Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The one with... 5 more (working) days to go!

Woo hoo never thought I would feel all this giddly excited to celebrate hari raya.. :P
I mean, now that I am wifey.. AND a mother, honestly I didn't know where to start when it comes to the preparation.
Like, I have a lot of things-to-do in mind, but I don't know when, where and how to start.
Kalau dulu duduk dengan parents, I totally relied on them.. especially Mama.. to come out with the what-to-prepare list for the coming hari raya.
But now the responsibilities to make it happen and happening.. lies on Kerol and me.
After all its our life now. Our little family.
So we did what we did during the recent weekend. and thats when the excitement begins!
And that gave Khayr his first taste of hari raya preparation too.. hehehe.

On Saturday we went to Giant to buy all the necessary 'tools' for me to (for the first time ever!!) bake my own kuih raya... *big deal tingtingting!* :P

And then on Sunday I left Khayr with his abah early in the morning, for a shopping trip with Mama.. That day was the day to buy all the required ingredients pulak.. ;)

Then around noon time, we picked Khayr (coz abah dia ada boys day out le pulak kannnnnn ;P) and went to GE Mall for another round of shopping.. for some decos and whatnot... *weeee!*

And petang tu jugak Khayr tolong 'kemaskan' rumah Tok Ma dia...

And on Monday, off Kerol and I went to the famous Jalan TAR and Sogo! and yes, with our little Khayr tagging along...! Not easy but hey we did it and boy we did it with success ;)
All thanks to Khayr for being such a good boy..

.... well with some naughtiness of course. *Sebok nak tolong shopping jugak ye Khayr...* ;)

And... Malam tu jugak projek buat kuih raya started..
*Haruslah start with the basic... hehehehe*

As a beginner, I must say.. a job well done! Yang kena reject ade la dalam setengah balang kecik JE ok!
(Hahaha sape lagi nak puji ye takkk kalau bukan diri sendiri.. My friends will know what a biggie this is to me...! :P)

And earlier today.. we commenced the second type of kuih raya...
Its something like cornflakes.. but this one is using coco pops. And this time around, all passed our QC! ;)

And towards the end, Khayr woke up and Kerol decided to let him join in the fun...
*Kerol to Khayr: "Duduk diam2 ok..."*
*Khayr: "aaaa... aaaaa.."*


Mula2 excited... Pastu boring... :)

.... and kepenatan lalu tertidur dalam keadaan tertonggek. *hahahaha* :)

All in all I had a fruitful long weekend.
And I enjoyed it so much the time I get to spend with my two K's.
And with my Mama & siblings & in-laws.

And as cliche as it is, all the good things must come to an end.
But in all raya excitement.. only 5 more working days to go, before my long raya holiday!! Can't wait!!
(Nevermind with the evermounting workload and responsibilities and expectation huh.. *sigh*)

Good nite and till later. Back to my 'kais pagi makan pagi' routine for Khayr.. tsk.

Oh ye.. Selamat Hari Merdeka!


  1. wahhhh tabik spring 80kali sbb berjaya buat kuih raya :)
    aku mmg xbleh nak buat kalau xde org jaga hadzim .. nak memasak ptg2 pon aku dah jadik mcm tarzan apa lg kalau nk buat kuih which will took more than 1 hour.

    prepare handbag besar sket for raya this time. collection utk anak-1st-time-raya mmg byk :P

  2. owh soooo sweet enrty nie... preparation raya for the three of you!!!
    it was so great to stumble upon u at GE mall, tapi aku lupa pulak nak wish selamat hari raya :)
    takpa, nanti aku pi raya umah hang eyh .. owh btw, theme colour baju raya this year apa?


  3. wah!!...rajin + seronoknyer dapat membuat kuih raya...!!kene datang rumah nih nak raser kuih2 tuh.. ;)

  4. lamer dh x menjenguk & comment :)

    bestnyer prep for raya if ade rumah sendiri...erm can't wait for my turn...biler yer...nxt yr kot hehe hopefully

    and sgt kagum khayr nak tido dgn sendiri...kalau si balqis tu...asal nmpk bb jer...mulela nak mengendeng....if nk tido sure nak bgantung jer keje...otherwise die akan tahan mata die...

  5. confirm aku dtg beraya sbb nak rasa kuih raya ko buat lia..heheh..aku x buat apa2 pon..semua beli je smpai naik bankrupt dibuatnye..mcm x sanggup je nak buat..hehe (note : malas sebenarnya)

    aku pon x sabar nak raya..1st time as a mom nak raya, exsited kan..pastu shopping baju anak smpai bleh pakai raya kesepuloh..(aku mmg melampau bab baju suri..ngehehe)

    Selamat Hari Raya..jumpa lg raya nnt :)

  6. farah, selamat hari raya !! :) hahaha buat kuih raya tapi tak sedap mane pun… :D aku buat time khayr tidur tgh malam.. kalau siang.. memang aku pun dah macam tarzan dahhhh… :) oh thanks for the advice, dah lama tak rasa excited kira duit raya .. eventhough it belongs to khayr! hihihi.

    seben, mari laa mari laaa.. sudah lama tidak ketemuan. rindu ! anyway yeah so happy to get to see you the other day though it was a quick one. Xoxo.

    kak emy, -- hihihi kalau kak emy datang konfem saya hidangkan kuih tunjuk coz kuih saya tak sedap !! :D selamat hari raya kak emy!

    bibi, -- tu lah kan.. sejak jadik working mother nih, busy sangat kan? surely i understand that! ;) ohhh next year jangan lupe jemput for house warming ok! yang pasal khayr tdo sendiri tuh, rasanye lia ade komen kat facebook.. somehow we managed to train him to sleep on his own.. try la on balqis k! :)

    iyma, hohoho meh la datang beraya ! tapi aku serve ko kuih tunjuk je lah ye.. coz kuih aku tak sedap! :P bestkan raya as a mother.. tiba2 semangat raya tuh datang balik macam masa kecik2 dulu.. anyway about baju anak tuh, oh well.. all mothers think alike! hahaha.