Monday, 26 April 2010

The one with... weekend has never been better :)

I SOOOOOOO want to update my blog at a pace I used to do but I have been quite occupied now with the latest addition to the family.

It's amazing how such a small kid can change our BIG world.. in ways better than ever, of course :)

My life now has totally changed. I used to be one of the night owls but now I am one of those early birds.. wee hoo! My little baby makes a perfect alarm clock for us in the morning. That means, no more waking up late on a Saturday or Sunday morning.. :P

I used to doubt myself -- will I ever managed to carry out so many roles at one go. But I guess when they say when the time comes, everything will fall into places -- I'll just have to agree with that.

Ok lah, I want to blab more about how my life has taken a complete different direction now but on a second thought, I better stop here. It's like I have this voice in my head that keeps on telling me "kecoh laaaa.. macam kau sorang je ada anak and busy kerja.."


(no guarantee that I won't blab about it in any of my future entries though.. hehe)

Coming back to the right track, as the tittle of this entry suggests, Kerol and I had a great weekend recently after the busy one working week. On Saturday, after getting done with all the housechores, off we went to bring Khayr to the park and had a wonderful time! And on Sunday, we went to KLCC for a quick shopping trip and dinner at Chillis (despite the fact that I've told Kerol earlier not wanting to bring Khayr to any shopping malls for fear of the recent H1N1 come back.. :P).

Though this lil baby of mine could not appreciate these outings (yet!) but somehow in his own baby ways, I can tell that he enjoyed it so much.. Ye lah kan, kalau tak terperapppp je dia kat rumah... (more like speaking for myself.. haha! :D).

Ok lah, as always, what's an entry without pictures aite.

Enjoy and till later~!

- my baby and i ;) -

- kerol, at his attempt to make Khayr look at the camera -

- i'd like to think that Khayr was actually looking at the kites high above the sky (leaving me posing alone with the stroller.. :p) -

- ok now he's looking at the camera.. good boi! -

- kerol layan layang2 sorang2.. hehe.. -

- as for now, kita pose je lah ye Khayr.. one fine day, mama hopes to bring you here, with you running around actively trying to fly the kite :) -

- Khayr -- at 2 months, 2 weeks and 5 days old -

- sila komen, Khayr banyak ikut muka siapa ye.. mama dia ke abah dia? ;) -

- it's time to go home, Khayr's sweating .. and hungry already -

Looking forward to many more great moments to come! =)



  1. now khayr dah nampak banyak ikut muka mama dia.


  2. aku xtau nape..bila kerol pegang, aku xnmpk pon khayr cam muka dia..bila ko pegang, nmpk la mcm muka bila dua2 pegang, aku rasa cam x ikut muka sapa2 plak muka si khayr ni..hahaha..ngots sungguh kan aku nih.. :P

  3. wah dah jadik morning person skrg. syabas bettah!!

    erm, aku rasa Khayr 60% abahnye, balance kau punye .. ;)

    aku pon baru 1st time bawak hadzim ke park n bg dia main sendiri .. maklum laa baru pandai jalan, tengah lesen L lg. nnt aku upload kt blog dia :) aku jugak tak sabar nak main kejar-kejar dgn dia di park!!

  4. skang mmg ko rase x sabarnye nk tunggu time khayr berlari2..bile dah start berlari2 nnt taula..mmg x boleh nak stop dah..berpeluh nak mengejar satu tmn hehehe...based on true xperience :)

  5. comelnya khayr. he looks a lot like u. nak baby boy jugaaakk. hehe.

  6. I want to hear abt the diff before and after having a baby!

  7. Lia,

    Ko dah kurus sebelum preggie..tahniah2!!khayr macam muka abah ko (aku rasa camtu bila muni bgtau aritu) tgk kat sini..ha ah muka abah lia..keke..


  8. me khayr banyak ikut abahnye.anak laki kalu ikut muka ayahkan ensemmm...baru macho.bangga tau.hehe..

    comells khayr...

  9. hmmm tough call. best of both I think. he's just too adorable!and check out those fists yo hahaha..smooch him for me!:D

  10. khayr jadi alarm yg amat berkesan.... hihhihiihk!

    ha'ah la takut jugak H1N1 ni, walaupun x macam dulu tapi still ada... nak2 bawak baby lagi la bahaya.

    seronot la khayr tu dapat jenjalan kat taman... klu dia dh pandai jalan lagi la best dia kan...masa insyirah kecik dulu aku x saba nk tunggu dia merangkak, pas tu x saba nak dia jalan, bila dh jalan... aku jugak yg penat! hhuhuuuhhuhu!

  11. hmmm... think i bumped into you the last time i was at your office...

  12. iyma, -- hehe tu lah kan.. sebenarnye susah nak cakap khayr nih ikut muka sape.. tapi dah ramai yang cakap dia ikut muka bapak aku.. huhu.

    yantie, -- yeay ! :)

    farah, -- tu lah pasal.. no more staying up late at nite.. huhu.

    hahaha aku 40% je lah kiranye? eh tapi kan.. kalau ikutkan hadzim pun macam susah nak cakap ikut muka sape kan.. mase kecik dulu macam ko, tapi dah besar nih.. macam neither you nor wan.. :D

    kan, tak sabar nak main kejar2! aku dah tengok blog hadzim, bestnye dia dah leh jalan2 !! :)

    yanti, -- tu lah.. yang mane dah anak yang bleh berlari musti cakap macam tuh.. hehehe.

    lea shmea, -- thanks dear! :) you want a baby boy? sila lah buat ape2 yang patut.. ngeh3x. i nak baby girl yang cute macam nia jugak! but not now.. ;)

    oya, -- hehe you do? ok nanti i’ll do an entry on that.. (ntah bila laaa kan.. :P)

    irna, -- thank you thank you.. nanti make sure time ko pun nanti pantang betul2, insyaAllah bleh kurus balik.. :) and itu lahhhh macam muka bapak aku kannnn ?

    ashra, -- huhu tapi kan orang kate kalau baby boi ikut muka bapak = ‘panas’. same goes kalau baby girl ikut muka mak.. dia kena terbalik baru 'sejuk'.. wallahu’alam…

    aimie, -- yeay that’s the best way to put at it !! :)

    yannie, -- sangat berkesan ye.. hehehe.. :)

    itu lahhh sekarang ni aku tengah excited tengok khayr tengah nak meniarap.. bersungguh2 dia pusingkan badan dia tuh.. tapi asyik fail half way.. hehehe..

    zewt, -- did you? should have said hi… :)

    joe, -- yeay ! :)