Saturday, 23 January 2010

The one with... "keeping women at work"..

The title really caught my attention when I flipped through the MIA's magazine Accountants Today January 2010 issue...

Before I proceed, whatever I'm going to write later is going to be exactly extracted from the article in the said magazine, which was written by this person named "Anne Hashim".. I do not know how to ask for permission, but I think by giving credit to the writer and letting my readers know the source of information will be sufficient, the least..

SO here goes.

The article somehow speaks for myself, it's a topic that has been bugging me eversince I got to know that I was pregnant.. Even with the baby inside my tummy -- which means I get to carry him around whenever I go -- I'm already struggling at work.. I can't imagine how is it like when the baby is out -- which means he is an individual on his own, who needs to be taken care of..

Here are some interesting words from the article I mentioned about earlier on that I would like to share:

"Women make up a sizeable portion of the talent pool in many fields, including accountancy. Sadly, the fact that companies can't or won't accomodate their multiple roles -- especially as wives and homemakers -- means that this talent isnt' being fully utilised. How can Malaysian workplaces become more family-friendly?"

"One of the biggest challenges to being a working mother is the juggling of multiple roles in the workplace and at home."

"A survey on Population and Family conducted by the National Population and Family Development Board in 2004 revealed that 55.7% of women respondents resigned from their jobs due to family responsibilities, making obvious the lack of choices and support available to working women.."

"Juggling the dual role of motherhood and career woman will be made much easier if employers provide ample support, too. Research indicates that a balanced work and family life brings tangible benefits for employers - they will be rewarded with happier, productive staff, decreased employee absenteeism, increased job loyalty and more.."

"Sadly, few corporations in Malaysia have such initiatives in place for working women. Furthermore, Malaysia is one of the countries with the most minimal maternity benefits in the region, offering only about 8.5 weeks of paid maternity leave (compare this to the 16 weeks provided to Singaporean mothers). Even in Cambodia, working mothers get 13 weeks of maternity plus paid breastfeeding breaks (60 mins per day for 12 months) for mothers who wish to nurse their babies or express their milk..."

"At the end of the day, since women are accounting for increasingly large numbers of the workforce, it's only reasonable that support for working mothers must come not only from immediate families, but more importantly from their employers and the governtment...."

There. Very spot on.

Sigh.. Seriously I can't imagine how is it like to be a working mother soon.. especially with the (demanding) working environment I am currently in.. and I can already feel that the 2 months of maternity leave won't be enough for a first time mother like me... Hmmmm...

Okie dokie.. That's all I have for now... Enjoy your weekend k!

Till later~*


  1. now still keep thinking how to be working mum with my work environment.i plan to take unpaid leave atleat 1 month to care my baby be4 i send him to nursery.
    u know comp dont provided unpaid leave.crazy...
    i try to consult with my bos..single man.yg frust nya dia tk fhm my situation.
    so frustrated.

  2. love that article, things should be made better

    kalau kat uk/eire dpt paid leave 6 months...bestnye...barula anak cukup kasih sayang.

    anyways, where theres a will, theres a way- got to do whatever it takes for the little one

  3. Hmmm, kind of sad comparing our nation with other nation. Seriously, 2 months of maternity leave memang tak cukup. I took and extra week jugak, tapi the 1st morning after my leave, at work , leving my kid behind at her babysitter house - I was emotionally disturbed and I cried. I am a strong and iron lady - but at that moment, I am very fragile...

  4. hmm..aku pun rasa 2 bln tu x cukup..some of my officemates amek unpaid leaves sebln..aku x tau la nak amek ke x..husband aku ckp amek aku mcm syg plak..kalo full pay nak jgk..hahaha

    so, we'll see la nnt..selama ni pompuan lain bleh buat..kita pon mesti boleh kan.. :)

  5. ada setengah orang tu terus benti keje, sbb nk jaga anak. nak hantar nursery takut sbb baby lagi... bila anak dah besar sikit, baru carik keje lain... itu klu husband byk duit boleh tanggung, boleh la kan.
    ada jugak yg benti keje time mula2 pregnant sbb tak larat sgt. alah yg teruk. dapat pulak boss yg x faham lagi la. nk mc, cuti selalu... bos marah. end up, benti sudehhh!

  6. Sadly, Malaysian Government set 2 mths as the minimum requirement for maternity leave. As usual, most company just "adhere" to that minimum requirement.

    However, as a working mother, I do believe that with family support, it is possible to work and enjoy ur family life at the same time. I survived it!

    Trust me, there are many more demanding job out there which many working mothers survived and excel in.

    So, I guess it's a personal call then.

  7. MyJinsei, -- haaa really? your company takde provide unpaid leave? hmm... susah jugak tuh... anyway when officemates tak paham, memang frust... all the best to us working mothers k! :)

    niesa, -- itu lah, kan best kalau malaysia pun macam tuh.. 6 months paid leave, masyukkkkk.. !

    yup, whatever it takes... eh anyway you’re resigning is it? saw your fb status, but wasnt quite sure about that.. if you are, bestnye!!!! :)

    zie, tu lah.. dengan 2 months je maternity leave.. pastu no maternity related benefits or allowance.. *sigh*

    wow kalau u menangis, i can’t imagine how is it like when it comes to my time nanti.. huhu.. but one thing i’m thankful for, the 2 mothers are staying nearby to take care of my baby nanti... so, i salute to those yang kene hantar ke babysitter... including you.. but so far aisya is in good hands aite?

    iyma, -- itu lah.. aku ade terfikir jugak.. but we’ll see how..
    haha memang ah kalau bleh nak paid leave.. but if unpaid leave is the next best option, guess we should grab it aite...

    yup yup, if others can.. we also can.. but actually susah gak, cannot compare one working mother to another... itu yang paling aku risau.. kang ade la yang mula nak look down on new mother yang lemah macam aku ni kan... huhu...

    yannie, -- itu lah, aku perasan jugak ade yang benti keja after gave birth... how i wish i can join the bandwagon.. huhu.. tapi betul, memang tensyen if dapat boss / colleagues yang tak faham if kita amek mc or emergency leave for the pregnancy / family related purposes.. macam check up.. tak larat.. anak sakit.. etc... *sigh*

    anonymous, -- hi! :) wow good on you that you’ve survived it...

    well perhaps i shall see how am i doing once i get there.. who knows, i will be able to overcome the obstacles as well..

    anyway, though i agree with you, i must add -- getting the family support is one thing, of which i’m sure its easy peasy to obtain.. its the support from the colleagues, bosses and working environment that i’m questioning... hmm....

  8. just nak share, kt spore dah laa dpt 4 months maternity leave .. siap dpt elaun beranak ok!

    xsilap aku (lupe plak), anak 1st & 2nd dpt $4k, anak seterusnya dpt $6k ..

    susah la mcm ni. nampaknya we have to look for own our solutions (seek for job that need not extra time, tu belum msk medical benefit yg cover anak sakit, dekat dgn umah bla bla bla )

  9. cant imagine sending my baby to nursery..kecik lagi tu.mau meraung.
    lia..u so lucky ada mums ard.
    go mummy go:P

  10. farah, -- itu lahhhhh.. i heard that about singapore! *sigh* why can't malaysia appreciates the women better? :(

    MyJinsei, -- hehe thank you thank you... :) you also, ganbatte!!