Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The one with... the ending of Jan and the starting of Feb 2010.

(it's no surprise that) This is the month of Feb yaw! If you must know, it's the month of which my estimated due date (EDD) falls in. Huhu... I'm having mixed feelings now that my EDD is nearing... All sorts of feelings -- nervous, happy, sad, excited, and the list goes on.. My hospital bag is all ready packed and kept in the car, just in case... :) Thanks to the remarks I've been receiving from other people who kept on saying "tengok rupe awak ni... macam dah tak lama lagi dah ni nak beranak.. 2 - 3 hari lagi ni....".. Hoho seriously, this came out not only from one person, but 4 - 5 different persons (strangers and relatives) from different places ok! *scary*


Things have been quite hectic for the past couple of days, long weekend included.. and it was days filled with food galore... Yaiks! Not good not goooood.... From the last check-up I learnt that my baby's weight was within the normal range, but towards the higher side.. Huhu... So my gynae has been asking me to control my diet if I don't want my baby to grow bigger and bigger.. Though it's hard to rule that out given that I myself was born 3.8kg! :P Tomorrow I'm due for another check-up and my gynae is going to measure my pelvic bone size to see whether I can give a normal birth or not to my baby.. *god please i hope i can, but then i'm open for options -- thats what other people has been advising me on*

It's all started from last week's Thurs and Fri whereby I had this regional training at office.. Well, dah kata training kan, so makan 5 kali sehari confirm cukup.. (breakfast + morning break + lunch + tea break + dinner)... And the best part was the group's dinner at the chinese restaurant in Maju Palace.. The 10 course meal + yee sang was super delicious... *yummeyh!*

Then on Friday night, I chanced upon meeting up with my girls -- Alin, Dayana and Tina (and her cutey pie Mika) at Chilli's in MidValley... Had a great time as always! :) And Alin gave me this present for my baby -- 4 pairs of cute lil socks and a romper... *Thanks Lin, love 'em all!*

- The preggerinos me and Tina :) -

- Alin and Dayana -

After dinner, we went into separate ways.. But Dayana had to send me back home... So alang2 dah sampai my house, I invited her in.. and Alin joined in as well not long after. Borak punya borak, sedar2 dah pukul 4 pagi! huhu... It has been quite a while since I stayed up till such late at night doing nothing but chit-chatting and laughing with the company of good friends... awesome! :)

On Saturday, I woke up (very) late in the evening.. Memang pengsan habes laaa, penangan buat kerja gila tidur lambat... :P Once I had my shower, we went to my MIL's house and hang out there till night time.. Which in a way means that meals were all sorted out :) Kerol's auntie went to London + Paris in December, so she came to give us the souvenirs.. My baby received yet another nice pressie! 7 cute baby rompers... weeee! ;) (hoho mama dia pulak yang happy lebih2.. :P)

Then came Sunday, the day I've been looking forward to... my clickclick session! :) I've been asking around for quotation, but semua macam quote mahal2 lah for a pregnancy photoshoot.. Coz all I wanted to capture was the look of the pregnant me, for remembrance sake.. Which can be covered with few shots, that's all.. Then luckily Kerol had this idea to ask for help from his brother, looking at his interest in photography of late.. So as planned, on Sunday morning off we go to the KLCC park -- Kerol, myself, Erin my sister, my BIL and SIL.. and here are some of the photos taken... LOVING IT! :)

- these are the cute lil socks given by Alin -

- the hidden me, but not the tummy! :) -

- hmm taktau nak letak caption ape.. -

- i love this pic the most! -

My, I do look like a whale now, don't I? (A cute whale, that is.. :D) Only one shot we haven't done yet -- nak tangkap gambar my perut, uncovered... This, of course will be done by Kerol nanti :) (just the perut part is uncovered ye FYI)..

After the photoshoot, together with Muni + Famie and their lil Maya, we went to visit our friends Bibi and Iyma (yup the ones who attended the antenal class together with me not long time ago!) and their cute lil newborns in Sungai Buloh and Cheras respectively. As usual, kumpul2 cerita giving birth, lepas tu nervous sorang2... :P Anyway, Bibi's Adriana Balqis and Iyma's Suri Raudhah looking so cute like little angels.. Made me feel like I can't wait to have mine in my arms soon.... :)

Then on the public holiday of 1st Feb, we did nothing but staying in at home for we were just too tired from the activities on the weekend... and that was the day we packed up for my hospital bag, finally! :)

Okie dokie, my Subway sandwich is here already.. Off for lunch now, till later k~!


  1. my prayers with you..hopefully semuanya ok dan selamat, good luck babe! mesti baby comel cam ko kan..hehe..

  2. thanks dalie daling! :) *amiiiin*

  3. hope u'll deliver the baby smoothly!
    x lama lg tu rasanya cecewah cam ada pengalaman jek.hehe

    take care!

  4. bestnye lepak borak sampai pkl 4am dgn girlfrens!!!

    enjoy your final weeks ok. pasni life will be very-very different :)

    muke erin & adik ipar kau = adalah tidak sabar utk menjadik aunty :)
    tapi muke kau = adalah muke tidak larat lg .. hehe.

    tak saba nak jadikan kau & baby jadik bahan eksperimen camera aku plak ;)

  5. aww me love me love all the photos!totally makes me miss my whale days too!ohhh and i cant wait for your labor story and of course, that li'l sugar pie honeybunch of yours!and you wanna know what,it's been almost 4 months after i gave birth but i still love watching all those baby & labor stories on ch 733!can it be that i'm addicted to labor?mehh *slaps forehead*

  6. f.i.e.z.a, -- hehehe itu lah.. macam expert plak.. :D anyway thanks! dup dap dup dap nih!

    farah, -- hoho memang best! tapi effect dia.. mak aiiii sampai besok malam aku ting tong.. makcik dah tuo! huhu.

    yes, its gonna be very the very different kan.. trying to enjoy every single moment, especially moment being berdua with kerol.. huhu.. pasni dah bertiga2 an..

    hahaha dah kate badan serba serbi kembang.. tak larat weh! tapi nak kata tak sabar nak the baby pops out pun tak jugak.. macam rather keeping him inside me je! hehehe..

    ho yeah.. sila practice with baby hadzim dulu ok! (tibe2 pelik panggil hadzim as baby… haha.. he’s grown up so much i guess.. and have to make way to my baby plak.. hehehe)

    aimie, -- thanks dear! i love all of 'em too.. :) and i will surely story mory with you on my labor story.. just the way you did on yours 4 months ago! hehe.. your experience (amongst others') are still in tact in my mind.. :D

    oh well cik adik, if you happen to be really addicted to labor, you'll just know what to do! *winKies!* hehehe :P

  7. thanx for coming lia! :)

    aku doakan semuanya selamat. jgn panic pk org lain punya experience coz lain org lain experience..

    hehe..ko cuak ek mak & makcik aku tegur ko best kalo dah kuar..lega lia..lega..bila dah kuar ko x sabar nak tgu dia besar lak..heheh

  8. best nye gambar2 tu. so sweet! kenangan kan ada gambar cenggitu time pregnant. nnt boleh tunjuk kat anak...
    hopefully semuanya selamat. u n baby. tak saba nk tgk muka anak lilia n kerol! hihihihik!