Thursday, 18 March 2010

The one with.. life with baby at hand.. :)

Hi !!!

Trust me I've been meaning to update this blog very much earlier but every so often I couldn't do so just because I still do not know how to multitask -- you know, with a baby to take care of now.. Huhu.. Especially now that we are back at our own house, whenever baby Khayr is sleeping I'll be busy with stuff like bertungku, pakai barut, having my meal, boiling the air akar kayu, air longan, making myself a cuppa warm horlicks mix with anmum lacta, milo, expressing breastmilk, blog-hopping, facebooking, and the next thing I know, it's Khayr's feeding time again.. ! Itu belum lagi kena buat segala mak nenek house chores such as cooking, basuh, lipat and iron baju; and also bersihkan rumah (of which I am not allowed to do just yet because still in confinement and still considered 'lemah'.. -- and so the mothers said ye.. huhu..).. And this lil angel of mine, he's quite clingy for now that he can't be left alone without being held in the arms.. Hmmmm.. Manja sunggOh nih! :)

Anyway, apart from him being clingy and attention seeker (hehe!), Khayr has learnt to distinguish siang dah malam -- YEAY! :) Before this he tends to be awake at night (and be a cry baby) but now, after he gets his feeding at 12 midnight, he will sleep thru until 4 or 5 am.. and sometime even 6! Kerol and I hope he will maintain his sleeping pattern that way, so that the 3 of us can get our quality sleep and 5 - 6 in the morning is just about the right time for me to wake up and do the necessary before getting ready to work (sigh I hate the thought of having to go back to work... SOON!)...

Hmmm oh another thing I hope Khayr will improve on soon -- it's the process of changing his diaper.. My, I do not understand why he must cry! *iSk* It makes me cry too, because I have to bear with him crying his lung out loud while having to change his diaper and put on the rash cream.. Huhu.. So for now, I will delegate that task to either Kerol, my mom, or MIL.. :P

So far, I've never attempted to bathe him.. just yet. But Kerol did it like a pro! Oh so envious... Takpe takpe.. Nanti dah abes pantang and dah boleh bergerak cargas, I will do all the changing his diaper and bathe him whatnot myself, ok Khayr? :)

Khayr ni lagi satu habit dia that we notice is dia suka lawan mata.. ! Biar la ngantuk macamane pun, still nak bukak mata.. sampai nangis2 lah.. But thank god this happens only during the day time.. Apparently my mom said, that's exactly how I was when I was a baby! Hoho... A perfect example of ke mana tumpahnya kuah kalau tak ke nasi... :P

Despite those little2 things, Khayr has been nothing but such an adorable baby of ours.. :) Life has completely changed for both Kerol and I, but of course.. to the better.. Khayr was born 2.75kg, and on the day he had his 1 month check-up, we learnt that he weighed a whopping 4.1kg! We were so excited to know that, especially me.. coz I kept on having this doubt -- what if my milk is not enough for him? (guess that's normal for every new mother huh?).. I really2 hope that I get to continue to feed him with only breastmilk for the first 6 months, before revising my target to 1 year, 1 1/2 year and finally 2 years.. Of course as parents, we're hoping for the best for our baby...

Enough with Khayr -- I'm going to end my confinement period like.. SOON! I'm talking about as soon as in... 2 days time ! Weeeeee~~~!!! Can't wait can't freaking wait!!!! =) Don't know why but the first thing I would like to do is to indulge in waffle with ice-cream, with slices of banana and peach, and top that up with hot chocolate and honey... :D Encik husband, please please please kamu jangan nakal tunaikan permintaan cik wifey ini.... can? *batting eyelashes* :P

And we are planning to go to this Motherhood Expo this Sunday.. but then again we have to really think through the options -- first, whether to bring Khayr or not.. and second, if we decide to leave Khayr either with my mom or my MIL.. the dilemma about the expressed milk to be left with.. Honestly, rasa sayang sangat nak guna stock (seciput) yang ada, coz I thought I want to save it for later, i.e. masa dah start kerja.. Reason being, I can't imagine how is it like to express milk while working.. coz looking at my working condition... hmmm... I don't know, let's not be all negative before crossing the bridge ya? So yeah, we'll see how whether jadi or not to go to the expo... (I hope JADI!).

Okie dokie.. cerita Na O Mei dah start, got to go now... Till later~*

p.s. Am having my postnatal check up tomorrow.. What to expect ye?


  1. aww look how big he is already!ish go laaa to that expo,and bring khayr also laa, zuhair wants to see him laa, he told me so..!

  2. babe , it will be challenging because expo ramai orang and trust me , baby will get cranky. That's me la - masa Aisya after pantang, enp up balik aje - tak larat nak buat Raya shopping sebab Aisya dok melalak aje masa tuh.

    It's all up to you. Maybe Khayr is different, perhaps...

    I so like the last picture, comel aje "short" die jadik seluar panjang...and boy, such a handsome boy.

    Ur so independent Lia...I am so proud of you. Duduk sendiri dengan baby ...wah....I dun think I can do that....Tabik tabik....

  3. lilia dear,

    I am going to the expo too!
    no offense tapi abot rasa maybe it will be too crowded for a new born baby macam khayr..

    tapi up to you.. kalau bawak, kene prepare untuk bf in public, kalau tinggal, kene prepare stock bf milk plak kan..

    kalau tinggal, abot advise lilia untuk pump dulu susu, or nanti your breast might be swelling.. kalau sakit nak tengok-tengok pun tak best kan.. anyway, just my 2 cents.


  4. finally ada pon gamba khayr :)
    he looks more to kerol, tp putih cam kau ;)

    haa tau pon. ingat masa pantang byk sgt masa ke nak update blog la apa la .. jgn harap!! haha.

    tembam sungguh khayr!! byk btol dia naik 1st month eh. mmg susu cap gantung cap A+ nih!

    selamat buat stok .. u only have few weeks left kan? good luck!

    p/s hahaha aku benci gile lagu please plase please kamu jangan nakal tu .. hahaha. tp mmg sesuai nak apply at any situation mengada2 ;)

  5. khayr!!! comelnye dia..tembam bam bam! rasa nak geget pipi dia..haha (yes..i do geget suri's cheek..ala geget2 manja je) :D

    wah..wah..kagum la ko bleh duk sorg2 dgn khayr..aku baru kejap kena tinggal dah huru rasanya x dah kot skrg..sbb suri dah bleh letak..asalkan dia nmpk aku or ada org lain around..kalo semua xde, dia punya melalak mcm nak terkeluar anak tekak..

    aku punya stok pon x byk :( :( so kalo aku kuar, terpaksa bg lg byk FM..uhuhu..

    aku pon still x pandai mandikan suri..aritu masa tgh carik stroller & carseat utk suru, aku nmpk tmpt letak utk mandikan baby kat mothercare..mcm praktikal je utk org yg xreti mandikan baby cm aku..(aku kalo pegang suri, masuk dlm basin, pastu xleh wat apa dah sbb aku x confident nak pegang dia sebelah tgn) tp harga 100++..gilos! x jd aku beli..aku nak carik kat giant kot2 ada yg murah..hehe

    ko dah gi post natal check up kot by the time baca komen camne?

  6. lia,

    khayr dh besar laaaaaa... bestnya.. maryam je kecik cenoni, heheheh....

    and may i say again that i am green with envy at the prospect of u ending your confinement tomorrow! hehehe...

  7. wahhh.. khayr dah besar! ok2 nanti aleesya datang melawat okay..

  8. ala comel sangat laa khayr ni!!! so debab ebab. my son pun dah 4.5kg, tapi tak ebab punnn. kurus lg! and yes it is tiring kan. but no matter what, somehow we still manage to cope and do another 1001 chores. so magic! hihih.

    bessnya u dh habes pantang. i dah meroyan nak keluar, tp x dapat2, food wise takde masalah sgt. [ala2 semua dah bantai kecuali air ais. hahaha] my mum cannot stand me mintak2, dia kesian. nyehehehe

  9. finally, dapat tgk gambar khayr... n finally abis dh segala pantang mak nenek. hihihihihhik! lega kan, dah boleh kuar rumah, mkn itu ini.

    tembam pipi khayr, tu berkat minum susu cap gantung la kan... hahaahhaha

    ko pun layan jugak ke citer na o mei tu...?

  10. aimie, -- hehehe yeah he’s growing bigger and bigger with each passing day! tell zuhair that khayr has left him with a sorry note at his mummy’s latest entry at her blog ya.. :)

    zie & abot -- huhu tu lah i thought so. lagipun khayr takde stroller lagi.. anyway in the end kitorang pergi sogo beli stroller.. then petang tuh pegi KLCC celebrate end of my confinement.. hehe.. so far so good, khayr didn’t make any scene.. *phew* tapi it was a 3 hours outing lah.. kene tengok plak half a day outing nanti macamane… anyway thanks mommies for your opinion! :)

    farah, -- alaaa ye ke.. more to kerol ke.. kitorang plak susah nak nampak ikut muka sape.. tapi konfem hidung nampak macam ikut aku.. and yes, his skin tone too.

    haha itu lah. ni dah abes pantang pun mane ade banyak masa pun.. huhu.. cemane laaaa nak kasik khayr ni berjaga without kene berpegang eh… hmmm.. ke dia kecik lagi?

    hehe itu lah.. sangat bambam kan.. geram! haha puji anak sendiri apekah? anyway really1000x hoping dapat terus supply kan susu cap gantung TERBAEK dari kilang.. like u said cap A+ ! :D

    p.s. so sesuai lah lagu tuh from wan untuk ko sempena dia nak pegi kursus kan? haha.

    iyma, -- hahaha aku pun suke geget pipi khayr.. tapi kerol kalau geget, bukan geget manje dah.. geget over.. sampai menangis si budak khayr tuh.. hehe.

    mencabar wehhh dok sorang2 ngan khayr.. boleh buat nangis wooo.. :P tapi tu lah, khayr still cannot be left alone without being attended.. hmm.

    takpe2x.. a combo of BM + FM is better than no BM at all kan? so don’t give up k!

    ni aku still tak pandai nak mandikan khayr.. tak pikir kan pun alternative cemane.. so far kerol / MIL / mak aku mandi kan gune besen biase jer..

    about post natal check up, hoho sudah aku update kan via sms..

  11. tina, -- hehe soon maryam besar lah nanti!! :) and the same goes with your confinement too.. SOON babe.. SOON!! hang in there k..

    hana, -- ok! khayr will wait for aleesya! :)

    PixiePwincess, -- hehe soon you’ll be surprised how debab your son can be ! :) itu lah… very tiring! *tSk* ni belum start keje lagi.. haihhh…

    eh same goes with me, i pun takde masalah sangat with the food.. just tak tahan coz takbleh kuar and takleh minum air sejuk.. huhu.. tapi my mom i meroyan lah cemane skali pun, still takde dapat nye.. lagi dia bebel ade lah.. hoho.

    Yannie, -- memang best dah abes pantang! tapi yang tak best nye soon dah nak masuk keje pulak dahhhh.. uwaaaaa…

    a’ah ketembaman datang dari mama nye susu, hence genetic too! hahaha…

    layan secara kebetulan.. dah kate berpantang dok terperuk je kat umah tuh kan.. layan laaa segala mak nenek cite melayu tuh.. huhu.