Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The one with.. my bestfriend's wedding..

Following her beautiful engagement ceremony last year, my beautiful friend finally tied the knot with her other half on 25 June 2010 in a (again) such a beautiful solemnisation ceremony and grand wedding reception dinner on 26 June 2010... Just words and pictures will definitely fail to describe how beautiful the whole event was, you had to be there to be the witness. I know because I did :) (hence the use of the word 'beautiful' repeatedly throughout this piece -- so be warned ;p)

The solemnisation ceremony took place at Alin's place in Melawati, for the house carries such a sentimental value and brings so many memories to Alin and the rest of her family. The ceremony started after the Isyak prayer and my oh my, with just one lafaz, Wil and Alin were officially pronounced husband and wife ! SO happy for them !! :)

Alin's dad himself did the akad nikah.. Such a beautiful moment.. :')

 Alin & myself in her room... before the solemnisation took place.

Can you spot Abby and Tazz in the crowd ? hehehe.

  Me and the newlyweds... 

 Alin and Wil. Husband and wife. Nobita and Sizuka. :)

I wish I get to snap more pictures that night, but I was too busy enjoying the scene .. The beautiful couple.. The beautiful dais.. The beautiful table arrangement... The beautiful girlfriends... Well, it was after all, a beautiful night ! :) (and partly also because I went solo -- no husband and baby by my side.. so I was basically on this all-hell's-break-loose-yo! mode hehehe)

Then the next day, the reception dinner took place at the Perdana Felda Grand Ballroom.. Again, I was so amazed by the beauty of the whole set up... Pengantin pun sangat cantekkkk... And I had a great time with my girlfriends that night... And the moment the newlyweds made their grand entrance, with that nice song played at the background -- that did bring tears to most of us girls ! *such a sweet and touching moment*

Enjoy the pictures below for I'm just too lack of a word to describe further how wonderful that night was.
My GFs Dayana & Tazz at the entrance..

The sweet, grand, and beautiful dais.. 

The GFs and the newlyweds @ the room they were getting ready before the event started.

 The grand entrance..

 Cantik kan?

The GFs for life !

Datuk K and Datin L... :D

Wishing you guys a lifetime happiness and marital bliss ~! *amiiiinnn*

The happy faces ! :)

To my dearest Alin and Wil, again and again, MANY MANY CONGRATS !!! So happy for you guys.. As much as I'm excited and very looking forward to witness how beautiful you guys are at the groom's side reception dinner next week, I can't help it but to feel a wee bit sad thinking that Alin is leaving us soon after that.. :'( I'm sure I'm speaking on behalf of the other girls as well.. *tsk* Funny, it's not like we've never dealt with you being absence, busy flying around the world before.. But still.. This time is different..

Haihhhh takmo fikirkan lah.. Will cross the bridge upon reaching there.

*back to happy mode* GFs, see you guys next week !! and that goes to you Alin, and Wil too !

Till later~*

 p.s. Pictures are from my own collection and others', which I took from the respective facebook's accounts, err without permission.. :p Nevertheless, I put them up for the good use, so thanks to you guys Abby, Tazz, Dayana, Wil's cousin and Lock / Zulhusni.


  1. it was soooo beautiful! sangat cantik... semuanya.
    rasa macam nak kawin lagi sekali pulak :D

    congratz kawan lilia....

  2. memang beutiful.. cantek..

    congrates alin.. wish aku dpat dtg tapi am not invited.. tapi mazalina pun ada kan? dia rajin datang.. masa wedding aku dia datang though aku jemput via frenster ketika itu..

    lia datuk K dgn datin L kah3...

    congrates to alin..

  3. alin sangat cantik..majlis pun cantik.
    bes!korang pun dapat gath reramai kan.

  4. wow cantik, even alin x knl aku, hehe..pasni alin pindah mane.sweet nya datin l to the i.l.i.a and datuk k pakai sedondon, mcm datuk rais yatim n wife lak, hehe (korang kenal ke)

  5. yaNNie,

    hehehe ye ke.. aku taknak.. penat kottt buat preparation sume ;)

    on behalf of alin -- thank you!


    no worries its the thought that counts :)

    hehehe ada gaya datuk n datin tak ? tak cukup voguedevas kot eh... :D

    again on behalf of alin -- thank you! :)


    yeah it was a beautiful ceremony indeed.. :)

    Mat cool,

    hoho thank you.. aiseyh tak kenal lah apesal tak comparekan ngan datuk K n wife.. baru kenallllsss :)