Monday, 6 September 2010

The one with... my 7 m.o cheeky baby boi!

My baby reached its 7 months old milestone yesterday, hip hip horey! And that means, a 7 month anniversary to myself as a mother also, hip hip horey jugak! ;)

Ok lah.

Sangat1000x sibuk sebenarnya ni nak kena siapkan kerja before cuti raya, but not wanting to let this moment goes by without being jot down for remembrance sake later in future, so here goes..

  • Sebab Khayr sangat lasak waktu tidur and sudah master the art of crawling and climbing over pillows and our bodies, we started to let him sleep in his playpen at night time. *sObs* Kadang2 we'll let him play in our bed first until he gets tired then only we put him in his playpen.. And kadang2 we'll just let him play in his playpen until he falls sleep on his own. He's able to do that but provided the room is all set to the right mode; i.e. with dim light on and all quiet.
- budak suka memanjat -

  • He skipped sitting without support, and went straight to standing up! :) and what made me so happy was I get to be the first to sight such an amazing act... hehehe.. To be exact, he did that when he was 6 months 3 weeks old.

  • And now that he knows how to stand, he just LOVE to do that. And better still, with one hand. Haishhh.. So 'eksyennnnn'...

  • And sebab suka eksyen.. he had his second fall (first fall was when he was at 5 months old) when he was at 6 months.. followed by his third, fourth, and more and more countless falls... Tsk. Don't know when will he knows how to sit on his own, so we are resorting to buying a walker for him soon. Sigh. Taknak kasik dia pakai walker sebenarnye.. but we'll see how.

  • Kalau kat rumah Tok Ma or Opah dia, Khayr sukaaaa sangat pergi tempat yang celah2 / ceruk2 ... Huhu...

  • Kalau kat rumah kitorang skarang pulak, memang dia suka gunakan all those places higher than him as a place to hold onto to stand up...

  • He has started with solid food already ! :) Initially it was a messy process, to be honest at one point I thought maybe he was not ready yet or something.. But 2 weeks after, he was all ok already.. Tapi still ada comot2 lah.. And because he cant sit properly, its quite hard to feed him. First 2 weeks he was fed with the Cerelac's cereals and Heinz biscuits and Heinz banana castards.. Then on 3rd week, I prepared poridge + carrot for him. Then 4th week, I prepared poridge + carrot + potatoes for him. Gonna start with other varieties soon! Suka tengok he's getting bambam-er. heehehe..

  • He is sangat SANGAT manja with me.. While at one point I feel so flattered and honoured, on the flipside of it I felt frustated as well.. Its like when I'm around I cant do other things but being next to him.. Even if I did proceed with other things also leaving him alone with Kerol, I can't do the things I was doing in peace for I can hear him crying from afar.. And pergi keluar sekejap pun rasa tak tenang coz I didn't know whether he's ok or not when he's left with Kerol.. But working days, he's ok being left with the 2 grandmothers. Provided in the morning I had to just go off without kissing him goodbye otherwise he will start crying already... Haihhhh. How la to overcome this ya?

- Manja pose in the morning.. Huhu tak macho la Khayr nihh! :P -

  • And he started to recognise people already.. If at home he's all chirpy and active and happy..  but he's moody and cranky and all reserved when we were outside, especially at gatherings where other people often wanting to offer to hold Khayr for us.. Hmmmm.

  • He can start repeating after us already.. Lika a-bab-bab-baaaa (when we said 'abah') or aaa-aaaa-aaa (when we said 'mama').. And at times he loves to babble on his own language... Bising! hehehe.

  • He knows how to 'search' for things .. Like when we said "Khayr.. Mana cat.. Mana catttt ?".. He will quickly turn his head left and right trying to find for one.. And when I said "Khayr.. Haa tengok abah buat ape tuuu.. Where's abah?".. He will frantically look out for his abah.. and flashes his smile when he saw Kerol looking at him... =)

  •  He knows how to move his toys already.. Especially those that rattles and have sounds.. He will keep on moving it in a faster motion so that the toys keep on producing more sound... Hehehe. Sampai geram2 expression muka dia.. And he knows how to pass one thing from one hand to another.. And he knows how to move towards getting things that he wants.. by any means. Crawling ke.. Lunging forward ke.. or standing up. And all things will eventually go into his mouth.. Geram kadang2 sume benda nak masuk mulut tau! ;)

  • In addition to the solid food, masih exclusively on breastmilk! *alhamdulillah*

  • Sangat susah nak pakaikan baju + pampers skarang... EeeEeeEE gerammmm! ;)

  •  Suka when I sing the 'the wheels on the bus go round and round' song for him sambil tickle him.. So cuteeee!

  •  Masih tiada tanda2 nak tumbuh gigi.. despite the constant droolings and despite the god-knows-how-many teethers... :D

Hmm ok lah.. That's all I can remember for now. Back to work. Sigh.


  1. lia...semua yg lia tulis exactly same cam balqis...bole tuka name je except part song tu die suke kalau papa die nyanyi lagu "burung kakak tua" hahaha funny

    and except part gigi coz balqis dah ade 2 batang gigi...sakit tau kalau die gigit skarang

    b pun t'pikir nak bg walker sbb sgt2 x larat nak follow die satu rumah...asal nak berdiri je tp duduk x pandai..die pandai duduk on his own feet jer (mcm kite duduk mase smayang)

  2. khayr sgt cepat in everything!! best nyer.. :)

    gmbr2 dia trying and tgh berdiri, sgt nmpk mcm big boy. Mcm budak dah sethn kot? Dgn muka eksyen dia. Geram aku! tp jumpa aritu, pegang kejap je dah nangis. Huhu

    eh, suri pon xde tanda2 tumbuh dah start suka kuarkan air liur byk2..and gigit2 semua benda..haih..

  3. wow hows he grown! it seem like only awhile ago when he was born.

    anyways belated selamat hari raya to you and hope you had a good break!

  4. bibi, -- hahaha ye ke…. :D ohhhh balqis dah ade gigi? congrats !! khayr nih menjejeh je air liur tapi tak nampak tanda2 gigi nak keluar pun lagi… ;) anyway bibi dah jumpe walker dah? tu lah penat kannnn nak kene follow diorg ni memanjang.. sebab kalau tak kang jatuh la.. pergi tempat yang tak sepatutnye la… lia dah try survey walker, tapi sume macam tak cantek je? hmmmm.

    iyma, -- suri pandai kiss bila kite suruh !!! so adorable ! :) anyway tu lah kan.. khayr dah start pandai kenal orang.. so, take times to warm up kejap… huhu… and yesssss, khayr pun sume bende nak masuk mulut ok! sampai ke jari kaki kitorang nih pun dia nak gigit.. haiihhh.

    joe, -- time flies huh. thanks joe! i am still on my raya leave, but already start receiving calls from office.. huhu.