Friday, 26 March 2010

The one with... our cheeky baby boy :)


Budak takmau tido... Huhu..

Yang gambar last tuh, even nampak dah pejam mata kan.. Hmpppphhh lakonan semata2 ye.. Tak tidur pun.. Main2 gugugaga with Kerol, pastu nangis.... walaupun mata tu dah merah2 tahan ngantuk..

Sabar je lah.. =)

Okie dokie, I'm happy that today is Friday yaw! Besok boleh mintak Kerol bawak Khayr and myself jalan2... Yeay!

Enjoy your weekend.. Till later~*

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The one with... my typical first half of the day now..

It’s 2pm and only now I can lay my hand on my laptop.. Hmm lets take a peek at what I’ve done so far, i.e. what would be a typical first half of the day for me now as a (still on maternity leaves) mommy..

6am – Woke up to Khayr’s crying, signaling that he’s hungry. Fed him.

7am – Played with Khayr while waiting for Kerol to take bath and get ready to go to work.

7.30am – It’s my turn to take bath. Kerol went downstairs with Khayr.

7.50am – Went downstairs, sorted Khayr’s dirty laundry, prepared (simple) breakfast for myself and Kerol.

8.15am – Had my breakfast and Kerol had his while putting Khayr to sleep.

8.30am – Kerol went off to work. I was left alone with Khayr.

9am – MIL came to bath Khayr.

9.30am – Fed Khayr to pacify him because normally he will cry during the process of getting him ready -- something I hope it’s just going to be a temporary thing with Khayr. huhu.

10.30am – By this time only Khayr was in his deep sleep.. *phew* It’s a norm for me and MIL to take some time to put Khayr to sleep because Khayr suka laaa nak melawan mata dia yang ngantuk tuh.. Kadang2 sampai merah2 mata dia tahan mengantuk.. Huhu.. Then MIL went back home, and I was left alone with Khayr again. Check email + facebook kejap, then basuh baju2 + napkin + tuala Khayr, sidai baju2 Khayr, sambung lipat baju myself & Kerol (semalam tak abes lipat), sorted pinggan mangkuk kat dapur, kemas2 ape2 yang patut, pam susu, and make myself a cup of warm milk.

12 noon – Khayr started to make that cute “ehek ehek” sound.. :) Hold him in the arms and played with him for a while until he cried out loud -- a sign that he’s hungry. Fed him but can tell that he looks uncomfortable sebab asyik terlepas je from latching on. Check pampers, ade “hasil”… So basuh berak dia, tukar pampers, and back to feeding him.. Again, it took a while before he really got into his deep sleep.

1.30pm – Khayr dah tido… and here I am, having my 'me' time while waiting for MIL to call when it’s the time to come for lunch… :)

So, there goes… Quite hectic (for me) because Khayr ni jenis yang nak berpegang bila dia berjaga.. and masa dia tengah tidur tuh, kalau dia ade merengek2, nak kene tepuk2 dia sampai dia tertidur balik… So most of my time was spent attending Khayr.. And ni nasib baik MIL offers to (still) cook lunch for me.. Sebab masa pantang memang la dia prepare kan lunch.. Can’t imagine if I were to prepare lunch for myself bila dah abes pantang nih… Macam tak sempat je? Oh well, if other mothers can do, why can’t I ye tak? Huhu.. Slow2 win the race! :P

And normally people say, when the baby sleeps, the mother can take a quick nap also.. But, to me.. Entah, tak reti laa nak tidur siang.. Lagipun masa baby tidur la I can take the time to do other things kan… Oh ye lagipun masa susukan Khayr (sambil baring), I normally will fall asleep as well.. So tu kira nye a quick nap jugak lah kan? Hmm...

Anyway, the above was what I did today this morning.. Esok, lusa, tulat, tonggeng, I will never know yet... Cause baby's habit and sleeping + feeding pattern might change as time goes by.. Huhu... And seriously can't imagine how things gonna be when I'm going back to office later mid April.. Must make a note to ask other working mothers how they go through theirs..

Okie dokie, can’t afford to be long here.. Nak pergi basuh pam susu and cawan2 yang ada kat dapur tuh (I drink lots nowadays!)…

Till later~*

Sunday, 21 March 2010

The one with... celebrating end of confinement :)

The good boy...

The craved-for waffle...

The good boy and the craved-for waffle...




(Thank you encik husband for fulfilling my wants..)

Thursday, 18 March 2010

The one with.. life with baby at hand.. :)

Hi !!!

Trust me I've been meaning to update this blog very much earlier but every so often I couldn't do so just because I still do not know how to multitask -- you know, with a baby to take care of now.. Huhu.. Especially now that we are back at our own house, whenever baby Khayr is sleeping I'll be busy with stuff like bertungku, pakai barut, having my meal, boiling the air akar kayu, air longan, making myself a cuppa warm horlicks mix with anmum lacta, milo, expressing breastmilk, blog-hopping, facebooking, and the next thing I know, it's Khayr's feeding time again.. ! Itu belum lagi kena buat segala mak nenek house chores such as cooking, basuh, lipat and iron baju; and also bersihkan rumah (of which I am not allowed to do just yet because still in confinement and still considered 'lemah'.. -- and so the mothers said ye.. huhu..).. And this lil angel of mine, he's quite clingy for now that he can't be left alone without being held in the arms.. Hmmmm.. Manja sunggOh nih! :)

Anyway, apart from him being clingy and attention seeker (hehe!), Khayr has learnt to distinguish siang dah malam -- YEAY! :) Before this he tends to be awake at night (and be a cry baby) but now, after he gets his feeding at 12 midnight, he will sleep thru until 4 or 5 am.. and sometime even 6! Kerol and I hope he will maintain his sleeping pattern that way, so that the 3 of us can get our quality sleep and 5 - 6 in the morning is just about the right time for me to wake up and do the necessary before getting ready to work (sigh I hate the thought of having to go back to work... SOON!)...

Hmmm oh another thing I hope Khayr will improve on soon -- it's the process of changing his diaper.. My, I do not understand why he must cry! *iSk* It makes me cry too, because I have to bear with him crying his lung out loud while having to change his diaper and put on the rash cream.. Huhu.. So for now, I will delegate that task to either Kerol, my mom, or MIL.. :P

So far, I've never attempted to bathe him.. just yet. But Kerol did it like a pro! Oh so envious... Takpe takpe.. Nanti dah abes pantang and dah boleh bergerak cargas, I will do all the changing his diaper and bathe him whatnot myself, ok Khayr? :)

Khayr ni lagi satu habit dia that we notice is dia suka lawan mata.. ! Biar la ngantuk macamane pun, still nak bukak mata.. sampai nangis2 lah.. But thank god this happens only during the day time.. Apparently my mom said, that's exactly how I was when I was a baby! Hoho... A perfect example of ke mana tumpahnya kuah kalau tak ke nasi... :P

Despite those little2 things, Khayr has been nothing but such an adorable baby of ours.. :) Life has completely changed for both Kerol and I, but of course.. to the better.. Khayr was born 2.75kg, and on the day he had his 1 month check-up, we learnt that he weighed a whopping 4.1kg! We were so excited to know that, especially me.. coz I kept on having this doubt -- what if my milk is not enough for him? (guess that's normal for every new mother huh?).. I really2 hope that I get to continue to feed him with only breastmilk for the first 6 months, before revising my target to 1 year, 1 1/2 year and finally 2 years.. Of course as parents, we're hoping for the best for our baby...

Enough with Khayr -- I'm going to end my confinement period like.. SOON! I'm talking about as soon as in... 2 days time ! Weeeeee~~~!!! Can't wait can't freaking wait!!!! =) Don't know why but the first thing I would like to do is to indulge in waffle with ice-cream, with slices of banana and peach, and top that up with hot chocolate and honey... :D Encik husband, please please please kamu jangan nakal tunaikan permintaan cik wifey ini.... can? *batting eyelashes* :P

And we are planning to go to this Motherhood Expo this Sunday.. but then again we have to really think through the options -- first, whether to bring Khayr or not.. and second, if we decide to leave Khayr either with my mom or my MIL.. the dilemma about the expressed milk to be left with.. Honestly, rasa sayang sangat nak guna stock (seciput) yang ada, coz I thought I want to save it for later, i.e. masa dah start kerja.. Reason being, I can't imagine how is it like to express milk while working.. coz looking at my working condition... hmmm... I don't know, let's not be all negative before crossing the bridge ya? So yeah, we'll see how whether jadi or not to go to the expo... (I hope JADI!).

Okie dokie.. cerita Na O Mei dah start, got to go now... Till later~*

p.s. Am having my postnatal check up tomorrow.. What to expect ye?

Thursday, 4 March 2010

The one with... he who rocks our world...

Hello mello!

First of all, thanks so SO much to those who commented my previous post. Seriously it never occured to me that such a simple piece could touch so many hearts... :') To those yang tak pernah go through labor experience, I hope my entry didn't scare you guys. I mean, before I myself went through such an experience pun I've read SO many entries about sakit bersalin whatnot. But when it comes to my own time, seriously, tak teringat pun semua2 entry / experience I've read or heard. So the the keyword here -- go with the flow, and go with an open mind. Don't put any expectation whether akan bersalin normal ke, c-sec ke.. sebab if thing does not go as what you've expected, it can lead to frustation..

As for me, I was hoping that I won't need any labor assistance (i.e. forcep or vacuum).. turned out that it happened the other way around. So ada sedikit frust di situ.. Huhu.. Oh well, again and again, yang penting both mummy and baby are doing fine! :)

Talking about mummy and baby, boy this little baby really rocks Kerol's and my big world! Huhu... Crying is the only way he communicates to us.. When he cries, we learnt that its either -- he's hungry.. or he wants his diapers changed.. or he's having perut kembung.. But when he keeps on crying no matter how we've tried to feed him, or changed his diapers, or sapukan minyak telon / yu yee, that really set us to panic mode in the first order. Because we'll be scared what if it's because of something else, demam ke ape kan... Huhu.. Especially when it happened during the wee hours in the morning.. (-_-")

And if you must know, now we're back at our own house. I've done my 22 days of confinement at my mom's house, and the remaining 22 days will be taken care of by my MIL.. who will only pop by in the morning to bathe our lil Khayr and prepare tungku + hot water together with mak nenek daun for me.. and also during lunch time to drop off the confinement food. So the rest of the time I'll be left with Khayr alone, until Kerol comes back from work around 6pm the earliest if not later.

Now this little Khayr, it's so hard to attend his needs when he's in his crying mode. Especially when his diapers needs to be changed... I tell you, I can cry together with him because it is just so hard to change his diapers, wipe his bottom, then put on the diapers rash cream, then minyak telon / yu yee a bit on his tummy and then finally some lotion when all he does is wailing on top of his lung! *tSk*

And not to mention when he's hungry, he can get so impatient when he can't latch on properly to be breastfed.. Adoiiii la anak mama sorang nih... Bikin mama panic tau when you keep on crying... Huhu... :')

But all in all, to be able to look at his cute little face which is getting chubbier with each passing days...and with his eyes wide open... is so priceless.. =)

Both mama and abah love you so much Khayr... tomorrow you're turning to 1 month old, time really flies... We're hoping to be able to understand you much better with the little2 signs you're giving us, so that we'll be able to attend your needs without you giving us the ultimatum -- the non-stop crying.. Huhu..

Till later~*

p.s. Another 16 days to end my confinement period, can't wait!!!