Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The one with.. surviving day 2.

Talked to Kerol this morning and glad to hear that yesterday night went through in a breeze for him. As usual after work (around 7 ~ 8pm I think), Kerol picked Khayr from rumah Tok Ma (my mom) and on the way back home Khayr fell asleep in the car. And he was still sleeping even after they reached home so Kerol put Khayr in his playpen right away. He slept throughout the night. Fearing that Khayr will wake up at some odd hours later in the morning and that he won't be able to make it in time to warm up the milk, Kerol sort of made Khayr wake up for his midnight feeding. Khayr was fast asleep thereafter. :)

Khayr did wake up for his morning feed at 5am though, so Kerol carried him to downstairs, panaskan susu, feed him, and then Khayr went back to continue his sleep. Again, another smooth sailing moment.. no crying-out-loud-preferring-the-mother-over-the-dad-moment whatsoever *phew* :)

Anyway, the above is what Kerol told me la. Hope he's not sugar coating the whole situation just for sake of not wanting me to be worried unnecessarily.. coz he knows me too well what will happen if I get worried and go on the loose :P

I hope tonight is another easy night for the two of my K's, and by tomorrow night, I'll be back home with them... can't wait !!!! I miss them so much, especially my baby k ! Rindu dia sangat3x sampai tak sanggup nak go through pictures and videos of him in my phone coz it will just make me miss him even sorely more. *tSk*

As for me over here, things are pretty tied up as I need to make sure that the 3 days are utilised betul2. But no matter how far I am from office, work stress + pressure somehow manage to find its way allllll the way from KL to reach me here. *siGh* What is this la. I have a lot to complain about this but lets not be stupid thinking that no one from office is reading (and judging) ok.. *waving hi!* :)

And, alhamdulillah so far I manage to continue with my pumping routine even though a bit here and there in terms of the timing.. Siap had to rush to Parkson earlier today during lunch hour to buy some extra storage bottles *the kind of extra thing a mother would do for the baby huh* but the only worry now is whether or not they will be managed to be transported back home tomorrow safely. I'm praying hard that they will. I have all the tools and equipment ready. This is especially I want to make sure that I get to replace those used-up stocks at home while I'm here. Otherwise, worse come to worst, if there's any consolation, what I managed to do so far is at least I maintain the continuous demand-supply thing kan. *siGh*

OK lah. Penat type ikut phone. Malas nak baca balik. Hope no typos or anything. Back to work ya ya I know. Rehat sekejap je can or notttt? ;)

Till later~*


  1. dun wori much lia..mmg anak2 ni akan fahami kita kalu kita berjauhan sbb ada tanggungjawab lain..

    i do believe,khayr will make things
    much more easier to both of you!

  2. ko bwk botol2 ke gi sana? huhu..byk space la pakai..aku dulu beli plastic storage bag sbb nak jimat space and yes, takut x cukup..bwk cmtu bleh bwk byk2..

    and, jgn la risau..insya allah xde problem nak bwk balik..aritu aku kan kat tempat org..aku rasa airport malaysia xde la seteruk tu..hopefully.. :)

  3. haa..lagi satu, khayr budak baik..dia tau ko xde, so dia behave sbb tau it is difficult for his abah to handle him all alone! good boi, khayr! :)

  4. khay such a good boy, pandai nak behave whenever mama dia tak de. good job khayr!

    and u as weel, well done for the effort that u put on. bukan senang nak out station for bf mom (uhhh teringat diri sendiri, im so lucky because my job does not need me to be outstation), pastu nak kene travel & bring back those stock. itulah pengorbanan tu :)
    hope stock smua dlm keadaan baik2 sahaja yaa, demi khayr.

    syabas bettaaahhhh..!