Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The one with... adjusting...

Hi... I've had few attempts to update the blog, but everything I wrote seems to come out wrong... Guess I need some time to adjust before continue life as usual.. So until then, this blog is going to remain idle for a while.. (err.. I think -- we'll see k.. :P).

Anyway, baby Khayr and me are doing fine... He's recovering from his jaundice and I myself are recovering too, you know with the stitches and whatnot.. *tSk*

Confinement for me is so far so good.. only thing is I can't seem to bear the idea of having to avoid iced and cold drinks for 44 days, especially during this SUPER HOT weather time.. :( I know its for my own good later in the future, so I've been following the rules faithfully. Wish me luck ok! From news they said this hot weather will end sometime in March, thats when my confinement period will end too... Can't wait!!!!

Other than that, life resumes as usual, with a lot of adjusting of course. I am so thankful Kerol has been nothing but a wonderful husband to me and responsible abah to our Khayr...

Will update more soon hopefully.

Okie dokie, off I go now counting:

  • days towards the end of my confinement period (32 days to go!)

  • weight loss towards my pre-pregnancy weight (I gained 18kg in total -- after gave birth and went through 12 days of confinement, I've lost 13kg.. 5kg more to lose!)

  • age days and weight gain for baby Khayr.. tak sabar nak tengok dia membesar! he's 12 days old as of today! yeay!

  • days towards going back to our home in Gombak and start life with baby Khayr in it..

Till later~!

p.s.#1 - I wanted so much to put up more photos of baby Khayr, but the two grandmas have asked us to wait until I'm done with confinement.. Kata mereka, cuba tengok artis macam Erra tu.. Ziana Zain.. Amy Mastura.. Angeline Jolie.. etc etc etc... semua pun simpan dulu gambar baby diorang.. tunggu abes pantang dulu... So with all due respect, no pictures of our lil angel until then.. Huhu..

p.s.#2 - Selamat Tahun Baru Cina to all my Chinese readers.. wishing you guys a prosperous year ahead okie! :)


  1. lia,

    i pun mcm risau ok.. because the way i see it, it's super hot nowadays.. pengsan la nak berpatang.. haihhh..

  2. glad to hear baby khayr is doing well.. :)

    congrats sbb berjaya lose weight dgn byk! :)

    hot weather skrg mmg mencabar utk hidup without ais..hoho

    ko balik gombak lepas abes 44 days ke?

  3. tina, -- memang dugaan terhebat tina.... huhu....

    iyma, -- itu lah, he's getting better by days.. ni jap lagi nak bawak dia untuk follow up check up. hope doc can confirm he's ok already...

    ko bleh minum air sejuk tak iyma? means without ais lah.. but air yang disejukkan? aku ade la curi 2-3 kali minum.. huhu.. hope takde serious affect ke ape... tak tahan la panas!

    a;ah aku ngan kerol plan nak balik gombak after pantang, nak try idup sendiri... huhu... ko plak nanti cemane? gilir2 ke... plan nak carik umah sewa?

  4. wahhh dah lost 13kgs!! bravo!! sikit jek lg tu :)

    p/s hoit siap curik air sejuk tu! haha. maybe kalo aku pantang time panas2 pon xbleh tahan kot .. huhu.

    hope khayr doing fine & membesar bagaikan johan =)

  5. hopefully he is ok..mak aku ckp x pe baby kena's good actually..bleh build up his antibodi so nnt besar jarang sakit :)

    oit! curik minum air sejuk!! hoho..sgt berani!! aku just minum air masak yg suhu bilik la..x berani la nak minum air simpan dlm fridge..sekali sekala x pe kot..haha..aku curik mkn goreng pisang seketul td..huhu :P

    for the time being nnt aku akan duk gombak that mak mertua akan jaga Suri..aku x confident nak duk sendiri, jaga anak sendiri, and nak anta anak g umah org or nursery..kesian kecik sgt!

    ko nnt naik keje sape jaga khayr?

  6. Lilia dearie, dah turun 13kg? i am impressed!!congrats!!mesti boleh turun lagi 5 kg tuh! u go girl! hugs and kisses to baby khayr.. ;)

  7. farah, -- itu lah, bravo bravo! :) aku pun tak sangka.. huhu.. anyway so far khayr’s jaundice dah makin berkurang, alhamdulillah sangat2… tak sabar jugak nak tunggu dia membesar bagai johan!

    iyma, -- insyaAllah, meh aku amin kan sket ape yang mak ko cakap… *aminnnnnn* hehe dah kate mulut mak ko ni macam masin2 sket when it comes to me kan.. haha.

    wahhh ye ke ko bleh bertahan tak gi minum air sejuk? kagum aku!

    itu lah, aku rasa pun macam kecik lagi je if ko nak anta Suri pegi nursery… aku nanti bile dah keje, mak aku and mak kerol gilir2 jaga Khayr.. dah ade schedule dah… hehe.

    kak emy, -- itu lahhhh.. saya sendiri pun terkejut.. hehe.. mule2 ade la rasa down takut susah nak turun, alhamdulillah ok la so far.. cume tu lah, yang last 5kg nih mesti adalah kotoran degil yang susah nak hilangkan.. hoho…

  8. haha..mmg masin mulut dia kalo utk ko..bkn mcm masin2 dah.. :P

    aku x leh tahan aku takut bila mak aku duk takut2 kan aku nt urat kembang, sakit badan bla bla bla bila beranak lg..dah la x nak pakai, aku tahan jgk la..sikit je lg ni..hehe

    oh..gilir2 jaga ek..siap ada schedule tu x tahan..haha :P