Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The one with.. my bestfriend's wedding..

Following her beautiful engagement ceremony last year, my beautiful friend finally tied the knot with her other half on 25 June 2010 in a (again) such a beautiful solemnisation ceremony and grand wedding reception dinner on 26 June 2010... Just words and pictures will definitely fail to describe how beautiful the whole event was, you had to be there to be the witness. I know because I did :) (hence the use of the word 'beautiful' repeatedly throughout this piece -- so be warned ;p)

The solemnisation ceremony took place at Alin's place in Melawati, for the house carries such a sentimental value and brings so many memories to Alin and the rest of her family. The ceremony started after the Isyak prayer and my oh my, with just one lafaz, Wil and Alin were officially pronounced husband and wife ! SO happy for them !! :)

Alin's dad himself did the akad nikah.. Such a beautiful moment.. :')

 Alin & myself in her room... before the solemnisation took place.

Can you spot Abby and Tazz in the crowd ? hehehe.

  Me and the newlyweds... 

 Alin and Wil. Husband and wife. Nobita and Sizuka. :)

I wish I get to snap more pictures that night, but I was too busy enjoying the scene .. The beautiful couple.. The beautiful dais.. The beautiful table arrangement... The beautiful girlfriends... Well, it was after all, a beautiful night ! :) (and partly also because I went solo -- no husband and baby by my side.. so I was basically on this all-hell's-break-loose-yo! mode hehehe)

Then the next day, the reception dinner took place at the Perdana Felda Grand Ballroom.. Again, I was so amazed by the beauty of the whole set up... Pengantin pun sangat cantekkkk... And I had a great time with my girlfriends that night... And the moment the newlyweds made their grand entrance, with that nice song played at the background -- that did bring tears to most of us girls ! *such a sweet and touching moment*

Enjoy the pictures below for I'm just too lack of a word to describe further how wonderful that night was.
My GFs Dayana & Tazz at the entrance..

The sweet, grand, and beautiful dais.. 

The GFs and the newlyweds @ the room they were getting ready before the event started.

 The grand entrance..

 Cantik kan?

The GFs for life !

Datuk K and Datin L... :D

Wishing you guys a lifetime happiness and marital bliss ~! *amiiiinnn*

The happy faces ! :)

To my dearest Alin and Wil, again and again, MANY MANY CONGRATS !!! So happy for you guys.. As much as I'm excited and very looking forward to witness how beautiful you guys are at the groom's side reception dinner next week, I can't help it but to feel a wee bit sad thinking that Alin is leaving us soon after that.. :'( I'm sure I'm speaking on behalf of the other girls as well.. *tsk* Funny, it's not like we've never dealt with you being absence, busy flying around the world before.. But still.. This time is different..

Haihhhh takmo fikirkan lah.. Will cross the bridge upon reaching there.

*back to happy mode* GFs, see you guys next week !! and that goes to you Alin, and Wil too !

Till later~*

 p.s. Pictures are from my own collection and others', which I took from the respective facebook's accounts, err without permission.. :p Nevertheless, I put them up for the good use, so thanks to you guys Abby, Tazz, Dayana, Wil's cousin and Lock / Zulhusni.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

The one with.. Khayr's kenduri akikah :)

Here's the quick summary:

DATE: 30 May 2010 -- our first wedding anniversary! ;)
VENUE: Our home sweet home..
FOOD: Aunty Ani (i.e. Mama's neighbour)..
THEME: Simple2 sudey..
OUR HEARTFELT APPRECIATION GOES TO: Family members from both sides for helping out..
PICTURES TAKEN BY: Adik ipar.. (i.e. Khayr's Pak Ngah kesayangan.. hehe)
POST-EVENT FEELINGS: Happy, lega sebab dah jalankan tanggungjawab, and penatnya buat event kat rumah sendiri !!! :P

And the rest I'll let the pictures do the talking:

The flyers distributed to the neighbourhood..

Choosing the kambing 2 days before the kenduri day.. Gambar kambing kena sembelih ada, but then macam tak sesuai pulak nak letak kat sini :) 

Preparation the night before and on the day itself -- cooking pulut kuning + rendang and putting up the tent + arranging the tables and chairs..

Khayr bangun awal that day, excited lebih kot.. Hehe.. Lepas tu tertidur dalam keadaan orang tengah huru hara prepare kan ape2 yang patut :)

Few of the many Khayr's pictures during the day.. :) On the top was his picture with my sister Liana.. It was the first time for Liana to meet Khayr ;')

The event started with the bacaan doa selamat..

And followed with Khayr's cukur jambul.. I'm so glad that Khayr was at his best behaviour, senyappp je tengok orang potong rambut dia.. :)
My adiks ipars... :)

Makan time! :)

The crowd -- On the left: orang2 surau + Ezal.. On the right: Muni + Famie + Maya..

Khayr tidur kepenatan.. despite the crowd around him.. :)

Dah macam day care center pulak.. Hehe.. I was changing Khayr's diapers.. And that caught the attention of Muni's Maya and Farah's Hadzim.. :)

On the left: my relatives from Papa's side.. On the right: Our Gombak friends..

Farah and family making their move, asking for direction to go to the next event.. :)

On the left: Khayr with his great grandma.. On the right: Khayr with his 2 aunties (my sisters..)

Family photo... =)


Then that night, its time to botakkan kepala Khayr! :)
Khayr asking for mercy from his Pak Ngah.. hehe..

He looked clueless-ly cute! :)

Khayr, the next day..

Phew, all in all we were so happy that the event went well. Seriously buat majlis kat rumah sendiri sangat penat.. Tapi puas hati.. We were blessed to have family members staying nearby to lend their helping hands.. Especially Ibu dengan penat to prepare the pulut kuning + rendang nya.. and Mama dengan pening nak arrange for the food, all the way from Keramat.. And we would like to say thanks to all those who came that day, your presence means a lot to us :')

Below is Khayr's latest pictures, tengah khusyuk layan bola dengan abah dia.. Rambut macam dah start tumbuh sikit2.. :)

Okie dokie, that's all I have !

Oh before I end, quick question -- after estimated the weight of his hair and times it with the price of gold to give away to the poor, what do we do with Khayr's hair eh? I read somewhere it has to be buried.. I mean, just tanam macam tu je eh? Ada nak kena letak apa2 ke?

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The one with... all about myself, randomly.

Asyik update about Khayr jer, meh nak update about Khayr’s mama pulak.. Hehe.. :)

  • Busy.. Busy.. Busy.. at work. Because I can’t afford to stay back, so time is of a concern. I have to squeeze in a lot of things within the normal office hours, and I’m putting 7pm as the maximum time I can be (and want to be) in the office. I guess some of my colleagues will hate me for this, but I’m creating a boundary here for the sake of my work-life balance. Long gone the days where I had both the energy and passion to work long hours. *sigh* I know there are colleagues who are married with kids and yet able to work long hours, but that's their choice right.. And this is mine. I mean, it’s nothing wrong with this right? As long as the work is delivered I suppose? *sigh* I’m gonna have issue with that then…

  • I’m so happy and thankful that I’ve been able to breastfeed Khayr exclusively since he was born until today. He’s 4 months old now, going 5 this coming 5 July 2010. Looking back, I cannot believe how the heck I managed to go against all odds to make sure Khayr gets enough supply.. Especially when I had to go for field work at client’s place.. Masa I had to be out for whole day training outside office.. Masa I had to rush for reports.. Susu tumpah… Susu got wasted.. Supply tiba2 kurang… Pam tiba2 rosak.. Sheeeshhh.. Banyak lah cabarannya.. Cuma nasib baik takde nak kena pergi outstation je coz I’ve made it clear to my office that at least for the first six months of Khayr’s life, I don’t want to do any outstation assignment. So call me bragging for all you want, but to me, I deserve to feel proud of myself… It’s not easy, and I acknowledge that. I appreciate that not everyone is blessed with enough milk supply for their babies and for that, I feel sangat2 bersyukur that I am otherwise. And I’m so glad that the company I’m working with provides a place for us mothers to pump milk during office hours.. A room complete with fridge, sink, sofa and cabinet to put our stuff. If there’s one thing I love about this company, it should be because of this facility.. hehehe.. :P JK.

  • I’m worried now that I’m slowly gaining weight !!! I’ve managed to get back to my pre-pregnant weight at the end of confinement.. But now since dah boleh makan sesukahatimakbapak hmpppphhhh … Tambah pulak I’m the type of person who has the tendency to indulge in food in every situation -- happy ke.. sedih ke.. tension ke.. So, memang ke arah putting on weight la kan.. Adoiiii la. Nak kena start watch out my diet and perhaps… exercise? (buahahahaha… right.)

  • My bestfriend Alin is tying the knot this coming weekend, so it’s time to gather with the girlfriends to celebrate.. weeee~* Her solemnization is on the night of Friday 25 June 2010 and the reception dinner is on the following day. Can't wait !!

Eh ok lah. I have more to write but at the same time I have work to attend. So I guess this will do for now. Till later, bye~*

Friday, 18 June 2010

The one with... my usual morning delight :)

Waking up to such a wonderful sight.. I'm loving it !! :)

At 4 months old, he's mastering the art of rolling over.. but often with one hand being stuck aside.. Hehe..

And he's getting better and better at it =)
(hence making it challenging everytime comes the time to change his diapers !!)

Enjoy your Friday + the weekend to come everyone ~ !