Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The one with... Khayr goes to Kizsports & Gym with friends!

It's lunch time now, but today I wore my new shoes to work and as expected... ada sedikit melecet at the ankle part there. Sigh. I didn't bring any other extra shoes / sandals.. so, tapao-ed food for me it is then..

In the mean time, to kill off the time by doing work.. I'm just gonna do a quick update on Khayr's activities during the recent Sunday :) I have the pictures all ready, so here goes.

During Azidi's wedding on the weekend before, Kerol and our other Gombak friends were in-charged of welcoming the guests and whatnots. So we the wifeys (ala2 the soccer players' WAGs la kononnnn.. :D eh tapi in this case Ws je sebab semua pun dah married.. haha) were seated at one table and that's when Hana brought up the idea of bringing the kiddos to this place called Kizsports & Gym. If I'm not mistaken they have 4 locations altogether -- One Utama, Bangsar Village, GE Mall, and Desa Park City. Hana has been to the one in One Utama previously.. So for a change this time around we planned to go to the one in Bangsar. And I'm glad the plan went on smoothly coz I enjoyed seeing Khayr and the other kids went all excited and happy playing there!

Khayr sorang yang tak boleh berjalan lagi.. Hehehe. Sampai2 je lepaskan dia, haaaa terus excited exploring the place :)

We went early in the morning, around 10.30 - 11 am.. So tak ramai orang.. Best! Entrance fee for the kids below 2 years old is RM9.99 for unlimited time.. :) I thought I had a good impression on the place in terms of the set up and safety.. But in terms of hygene.. Hmm, that was something that I had doubt actually but decided to just trust my instinct which is, such a place should take care of that aspect already. If only they had a check point to monitor babies' / kids' health condition, i.e. whether demam ke tak.. selsema ke tak.. you know.. But alas, I think they hold the parents responsible for that. Like, maybe they trust that reasonable parents won't bring their sick babies / kids to places like that for fear that the others might get it too. I hope I am not wrong for thinking that way.

Anyways. Here are the rest of the pictures.. Courtesy of the hot mamas that day.. hehehe.. Thanks Hana, Yannie, Lynn and Aimie! :)
Khayr's first 2 favourite spots.. Berlagak je lebihhhh.. Padahal belum stabil lagi budak nihh.. Hehe.

Exploring the 'tunnel'.. Kelihatan mama Khayr di situ turut serta joining in the fun.. :D

He's like on the loose or something.. Went to all areas available for him.. :)

And kids just love 'em colourful balls huh?

 Weeeee the sliiiiiideeeee ... ! Ni belum ada kaki lagi nih.. So masih memerlukan bantuan.. Kalau dah boleh berjalan.. Hmmm.. Mesti lagi syiok eh Khayr? :)

Showing off his skill.. Hihi.

The place separated the areas for kids below 2 years old with the one for kids above 2 years old. So Khayr and Aimie's Zuhair memang asyik stuck kat area sini lah.. At the back doing yoga or something was Hana's Aleesya.. :) Lynn's Aleeq malu2 kucing lambat sikit nak warm-up so asyik berkepit dengan Umi dia whereas Yannie's Insyirah memang dah boleh berlari and all.. So asyik laaa hilang ntah kemana main kat tempat for those above 2 years old...

We were there for about 2 hours or so.. Khayr main sampai mengantuk!!! Which was true coz after that we made move to Delicious for lunch and guess what.. Khayr slept allll the way! Hehehe.. Kerol and I get to have our meal in peace :)

Meet the parents.......

Malam tu Khayr memang tidur lena throughout the night.. Hehehe.. Tidur kepenatan kot..

To hot mamas sekalian, we should do this more often while our kids are below 2 years old..! Oppss to Yannie, sorry Insyirah dah melepasi had umur untuk dapat cheaper charge of RM9.99.. :P Anyway from reading it was said that the one in One Utama has a bigger area.. And the one in GE Mall is big enough also, and with a lesser crowd.. Hmmm.. Harus terjah ni since GE Mall is so near to my parents house... We'll see :)

All in all, we had so much fun.. And I'm so happy to see Khayr being all excited and active...

Definitely will repeat this kind of activities in time to come.

Okie dokie.. Need to get back to work while waiting for my food. Till later~!


  1. yayy! fun times! yess we should DEFINITELY do this more often!

  2. dulu masa aleesya kecik,aku nak masuk pun tak masuk2 lagi..tgk khayr,bes la plak.sok lusa nak ajak hubby la..bagi sosial sket si aleesya ni..da besar da pun.

  3. best nyer!! tau yg kat OU tu, but ingatkan utk budak2 besar..siap ckp nnt suri besar nak bwk main kat bring her there!! biar dia gerak sket..hehehe

  4. bestnyer...aku akan pastikan bawak anak aku nanti ke sana!!hoho..tak sabar dah ni..

  5. yeay ! dah update. seronot sgt smpai aku penat termengah2. insyirah yg x reti penat. setuju dgn aimie jugak! we should do this more often!

    tu la insyirah dah 2 tahun so mahal sikit, tapi x pe kitorang dh tau cem ne nak buat. hahhahaahaha!

    kalau khayr jalan lagi syok, boleh dia jalan2 tawaf satu tempat tu. hehehehe!

  6. aimie, -- kan? kan? so when’s the next session? :P

    ashra, -- sila sila ! its about time for aleesya to mingle2 and be comfortable with other kids.. after all, she’s getting her own adik soon! :)

    iyma, -- bawak la bawak laaaa.. bleh encourage suri untuk bergerak! :) dia ade kelas tau.. for little crawlers.. little walkers.. etc.. try la check it out..

    irna, -- hahahaha memang tak sabar nampak?? all the best cik capppp !

    yannie, -- memang! Aku pun berpeluh sama haritu… nampak sangat tak fit! Hahahaha. Ni khayr belum bleh berjalan berlari macam insyirah lagi.. baru merangkak pun dah kemain bertawaf dah.. :D

  7. eee bestnyaa!!! 'm gonna bring qalif jugak la. since it is so cheap, why not hehehe. tp x sure nak pergi kat outlet mana. hmmm yg u pergi ni bsc or bv?

  8. ayu, -- sila bawak pls! :) we went to the one in BV II. BSC takde...