Thursday, 5 August 2010

The one with... khayr turns 6 m.o ! :)

5 August 2010
My baby turns 6 month old


6 months old.

6 great months as a mother to such an adorable baby boy.

Sure definitely it was never easy. I had my fair share of crying episodes. But the result, looking at how my baby has grown up to be… is purely rewarding. Especially when he flashes that heart melting smile…. the feeling I have to be there to witness such a sight of him, is beyond words to describe.. :’)

For my own remembrance sake, here are his developmental milestones so far (in a random order):

  1. After going through 2 months of patience and perseverance, we’ve managed to sort of train Khayr to differentiate day and night time. Since he was 4 months old, he will sleep as early as 8pm.. or latest by 9pm (normal time, that is. If we went for a night outing, or there were guests at home, then it’s a different story). And he will be able to do that without pacifier. Without a swing. Alhamdulillah. Oh, but he will suck his thumb though...
  2. But. He is still sleeping in the same bed with us. And he will still wake up 3 or 4 hourly for his feeding during the night.
  3. Day time.. Hmm dia memang jenis susah sikit nak tidur. Banyak nak main je… :) Kalau tidur pun sekejap sekejap..
  4. He had his first fall when he was 5 months old :(
  5. He was able to roll over and be on his tummy when he was 3 months old.
  6. And managed to roll over from front to back, and back to front when he was 4 months old. But he only does the roll over act from his left side. Kalau belah kanan, confirm satu tangan tersekat kat bawah badan :)
  7. He LOVES bathing time. He was introduced to normal cold water when he was 3 months old (after confinement). And we brought him to swimming pool when he was 5 months old.
  8. He managed to do a semi-crawling act when he was 5 months old ++, towards 6 months old.
  9. He is now moving around by lunging forward. And tempat yang sorok2 tempat tuuuu la dia suka pergi. He’s like a mini vacuum on the loose. :D
  10. He is SO SO active. And playful.
  11. He LOVES to smile. Even to strangers. Some family members call my baby a happy baby :)
  12. And he gets ticklish very easy. He will laugh and laugh and laugh every time his abah tickles him.
  13. He is still exclusively on breast milk.
  14. I am so glad he’s never had nipple confusion. Daytime when I’m at work he will drink milk from his feeding bottle. And night time he will get direct feeding.
  15. When I’m at work, he started off with 3oz per feeding session (i.e. when he was 3 months old). And currently he’s taking 5oz per feeding session.
  16. He had this phase known to be as ‘milk strike’ or ‘nursing strike’ when he was 5 months old. During that phase, he just refused to take milk, either from bottle or direct feeding. If minum pun, sikittttt je. I got so panic that time :( Bayangkan lah normally when I’m at work he will finish 3 – 4 bottles. But during that phase, he just had 2 bottles, itupun 2-2 tak habes (ada dalam 2-3 oz still left) !! He wasn't cranky or anything though. After did some reading and search from the internet, I learnt that it was normal for a baby to go through such a phase. As long as he’s not dehydrated, all happy and not showing some other symptoms (like ear infection, ulser, etc) it should be fine. And thank goodness he was back to normal 3 days thereafter.
  17. So far he never had fever or fall sick. Except for a minor cold when he was 2 months old.
  18. He’s a light sleeper. Kalau kitorang terbersin sikit pun dia senang terjaga. So, its hard for me to cut his nails. Coz if time he’s awake, he will be all moving. And if he’s sleeping, also he will be easily awakened. Hmmmm.
  19. He sleeps without pillow. So more often than not he will sleep lying sideways, or on his tummy.
  20. He squeals, gurgles, and coos starting from when he was 3 months old.
  21. He can now grasps stuff and reaches out for objects. And mouths them. Menjejeh2 air liur… :)
  22. He is so LASAK when it comes to sleeping.
  23. Kadang2 masih menunjukkan perangai suka lawan mata nak tidur.
  24. Because he is so used to move freely on a big mattress / area and sleep with us in bed, he does not like it when he’s put in his playpen. Maybe he feels trapped kot.
  25. He loves to suck his right thumb. Kalau tangan kiri, he will insert as many fingers as he can into his mouth, but not his left thumb :)
  26. Since 5 months old (I think), he turns when people calling out his name.
  27. He had his first long hours road trip (to Terengganu) when he was 4 months old.
  28. He’s never a perfect baby (nobody is..), so kadang2 dia ada la buat perangai menangis to get people’s attention. But I must say, it is still something acceptable. And I am so thankful that I’m being blessed with a such good baby boy…
Hmmm.. Okie dokie. That’s all I can recall as of now. Will after this do a list of his developmental milestones on a monthly basis, senang sikit nak ingat and appreciate later in the future… :)


  1. happy 6th month birthday khayr!!
    time flies too fast. tskkk.

    khayr dah merangkak, so fast.
    cepat2 jln khayr, bg mama pening kepala!! hahaha.

    khayr is more cute in that blue .. thehehhe.

  2. happy 6 mnth old Khayr..

    Seriously Khayr is really a fast learner..6 month old he already started to crawl..ermm..impressive..i guess he is kind of yang tak suke wasting time, u know like other kids yang malas2 to put an effort..Good Boy..u make ur mama proud:) so it doesnt matter if people still talking about his small size..u can proudly list his fast development..ermmm...tetibe rase proud pulak:)


  3. khayr ni cpt in everything!! best nye tgk dia dah merangkak! :)

    hm..jeles ar dgn ayat ko still bf khayr..suri skrg mmg totally FM..dah x nak direct susu makin kurang...last2 kering.. :(

    oh, by the way..happy 6 months birthday khayr..mmuah!

  4. hepi birthday khayr
    nak tau part mana i jeles
    1) he 's still exclusively on breast milk
    2) he;s never had nipple confusion
    but my baby..sedihnya after i start work 1 wks..dia dh tk nk direct feed.asal bg melalak.i missed so much the moment i feed him.rinduuu
    congrate lilia

  5. farah, -- thank you !!! tu lah kan, time flies so damn fast. sobs.

    adoiiii merangkak ni pun dah pening kepala ok... ni belum betul2 laju nih.. dia suka laaa sangat nak pergi ke tempat2 ujung karpet or wire2 tuh.. haihhh la. but i'm enjoying the moment!!! :)

    oh, of course thank you for that blue romper !!! ;)

    shim, -- actually aku pun tak monitor sangat when's when about baby's development ni.. i mean, either cepat ke lambat. i'm just taking notice on when he's able to do progressively :) and i dont think other babies tu malas ke ape.. it just that, diff baby is diff when it comes to all this.. even dlm babycenter pun ade that disclaimer :)

    anyway, yup.. all mothers are proud of their babies! so shim... sila update blog ye jangan biar berabok !! :D

  6. iyma, -- hoho dah merangkak memang bestttt.. best nak kene kejar dia and menjerit "khayr !!!" sebab dia dok pegi ke tempat2 seperti hujung karpet and wire... :D

    hmmm.. its ok.. dun be sad... you've done your best ! so suri still membesar by consuming your BM during the early stage of her life ! :)

    thanks iyma for the wish. kisses for suri jugak.. xoxo.

    MyJinsei, -- alalalala dun be ok dear ? and am so sorry, didnt mean to brag or what until made people jealous sume... huhu...

    anyway you've tried your best so dun be too hard on yourself k.. as long as your baby is growing up all healthy and fine, then you should feel happy ! cheers~* :)