Monday, 19 July 2010

The one with... Khayr goes swimming :)

Khayr turns 5 month on 5 July 2010 and both Kerol & I thought he's more than ready to be introduced to the swimming pool... After all, he was already introduced to snorkelling when he was a tiny little 'thing' in my tummy, when I was 3 months pregnant with him ;)

So after much deliberation, the recent Saturday happened to be THE right timing. And Khayr was 5 months & 11 days on that very day... :)

I have agreed to meet Hana at her apartment around 5pm. So before that myself and the two K's made our move to the Curve first for we needed to find a float for Khayr. We've done that during the week earlier at One Utama but couldn't find any. And finally yeay!! We've found the one we've been looking for at this swimming shop called 'Mad Wave'.. only thing was they have that only in one colour, purple that is. Hmmmm.

My little Khayr in his deep sleep on the way to Acap & Hana's.. Saving his energy perhaps? ;)

Reached their place at about 5.10pm and the weather could have never been perfect. Not too hot, not too cloudy.. So in all excitement, we prepared ourselves ready (mak bapak yang excited lebey sebenarnye.. hehehe) and off we went to bring Khayr for his very first dip! :)

All set to go!
Left: Aleesya with her mama..  Right: Khayr with his abah.

Testing... Testing.. :)

We were so delighted Khayr loved his new experience very much! Tapi tu lah, maybe by the time we were at the pool it was already close to 6pm, air dah start sejuk sikit... Huhu.. I myself felt the coldness when I entered the pool.. Lucky thing Khayr was already used to be bathed using the normal cold water, so he was all fine. Cuma tak boleh mandi lama2 lah..

Khayr, being the curious little baby he is... =)

And getting so excited thereafter! =)

'Swimming' like a pro, huh? ;)
(thumbsucking is still a must.. haihhhh

Aleesya and Khayr with the daddys...

Khayr being all comfortable even without the float.. I guess he felt it was as if a normal bath time, only in a bigger tub!

We called it a day half an hour later, I guess that should suffice given that it was his 1st experience..

We had dinner thereafter with Acap & Hana at Papparich nearby, and guess what, Khayr tidur lena! Hehehe.. penat agaknya eh... That said, we managed to have our meal in peace! ;P

Okie dokie.. That's all for now.. It's the first day at work after the precious weekend with my two K's, and I miss my baby so much... Sigh~*

Till later~!


  1. seems like dia sangatlah excited main dlm swimming pool, dan sangatlah cute nyer..

    eiii geramnyer.... pandai ye kecik2 dah suka swim...

  2. ehehehe jambu nye khayr dgn pink floaties .. (again, carik psl) haha.

    seronok btol khayr yek .. lps ni bole laa bawak g swim selalu. baby yg selalu swim development fizikal dia cpt sikit (tu yg aku baca la).

    anyway, some tips kalau bawak baby g swim - selalu basahkan kepala dia, takut dia demam.

    p/s aku pn tgh draft psl new floaties hadzim tp gamba xbawak plak. esk saje.

  3. excitednyee khayr...cute lah..chumell sgt..yeahh betul tu..thts y baby sgt suke air:)

    **tak sabar nk tgu Aqil lak swim..teeheee:D

  4. hepinye nye dier..pasni le ar khayr gi swim slalu ye..
    sure pasni masuk bath tub tak kuar...hehe

  5. yaNtie, -- tu lah.. dia sangat excited when it comes to water... masa mandi pun sebok kicking the water... :)

    farah, -- hahaha dush dush its PURPLE ok.. PURPLE !!!!! ;)

    anyway thanks for tips.. serious aku taktau... but aritu mandi memang basahkan kepala dia lah...

    asue, -- hehehe tu lah... khayr sukaaaa sangat main air.. :) nanti update when you bring aqil for swimming k!

    ashra, -- memang kalau time mandi kemain excited lagi dia... :)

  6. teringin jgk nak bwk si debab tu swimming. tp boleh kah dia float spt khayr? hahah kan dia debab, kot2 tenggelam terus? :P :P :P

    suka tgk khayr swimming dgn eksyen tu. nmpk mcm budak besar. :)

  7. wahhh! seronotnya khayr swimming. dia tak nangis ok la... nnt mesti sampai besar la suka mandi kolam mcm insyirah. pantang tgk swimmimng pool.

  8. iyma,

    hahahaha .. ko niiii... jahat tau sakat suri.. ;) anyway bawak lahhh.. mane tau dia suka jugak ke... bleh kasik 'slim' sket dengan aktiviti berenang... hehe.

    tu lah, khayr nampak cam budak besar kan dalam gambar...


    budak2 memang senang suke air kan? hehehe.