Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The one with... sleepy, hence the random updates.

  • I am so sleepy... these few days have been quite hectic for me. Well even if its not hectic, I get tired easily anyway.. But the thing is, no matter how tired I am during the day, I will still have the difficulty to sleep at night.. I thought its the right position that I couldn't find now that my tummy is getting bigger.. or perhaps the baby's active movements at night.. But I came to a conclusion that it's not because of those 2 reasons actually.. It's just that, I CAN'T sleep. My mind will be wandering about a lot of things, and I will keep on tossing and turning -- all these making me feel tired even more.. *siGH*

  • Following to my previous entry, Kerol and I have finally bought a breastpump for myself and few other stuff in the baby shopping list that we've initially categorised as 'unnecessary'.. Thanks to the comments received.. and also to my 'personal shopping assistants' Hana & Lynn.. :D I had a great time having a Friends-Gathering-Session-turned-Parents-Days-Out at the Curve with them the other day.. :) Now I'm in love with the stretch of baby shops they have in the Curve (and Kerol is too.. kan.. kan..? :)) Oh, but we still have not decided on our baby's bedding set yet.. Hmmm...

  • And because of that, I suggested The Curve when Tina asked where to meet for a catching up session last weekend.. =) I had a great time especially talking about pregnancy and motherhood.. And this Tina, upon telling her how far I am now with my pregnancy, dengan rileksnye and chirpynye boleh muttered "ouhhh last time masa ni I dah gave birth to Mika dah... you pun, tak lama lagi lah ni babe...".. Hoho scary ok!! I mean, I know it's about time soon, but not this month lah I hope.. Mintak2 cukup sampai 40 weeks... :) Oh by the way her Mika now is just so so SO cute and adorable! I hope my baby boy will be just as cute too, if not more... *hehe*

  • In view of my kaki getting bigger and more swollen with each passing day, I've bought myself a new pair of Crocs (I wanted to continue with my Scholl, but my feet can no longer fit into it.. huhu) to make sure walking is not a pain.. *yeay! happyhappy* I guess one of the perks of being pregnant is I get to shop and buy things (for reasons) too! :) Maternity tops, pants, cereals of my choice, milk, fresh fruits, more and more foodstuff, new sandal, etc etc and now.. new Crocs... in blue =)

  • My next check up is due in 8 days time, can't wait ! :) And my EDD is end of next month.. it's so unbelievable how fast time flies.. Huhu.. Completing the baby shopping list is one thing, but preparing myself mentally and physically is another.. I am so nervous. And I haven't packed my hospital bag yet (somehow I got this question about packing hospital bag posted to me all the time whenever I said that I am due next month.. hhmmm).

  • I am attending another antenatal class this weekend with Kerol.. This time around, it's gonna be more on the practical side of things, rather than a forum type like the one we attended previously -- well and so they said lah. We'll see how it goes nanti.. And this time around too, I will have friends attending together.. Hehe ade geng..

  • OK lah.. I better go now.. It's lunch time, the one and only time I've always been looking forward to during the working hours.. apart from the going back time, of course.

  • Till later~*


  1. babe,

    i rasa dh ramai preggie friends cakap i am too relax when it comes to labor bits, hehe.. entahla.. i guess i am too excited to meet my baby, so tang sakit x pikir dah.. haha..

    babe, i rasa masa kat the curve tu mika comot la.. haha..

  2. tina banana, -- oh yessss you memang rileks gile okeyyyy... i admire that trait of yours! i pun excited jugak, tang sakit pon pikir jugakkkkk... huhuuuu...

    ohh tidak tidak tidak.. mika cute and adorable and cheeky! nak jumpe dia lagi! (and jumpe u jugak lah of course... :P)

  3. kalo ko susah tido, aku plak senang tido tp kul 3 pg mesti bgn..siap buat air & tgk tv..haha

    ohh..the curve mmg best kalo nak beli brg baby..1 floor tu berderet kedai baby..syok tu lah, aku gi sana pun time dah complete beli brg baby (for the time being la) So next time punya baby shopping, the curve is a must! :)

  4. iyma, -- serious??? maybe sebab by pukul 1 or 2 baru aku baru tertido kot.. so takde la terjage pagi2 buta macam ko.. except kalau nak terkucil.. itupun pegi toilet sambil pejam mata.. :P

    itu lah.. best kan.. kedai baby berderet.. nanti aku ade nak pegi lagi.. ade few things still tak cukup.. :) wah wah dah siap plan mana nak shopping for the next one nampakkkkk.. hahaha...

  5. oit..oit..bkn next one punya baby la..still baby yg sama kan makin lama makin besar..mesti kena beli brg2 baru :D

  6. iyma, -- hoho.. ingatkan cakap pasal NEXT baby... :D