yet, no matter what we are still being judged kan. What to dooooo.

    Farina, -- Hi! The starting point was a crack nipple.. So bacteria enters from there.. Sobs. It was such a traumatizing experience. Plus I had to keep on emptying by way of direct bf or pumping. So memang sakittt !! Oh dah start membesar eh?? Hehehe.. good.. good.. if you plan to bf nanti, masa dah 7 bulan make sure start massage2 breast masa mandi.. then rub your nipple with toothbrush to make sure the pores are not blocked. Pelan2 lah jangan kuat2 plak.. hehehe.

    Iyma, -- hehehe tu lahhhh… :)))))

    Hmmm yang pasal no (5) tuh aku saje letak link sebab malu nak cerita in detail :’( oh that’s the reason why also aku tak ter call ko aritu.. huhu.. nanti lah aku cerita in private dalam email k… kalau rajin la.. hahaha coz aku pun pemalas jugak :D

    yantie, -- kan? kejappp je khayr dah nak masuk 9 bulan.. sobs. Cepat je dia membesar…

    Hoho of course syiok !! Cuma masuk hari kedua dah start rasa tak best sebab rindu khayr.. hehehe..

  6. I know ada sorang my fren kena penyakit tuh, sampai kena buat surgery semua.

    Nie semua dugaan ibu yang BF. Tabah okay, mate...

    And keep on blogging, I love reading ur blog and persetankan assumptions orang yang tak paham and yang tak membina minda itu.

  7. lia,

    kagum dgn kesungguhan ko meng breastfeed..mmg aku akan call ko satu hari sembang pasal breastfeed ni.wpun jauh, ko masih leh pump, then manage to bring back d milk safely..huish.kena mintak tips bebanyak ni..then kan, utk breast abscess tu, apa tips to avoid from happen?aku malas nak baca, mesti ada dalam link ko bagi tu..haha..pemalas tak.aku mmg dah menanam di minda utk bf my baby selama yg mampu, InsyaAllah, ada la baca few tips all thru forum, web dan, better tanya pengalaman member LIVE kan..

    pastukan..bestnyer..korang dah nak beli umah!!umah kat ne beb?happy for u..kitorang ni,survey jer lebih, sampai skang, takder hasil..haha..-irna-

  8. sape yg ckp mcm tu? alaaa persetankanlah org ckp apa .. kau ni byk sgt pikir apa org ckp .. lantak diorang laa nk ckp apa. ni blog kita, so it our rules la. tak suke sila nyah dr sini =)

    wahhh mantap, menjalankan tgjawab penuh dedikasi bila out station. good job there lia!

    aku xbaca lg link tu. tp mcm ngeri jek. huhu. byk sgt production susu tu, mesin laju sgt jln, ekekeke. alhamdulillah, walaupon ada dugaan mcm ni, kene kuatkan mental utk bf selama yg boleh :)

    arghhh. aku ada tgk the making movie ni. huhu. dah lama xtgk wayang. syoknye! mengada gitewwww gamba peluk .. cam tgh kapel gitewww hihi.

  9. zie, -- ye ke.. send my regards to that friend of yours k! and yup, thank you.. it was such a challenge… huhu.

    irna, -- yeah sudah bergelar mummy dah anda!! :) so happy for you! from my visit just now, you’ve started well with breastfeeding.. so keep it up ok! and about tips tu.. bleh call me from time to time.. i’m not so pro whatsoever, but sure thing i’ll see how i can help k.. and yup, it’s all a mind game bebeh!

    farah, -- hehe thank you thank you.. aku pun tak sangka aku segigih itu.. guess because i’ve been this far, so might as well go all out to continue kan? :)
    whatever it is, my bf journey won’t happen without your support and encouragement in the beginning! serious, aku sangat2 berterima kasih.. :)

    about the breast abscess thing, hey not because of that lah.. it started from the cracked nipple.. so dapat bacteria infection. huhu. nevertheless i’m glad that phase has over.. phew.

    awww time kapel tak peluk over gitew gitew yewwwwww… :D

  10. syukur your breast abscess tak teruk. saya google cari info pasal tu and found ur blog. one of my new friend/customer dapat dan dah jalani rawatan. skrg tgh berusaha nak tambah susu badan sebab dah nak balik kerja tp u taknak cita lanjut..hehe..kena google lagilah..:) nice reading ur blog

  11. ida khairani, -- thanks! :) segan nak cite lebih sbb.. ntah.. i have male readers as well, so rasa mcm segan plak... anyway u can email me if you want to know more. mine yes, not so serious but it took a while before i was fully recovered.. huhu.