Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The one with... all about myself, randomly.

Asyik update about Khayr jer, meh nak update about Khayr’s mama pulak.. Hehe.. :)

  • Busy.. Busy.. Busy.. at work. Because I can’t afford to stay back, so time is of a concern. I have to squeeze in a lot of things within the normal office hours, and I’m putting 7pm as the maximum time I can be (and want to be) in the office. I guess some of my colleagues will hate me for this, but I’m creating a boundary here for the sake of my work-life balance. Long gone the days where I had both the energy and passion to work long hours. *sigh* I know there are colleagues who are married with kids and yet able to work long hours, but that's their choice right.. And this is mine. I mean, it’s nothing wrong with this right? As long as the work is delivered I suppose? *sigh* I’m gonna have issue with that then…

  • I’m so happy and thankful that I’ve been able to breastfeed Khayr exclusively since he was born until today. He’s 4 months old now, going 5 this coming 5 July 2010. Looking back, I cannot believe how the heck I managed to go against all odds to make sure Khayr gets enough supply.. Especially when I had to go for field work at client’s place.. Masa I had to be out for whole day training outside office.. Masa I had to rush for reports.. Susu tumpah… Susu got wasted.. Supply tiba2 kurang… Pam tiba2 rosak.. Sheeeshhh.. Banyak lah cabarannya.. Cuma nasib baik takde nak kena pergi outstation je coz I’ve made it clear to my office that at least for the first six months of Khayr’s life, I don’t want to do any outstation assignment. So call me bragging for all you want, but to me, I deserve to feel proud of myself… It’s not easy, and I acknowledge that. I appreciate that not everyone is blessed with enough milk supply for their babies and for that, I feel sangat2 bersyukur that I am otherwise. And I’m so glad that the company I’m working with provides a place for us mothers to pump milk during office hours.. A room complete with fridge, sink, sofa and cabinet to put our stuff. If there’s one thing I love about this company, it should be because of this facility.. hehehe.. :P JK.

  • I’m worried now that I’m slowly gaining weight !!! I’ve managed to get back to my pre-pregnant weight at the end of confinement.. But now since dah boleh makan sesukahatimakbapak hmpppphhhh … Tambah pulak I’m the type of person who has the tendency to indulge in food in every situation -- happy ke.. sedih ke.. tension ke.. So, memang ke arah putting on weight la kan.. Adoiiii la. Nak kena start watch out my diet and perhaps… exercise? (buahahahaha… right.)

  • My bestfriend Alin is tying the knot this coming weekend, so it’s time to gather with the girlfriends to celebrate.. weeee~* Her solemnization is on the night of Friday 25 June 2010 and the reception dinner is on the following day. Can't wait !!

Eh ok lah. I have more to write but at the same time I have work to attend. So I guess this will do for now. Till later, bye~*


  1. Btw,congrats to Alin.
    send my regards to her ok.

  2. lia,suka cara ko.mmg kena limit kan masa bekerja tu,tak kira lah ape org kate kan.
    dulu masa aku keje swasta,mmg jgn harap bos nak bagi balik awal..wpun keje da siap ok.kena stayback gak selagi bos tak balik..wat la pape keje lain.kalu tak,'org atas' dapat aduan,gaji tak naik.serius..tak tipu.aku sgt nyampah dgn company tu.

    but,u r lucky enuf. company pun sediakan facilities for mommies tuk pam.bagus skali....

  3. lia,

    u hv all the right in the world to be proud of urself.. to bf and working at the same time is no joke man..

    salute sama you!


    and yes, am so excited for alin's wedding! woohoo!

  4. k emy sendri tak pernah 'simpan stok' untuk my memang banyak, tapi k emy 'tak reti' nak buat cam, habis je pantang, k emy dah campur bf dengan formula..

    and betul! lilia patut bangga sebab lilia boleh buat macam tuh...and, family comes first..insyaAllah orang paham kenaper lilia buat aper yg patut lilia buat...hehehehehe

    comel betol baby Khayr nih! ;)

  5. susu tumpah! aku pernah menangis sbb susu tumpah..dah la x byk :(

    husband aku smpai panicked tgk aku nangis tersedu2, terduduk kat tepi susu yg tumpah..

    haha..kalo ingat balik....drama nyer!!!

  6. ashra,

    thank you, aku ni pun tak sure how long my principle can last.. but will try to stick to it as long as possible.. god’s willing.


    thanks tina for the cheer :)

    kak emy,

    ohh ye ke.. takpe, next baby bleh try to exclusively BF pulak kan.. macam kat tempat kerja saya ni pun ramai je yang dah masuk anak ke 3 / 4 / 5 baru start gain knowledge about breastfeeding nih..

    and thank you kak emy for the words of support :)

    and Alhamdulillah dapat baby comel macam khayr .. hehehe. your kids are as adorable too kak emy! ;)


    sedih kannnn… i SO know how you feel.. tsk.

  7. jelesnya kt u.
    i mmg decide since pregnant akan bf my baby.but suppy tk cukup.he cry every night masa awl2 lahir.hubby & my mum dh terpaksa campur dgn formula milk.
    rasa down sgt.ini pengajaran utk i.for next baby insyallah tk nk jd mcmnie dah

  8. MyJinsei,

    insyaAllah hopefully for next baby k! but don't give up tau if possible.. my friend ada je dah 3 bulan 4 bulan then baru start berjaya fully bf.. kena rajin pam and kena slalu direct feed the baby k! all the best .. :)