Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The one with... our first road trip with a baby tagging along :)

It has been a while since I last wrote, I know.. But I guess we all have to make do with it given that my life is so much occupied now, like never before. Huhu.. In a good way, of course.. :)

Anyway. Thought of wanting to write about the kenduri doa selamat we had for our anniversary + Khayr’s akikah & cukur jambul.. But I haven’t got the pictures with me yet, so that has to wait for the time being.. (*waving hand at adik ipar -- hello, mau pictures yuk!*)

So let’s skip to the recent weekend, the weekend whereby my close friends Oya + Karim (finally!) tied the knot.. in Terengganu. Hence the first road trip for me & Kerol with a lil baby tagging along! :)

Initially we thought of taking a flight, just like how our other friends with a baby / toddler did.. But after doing our own costing and went through much deliberation, we decided to go there by driving.. We were definitely made aware of the risk attached to travelling with a baby, you know what if the baby makes such a big fuss and all.. But boy, we had so much fun instead! *phew* (nevermind the tiredness).

We pushed-off on the Friday morning of 4 June 2010. Khayr was behaving very well; he slept all the way through the journey :) It was only when we had a stop at Marang (or somewhere along the way) to have a late lunch at A&W that this baby of ours started to refuse to go back to sleep.. But he wasn’t being all cranky whatnot, all he wanted was to play with us.. Hehehe.. So cute ! (sorry ter puji anak sendiri pulak :P).. He’s all excited kot being in a totally different environment.. Or perhaps he just loves travelling as much as we do.. ;)

We reached Terengganu at about 6 in the evening, a total of 6 hour journey yo! Checked-in to our hotel, a new hotel located near the famous Pasar Payang called Felda Residence; and was delighted to know that we were upgraded to the executive floor! :)

We then had our much needed rest, went out for a seafood dinner at Pantai Batu Buruk, and called it a day... We were so thankful that Khayr didn't have any problem to sleep at a new place ..

Then came Saturday of 5 June 2010.. The day Khayr turned 4 months old! =) As usual, we were awaken by our alarm clock who refused to go back to sleep after his feeding time at 7am.. :) So we decided to take a morning stroll before heading to the buffet spread for breakfast, yummeyh!

By the time we were at the coffee house for breakfast, Khayr was all sleepy again.. weee! :) We managed to have breakfast without interruption from the lil one... hehe. And I must say, the food spread was satisfying! Especially the nasi dagang & nasi lemak.. Memang berbaloi-baloi lemaknye! :P I didn't get to try their nasi kerabu though, but I bet it was as delicious.. Menyesal ambek the usuals (toasted bread + omelette + baked beans combo), kan awal2 dah kenyang.. Huhu..

Then we went back to the room to get ready for Oya+Karim's kenduri.. That's when I realised that I left my tudung to wear with my baju kebaya at home!!! Haishhhh~~!! Must be because of being kelam kabut packing Khayr's stuff lah ni.. Huhu.. And just so happened there was Ariani shop nearby, maka beli lah satu tudung Ariani yang cantik tapi mahal.. Tsk.

Oh by the way, by this time Oya and Karim sudah selamat disatukan sebagai suami isteri yang sah... Congrats!!! :) They had their solemnisation done at the Masjid Terapung, but we didn't go for fear Khayr will feel tired, hence cranky cause in the afternoon nak kena pergi for the reception pulak..

Arrived at Oya's new (big and nice) crib at Chendering and saw that most of the familiar faces were already there.. It was fiercing hot outside, so we girls decided to join Oya in the her room. Oya was sangat cantik! I particularly love the colour combo of her wedding attire, looked so grand.. :)

Karim's rombongan arrived slightly later than schedule, but like what I told Oya, hiccups are inevitable.. Life goes on, and she's now officially has become Mrs Rizal! And that matters the most :)

While sebok taking pictures inside the house with the newlyweds, both of my K's were outside waiting for me patiently.. Huhu.. Dah nak last2 tu baru nampak Khayr macam nak meragam.. So we made our move... Tak sempat tangkap gambar with Oya + Karim.. Huuuu... And true enough Khayr memang dah nak meragam cause the moment we entered the car, he fell asleep right away... Famie + Muni + Maya followed us back to the hotel to cool ourselves down, before going out again.. Both Muni & myself went to Pasar Payang for shopping and Kerol & Famie with the kiddos went to Losong to buy keropok lekor..

Had a great time shopping for kain corak batik with Muni cause I'm glad we still know each other's taste and preference when it comes to certain things.. hehe :) Famie + Muni + Maya then had to rush back because they were taking flight back to KL that night itself, whereas me and the two K's made move to the beach for the evening stroll...

- Hehe mama pendek, kepala Khayr nampak separuh je.. Macam matahari terbit bak kata Kerol.. hahaha -

After the evening stroll, we had our dinner and made move back to hotel for an early night sleep...

Woke up (again) early on a Sunday morning and laze around in bed and started packing. Went for late breakfast at the hotel itself so that the buffet spread can cover our lunch, and checked-out from hotel at around 11am.. Did another round of shopping at Pasar Payang and Losong (weeee~!), and off we went back to KL...

- kene buli dengan abah dia suruh bedung.. haha.. -

All in all, we had a good trip.. like a mini holiday of sort.. Khayr has been a total darling, he was all excited most of the time.. Asyik nak 'menyembang' je dengan kita.. Just like how my sister Erin called him, a Happy Baby.. hehehe..

To Oya + Karim, wishing you guys a life time happiness and marital bliss ! :)

Okie dokie, that's all for now~*

P.S. Pictures are a combination of mine, Nana's and Amy's..


  1. Salam. Hiiii. Was just browsing around other mommy blogs, came across yours. And realized that both our sons share the same birthday! Only your dearie is a couple of hours ealier!!

    Hehe. Alrite, will be adding you to my bloglist!


  2. Thank you for uploading pictures of Oya's wedding, seronok tengok kengkawan lama! Sharing is caring gituh :)

  3. wowww bessnye jalan2 sefamili. hihi. nampak mcm relax ajee altho I can imagine kepenatan mempacking barang itu. heheheh. tapi besslah!

    and khayr mmg sgt comelllll and dobot. hee menggeramkan! syok ni buat wrestling. hahah tiba2 nak wrestling anak org

  4. bestnya!

    we plan to go to penang next mth.. hopefully it will be a smooth one.. cannot imagine travelling with three babies [incl my hubs, hahah]

  5. khayr is like a little vresion of you lilia...

  6. lia..oya nyer wedding color mmg class gituh kan..both oya n karim look very happy..hehehe kate pon pengantin baru..i wish i were there to join u all..kitorg pon actually plan nk stay kat felda residence gak..kalu x dah leh lepak skali ek..
    tp nk wat camne x de rezki nak smpai sana kan..syazwan nak kena uruskan few things after his father passed away..
    lia..ko pon dah start pakai tudung ariani ek..senang kang..especially for mother like us..if tido dlm keta pon maintain je tudung hehehe..
    ops..terpanjang plak comment nye hehehe..

  7. maya pun leh enter frame gak hehe..kesian our kids, dah letih berjalan..mummys penat2 pun bleh gi shopping batik :p thanks sudi tumpangkan kitorg lepak2 at ur hotel room..and thanks to our man cos jaga our kiddos..haha..

  8. wahhh...
    khayr da besar..
    and soon,going to look from cute to ensem boy!yeahh..

    jauh gak travel ek dgn long as baby tak meragam,kita pun senang n hepi travel jejauh kan...
    so,next trip??..hehe.

  9. waaaaaa comelnye khayr.. ter auwwww sorng2 a few times especially the one dia pegang tangan maya...hehehe
    all in all, it was a good mini holiday kan, and as usual, it was great hanging out with u and the gang :)

  10. anna, - - hi there! wsalam… i’ve had a peek at your blog, your baby boy is SO cute !! hehe.. and thanks for dropping by, i’ve linked yours too.. :)

    farina, - - you’re most welcomed! we all wish you were there… :)

    PixiePwincess, - - hehehe pictures memang can be deceiving! bersilat jugak laaa kitorang nak make sure all his stuff is packed, macam nak pindah dah gayanye.. satu keta tuh penuh dengan barang2 khayr je.. :P

    haha meh la wrestling ngan khayr yang makin notty.. malam2 skang pandai menendang / tarik rambut / tepuk muka kitorang.. ;) and hey, your bubut is so comel also!

    tina, -- wahhhh bestnye ! all the besy.. am sure it’s gonna be a challenging one, but hey, you’ll sure know how to deal with it and trust me, at the end of the day it’s gonna be very rewarding! enjoy your trip!

    fieza, -- yeay, thank you !!! ramai cakap khayr ikut muka abah .. tsk..

    yanti, - -takpe lah, nak buat cemane.. takde rezeki.. we all wish you were there.. salam takziah to syazwan’s family k.. ! anyway, tudung ariani tuh kebetulan sajer, sebab tertinggal kat KL.. huhu.. aku suka tudung tuh, cuma macam tak reti nak style kan dia.. nampak aku macam matured sangat, macam ustazah pun ada.. haha.

    mummy arissa, - - hehe haruslah ada.. itu lah, kesian diorang, but hey they were well taken care by the hubs! hehe.. eventhough khayr tiba2 meragam and famie had to take over the driving.. and maya nasib baik tak added into the whole drama.. haha.

    ashra, - - yeah time flies so fast i wish i can control the pace :( cepaaaat je khayr dah besar kan.. isk.. anyway, itu lah.. if baby tak meragam all should be fine.. next trip? still in consideration.. jeng3x.. ;)

    nana, - - I had fun meeting you girls too.. tapi tu lah, kejap sangat kan.. huhu… anyway, ko ingat tak firdaus yang mak aku jaga dulu ? ada orang kata muka khayr macam firdaus masa kecik dulu.. hehe..

  11. wah, celebrity blogger siap jadik 1st commenter!! (aku pon silent reader blog dia, n dah tau birthdate anak2 korang sama dari khayr lahir lg :) )

    anyway, congratulations to oya.

  12. wahhhh..sudah lain..berzaman aku x jenguk sini..tetiba dah lain..and..i'm loving it :)

    weh..gmbr ko kat pantai memakai tudung ariani (gmbr matahari terbit tu..ngehehe) adalah seperti ustazah.. :P :P please la buat style sket..baru vouge! :D :P :D

    eh eh..blanket khayr sama dgn suri punya!

    eh, ondway gi tganu tu, ko biar khayr dlm carseat je ke?? saja nak tau & belajar since aku x pernah jln jauh dgn suri..just gi PD je paling jauh..

    ah..aku nak update blog aku.



  13. farah, -- hoho ye ke.. :P

    iyma, -- hehe i’m loving it too! :)

    hahaha kan kan.. macam ustazah.. aku serious dowh tak reti nak style kan.. nanti2 lah when the time comes. but as for now, tudung bawal still rules! ;)

    yang pegi terengganu tuh, nope, tak letak dia dalam carseat.. kalau short2 distance yes, but bila long distance letak dia kat atas tilam kecik dia tuh.. yang macam gambar last sekali aku letak tuh.. baru dia selesa sikit..

    weh update blog jangan once in 2 months jer wehhhhhh ;)