Monday, 10 May 2010

The one with... my first mother's day celebration, as a mother myself :)

Here's how I celebrated mother's day in 2008 and 2009. And 2010 marks the first celebration with me being a mother myself :) So despite my busy-ness, the occassion deserves an entry on its own...

I must say that now I'm a mother, finally I know for real why the mother's loves can be so strong.. For I feel it myself now.. To Mama, happy mother's day.. I love you so much more that words I could ever say, more than actions I could ever display.. Sangat terharu with all the things you've done for me, especially during my confinement period the other day.. Huhu.. True enough, you've never stopped showering me with your love and care... even that I am married now.. *iSk* I love you mama, with all my life.

So, anyways.

This time around the dinner gets merrier with 3 mothers being celebrated altogether (myself included ;P).. Both my family + Kerol's went to San Fracisco Pizza in Wangsa Maju on Saturday night and had a really good time.. What's more with the little one, which I reckon the best present I could ever give to Mama...and Ibu.. hehe..

Anyway here goes the pics.

- The old timers -

- The newbie ;) -

- The present for everyone :) -

- The proud parents -

- The keenness to learn ;) -

- The yummy cuppies for everyone (thanks to Kak Rita, i.e. Kerol's ex-officemate) -

- The everyone (except me, who's taking picture.. and Khayr who's in the stroller nun di sana hujung meja.. hehe) -

- Mama, Erin & myself.. Missing in picture is my sister Liana, who's still in Jakarta studying.. -

Then the next day on Sunday, we went out to celebrate within our little family pulak.. Thanks to Kerol, he agreed to go to Sakae Sushi in KLCC.. ngeeee~~~ :) Had a good time indulging in my favourite hana maki.. And Khayr has been nothing but a good sport that day...

- Khayr at Babies R Us .. :) -

Okie dokie ! That's all I have for now.. Oh, will respond to your comments in my previous entry, hopefully soon ya?

Belated shout out: Happy mothers day to all mothers out there! :)

Till later~!


  1. Happy mother's day!
    you have such wonderful and hepi family..

    da jadi ibu ni,barulah kita tau kan..pengorbanan dan kasihnya seorang ibu....

  2. happy belated mother's day kak lilia!!=)

  3. happy mother's day lilia!

    best kan dah jadi mak... nnt anak2 dh sekolah dah pandai buat kad utk kita walaupun comot, tapi mesti rasa best... x saba nk tunggu

  4. happy mother's day babe! :)

  5. ashra, -- happy mother's day to you too! itu lah kan... besar sunggoh pengorbanan seorang ibu.. and now that i'm a mother, i know how it feels.. and i bet you do too.. :)

    aimie, -- thanks dear! likewise! :)

    yannie, -- tu lah kan.. mesti terharu kan nanti... huhu taknak diorg membesar cepat sangatttt !!! :(

    farah, -- same goes to you babe! xoxo.

  6. happy mother's day to u too!! :)

    aku xde mood nak update blog..nnt lah ye.. :P