Monday, 26 April 2010

The one with... weekend has never been better :)

I SOOOOOOO want to update my blog at a pace I used to do but I have been quite occupied now with the latest addition to the family.

It's amazing how such a small kid can change our BIG world.. in ways better than ever, of course :)

My life now has totally changed. I used to be one of the night owls but now I am one of those early birds.. wee hoo! My little baby makes a perfect alarm clock for us in the morning. That means, no more waking up late on a Saturday or Sunday morning.. :P

I used to doubt myself -- will I ever managed to carry out so many roles at one go. But I guess when they say when the time comes, everything will fall into places -- I'll just have to agree with that.

Ok lah, I want to blab more about how my life has taken a complete different direction now but on a second thought, I better stop here. It's like I have this voice in my head that keeps on telling me "kecoh laaaa.. macam kau sorang je ada anak and busy kerja.."


(no guarantee that I won't blab about it in any of my future entries though.. hehe)

Coming back to the right track, as the tittle of this entry suggests, Kerol and I had a great weekend recently after the busy one working week. On Saturday, after getting done with all the housechores, off we went to bring Khayr to the park and had a wonderful time! And on Sunday, we went to KLCC for a quick shopping trip and dinner at Chillis (despite the fact that I've told Kerol earlier not wanting to bring Khayr to any shopping malls for fear of the recent H1N1 come back.. :P).

Though this lil baby of mine could not appreciate these outings (yet!) but somehow in his own baby ways, I can tell that he enjoyed it so much.. Ye lah kan, kalau tak terperapppp je dia kat rumah... (more like speaking for myself.. haha! :D).

Ok lah, as always, what's an entry without pictures aite.

Enjoy and till later~!

- my baby and i ;) -

- kerol, at his attempt to make Khayr look at the camera -

- i'd like to think that Khayr was actually looking at the kites high above the sky (leaving me posing alone with the stroller.. :p) -

- ok now he's looking at the camera.. good boi! -

- kerol layan layang2 sorang2.. hehe.. -

- as for now, kita pose je lah ye Khayr.. one fine day, mama hopes to bring you here, with you running around actively trying to fly the kite :) -

- Khayr -- at 2 months, 2 weeks and 5 days old -

- sila komen, Khayr banyak ikut muka siapa ye.. mama dia ke abah dia? ;) -

- it's time to go home, Khayr's sweating .. and hungry already -

Looking forward to many more great moments to come! =)


Monday, 12 April 2010

The one with... updates :)

  • It's my first day back in the office yaw! Huhu.. This morning was a bit chaotic because Khayr refused to continue his sleep after he woke up at 6.30am (normally after feeding, he will sleep through until 8 / 9 am).. So Kerol and I had to take turn to get ready, and I got a bit kelam kabut having to iron my tudung + sort out Khayr's milk + sort out things to bring to office (breast pump + my fridge-to-go bag).. Haisshhh next time kena buat all these siap2 the night before...

  • Anyway, things have been pretty manageable so far.. Nothing major on my plate (yet) and I managed to join my colleagues to go pump BM and feeling pretty comfortable (and great) about it.. Next session is at 2.30pm.. I hope I can continue doing this until Khayr reaches 6 months the least.. *amiiiiin*

  • Oh ye, need to polish back my english lah.. After being away for 2 months++, my england is no good already lah.. Tergagap2 communicate ngan bosses + officemates harini.. Haisshhh~~

  • I am SO1000x thankful that while both Kerol and I are at work, Khayr is taken care of by my MIL on Monday + Tuesday, and by my mom on Wednesday, Thurs, and Friday.. So takde la risau ke ape.. Cume tu lah.. RINDUUUUUU !!! *sObs* :'(

  • Oleh sebab rindu, I want to write some updates about my baby okie dok.. :)

  • First thing first, he has turned 2 months on 5 April 2010.. hip hip horey!

  • Some time a couple of weeks ago poor my baby Khayr was down with minor flu + cough.. I was infected too but it took only 2 days for me to get recovered.. Susah ye if diri sendiri tak sihat to take care of a sick baby at the same time.. What a challenge..! Anyways. I was a bit frustated in the beginning because I had this expectation that a fully breastfed baby wouldn't and shouldn't fall sick so easily.. :( But then I learnt to feel grateful that at least it was a minor one.. No fever + no crankiness.. We brought him to Klinik Idzham at first but after 5 days, there were no signs of recovery.. So we brought him to Gleaneagles instead, and there, within 3 days je Khayr dah baik... Haishhh ubat pun ada double standard ke??? Whatever it is, SO1000x thankful that Khayr dah sihat... =)

- saje2 posing kat Gleneagles while waiting for doctor.. hehe.. comel jer.. padahal bukan kena warded pun.. saje mama + abah dia tucked him in to take picture ;P -

  • Khayr tidur sangat2 lasak yer... See pictures below:


  • Lately we noticed that Khayr suka sangat meleleh2 air liur + nak hisap jari abah dia.. And we learnt that Kerol masa umur dia baru 3 bulan dah start tumbuh gigi, so we bought teether for Khayr.. mane lah tau kan.. kot2 mengikut abah dia jugak tumbuh gigi awal ke.. ;p

- see, sangat bahagia dapat teether -

  • So far Khayr didn't make any scene everytime we brought him out for an outing.. He's survived a wedding, Sogo, KLCC, Jusco Wangsa Maju, Jusco Aeon AU2, and Wangsa Walk.. But those were only a short trip.. During the recent weekend, with 2 times of diapers changing and 3 times of BF-ing (at one of the IKEA showrooms included :P), Khayr has survived a 6 hours outing to The Curve + Ikano + IKEA... yeay way to go my baby boy!! =)

- muka happy before nak keluar pergi jalan2.. -

- muka eksyen konon taknak tidur.. (note: Khayr ni suka lawan ngantuk.. ikut perangai mama dia masa kecik.. :P) -

-muka tidur dalam keadaan eksyen.. hehe.. tewas juga akhirnya... -

- finally, a photo of me with my baby :) -

- khayr giving his big laugh =) -

- refused to stay in the stroller -

- unless kalau dah mamai2 baru nak dok diam2 dalam stroller tuh.. :) -

- the big K bullying the little K at IKEA ;P -

  • Okie dokie, lunch time's up! Need to get back to work.. One of the things about having a baby is I learnt to be more discipline with the timing.. Huhu.. Can't wait to go back at 5.30pm! Saya rindu sama itu Khayr tomei tomei bam bam..

  • Till later~!