Saturday, 23 January 2010

The one with... "keeping women at work"..

The title really caught my attention when I flipped through the MIA's magazine Accountants Today January 2010 issue...

Before I proceed, whatever I'm going to write later is going to be exactly extracted from the article in the said magazine, which was written by this person named "Anne Hashim".. I do not know how to ask for permission, but I think by giving credit to the writer and letting my readers know the source of information will be sufficient, the least..

SO here goes.

The article somehow speaks for myself, it's a topic that has been bugging me eversince I got to know that I was pregnant.. Even with the baby inside my tummy -- which means I get to carry him around whenever I go -- I'm already struggling at work.. I can't imagine how is it like when the baby is out -- which means he is an individual on his own, who needs to be taken care of..

Here are some interesting words from the article I mentioned about earlier on that I would like to share:

"Women make up a sizeable portion of the talent pool in many fields, including accountancy. Sadly, the fact that companies can't or won't accomodate their multiple roles -- especially as wives and homemakers -- means that this talent isnt' being fully utilised. How can Malaysian workplaces become more family-friendly?"

"One of the biggest challenges to being a working mother is the juggling of multiple roles in the workplace and at home."

"A survey on Population and Family conducted by the National Population and Family Development Board in 2004 revealed that 55.7% of women respondents resigned from their jobs due to family responsibilities, making obvious the lack of choices and support available to working women.."

"Juggling the dual role of motherhood and career woman will be made much easier if employers provide ample support, too. Research indicates that a balanced work and family life brings tangible benefits for employers - they will be rewarded with happier, productive staff, decreased employee absenteeism, increased job loyalty and more.."

"Sadly, few corporations in Malaysia have such initiatives in place for working women. Furthermore, Malaysia is one of the countries with the most minimal maternity benefits in the region, offering only about 8.5 weeks of paid maternity leave (compare this to the 16 weeks provided to Singaporean mothers). Even in Cambodia, working mothers get 13 weeks of maternity plus paid breastfeeding breaks (60 mins per day for 12 months) for mothers who wish to nurse their babies or express their milk..."

"At the end of the day, since women are accounting for increasingly large numbers of the workforce, it's only reasonable that support for working mothers must come not only from immediate families, but more importantly from their employers and the governtment...."

There. Very spot on.

Sigh.. Seriously I can't imagine how is it like to be a working mother soon.. especially with the (demanding) working environment I am currently in.. and I can already feel that the 2 months of maternity leave won't be enough for a first time mother like me... Hmmmm...

Okie dokie.. That's all I have for now... Enjoy your weekend k!

Till later~*

Sunday, 17 January 2010

The one with... a fulfilling weekend, before it went empty in the end..

After quite sometime, our Saturday has never been this eventful..

It's all started with us attending the antenatal class at PPUM.. Registration started at as early as 8 in the morning, and the class started at 8.30am.. By 7.45am we were already out on the road.. Gile ah, hari kerja pun tak seawal tuh.. :P

- Ntah bile Kerol sempat took a picture of me with the patung baby during one of the practical sessions ;) (Iyma, sorry gambar ko separuh je.. hehe) -

The antenal class covered 3 main topics - birth process, breastfeeding and newborn care.. Yang birth process tu was not much different from the one we've attended before... I mean, there's not much of a variety one class can do for the topic anyway.. It's the same pointers -- normal birth VS c-sec.. and the different type of pain reliefs and complications.. (ececehhh.. cakap macam pro dah skarang nih.. padahalllll.. :P)

It's the topics on breastfeeding and newborn care that I found to be so informative this time around.. coz we were asked to practise with the given patung baby.. In a way, it prepared me at least on how to do things like bedungkan baby, mandikan baby, etc. and breastfeed him... I even talked to my baby asking him to listen and learn as well.. :D So all in all, at the end of the session both Kerol and I agreed that we did the right decision to attend the class (and woke up so early in the morning on weekend.. ;P).. My uni friends Iyma and Bibi with the husbands were there in the class as well.. So sempat laaa main laga2 perut.. :D Bibi is in her 39 weeks and Iyma is in her 37 weeks.. Sume tunggu masa je tuh.. Huhu..

The class ended at 12.30 noon, and we were supposed to go to Bukit Jelutong to attend this baby party held by Kerol's friend.. But it started only at 3pm.. So, alang2 dah dekat dengan Midvalley, and knowing that Farah and family were going there, we called them up and arranged for lunch.. After much deliberation and sume pun dah lapar, we decided to settle at Nando's.. I had a great time! Learnt more tips on breastfeeding from Farah and got to lepaskan rindu kat Hadzim yang makin cute and tembam!!! :)

Then we made move to Bukit Jelutong and had another round of eating session there.. Huhu.. We didn't eat much though.. So it was more of a catching up session for Kerol with his friends.. Around 4.30pm or so we made our move back to KL.. My friend Ida actually did sms me earlier on, inviting us to come to her house.. Ada sessi makan2 katanya.. Not sure in relation of what event.. But by then we were quite exhausted already, especially me.. So I decided to give it a miss... I felt so sleepy I was in dire to take a quick nap.. Hence exactly what I did right after we reached home..

At night, both Kerol and I did our routine of house chores.. I did the laundry -- basuh this week's kain baju, lipat last week's kain baju, and sidai baju yang dah basuh.. Kerol on the other hand did the vacuuming, cleaning and ironing..

Why we rushed everything over one night? Sebabbbb.. harini.. Kerol is going to KK for an outstation job! *isk* It has been quite sometime though we both had to go for outstation job.. As for me, it was eversince I was in my 4 months pregnancy.. and as for Kerol, its ever since he had a change in his role at office.. So bila dia tiba2 kena pergi, rasa macam... sedih la pulak.. *sniff*

If there's any consolation, it's going to be only for 2 days and 1 night.. So ok laaa.. He's back in KL by tomorrow evening after work.. (fine, tak sampai pun 2 days sebenarnye.. :P).. But still, I'm now home alone on a Sunday night... Huuuuuu.

I sent him to KL Sentral at 4pm just now.. Before that, I had a great time having nasi lemak for breakfast with him in the morning at one of our favourite stalls in Wangsa Maju.. then balik rumah layan Melodi and did nothing else but borak2 and bumming around..

I was contemplating in between spending the night at my mom's house VS staying in at my own.. Thinking having to pack up for the working cloth, toiletries and whatnot, I decided to just stay in..

So here I am.. in front of the laptop with most of the lights being switched on.. :D

Okie dokie, enjoy the remaining Sunday..! I'm watching the re-run of the American Idol, the one with Mary J. Blige as the guest judge.. That General still got me all tickled lah with his 'pants on the ground' song!.. hahaha.. Just like what Simon said "I have a horrible feeling that song could be a hit".. :D

Alrightey.. Till later~*

*missing him already... *sObs* *

Friday, 15 January 2010

The one with... rindu..

I've been experiencing zillion wonderful and amazing things throughout my pregnancy so far.. and I know there will be more to come..

That, I don't deny..


Sekali sekala.. I couldn't help it from having this feeling..

I miss...

Wearing my baju kebaya.. and feeling kurus.. :P

Wearing nicely fit tops.. with jeans and high heels.. Oh how I miss shopping for high heels...

Drinking all sorts coffee drinks.. Ice-blended.. Hot coffee.. Iced coffee..

Fresh oyster!

Hana maki...

Sashimi!! *drooLing*

Half boiled egg...

Hmm ape lagi ek?

Oh.. I miss... being able to meniarap while surfing on the net.. :D

And I miss feeling lighter..

Hmmm cannot imagine nanti how is it like to go through confinement period.. Hoho.. Tapi takpe.. Confinement 2 months je kan.. ? Yang atas2 nih, 9 months kena tahan... huhu

Oh well, I know it's all definitely worth the 'sacrifice'..

So.. No worries.. anything for you, my darling little one.. You are so active today.. Mama love it.. :) Suka ye its Friday? =)

Ok peeps, enjoy your Friday.. and the weekend to come!

Till later~!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The one with... sleepy, hence the random updates.

  • I am so sleepy... these few days have been quite hectic for me. Well even if its not hectic, I get tired easily anyway.. But the thing is, no matter how tired I am during the day, I will still have the difficulty to sleep at night.. I thought its the right position that I couldn't find now that my tummy is getting bigger.. or perhaps the baby's active movements at night.. But I came to a conclusion that it's not because of those 2 reasons actually.. It's just that, I CAN'T sleep. My mind will be wandering about a lot of things, and I will keep on tossing and turning -- all these making me feel tired even more.. *siGH*

  • Following to my previous entry, Kerol and I have finally bought a breastpump for myself and few other stuff in the baby shopping list that we've initially categorised as 'unnecessary'.. Thanks to the comments received.. and also to my 'personal shopping assistants' Hana & Lynn.. :D I had a great time having a Friends-Gathering-Session-turned-Parents-Days-Out at the Curve with them the other day.. :) Now I'm in love with the stretch of baby shops they have in the Curve (and Kerol is too.. kan.. kan..? :)) Oh, but we still have not decided on our baby's bedding set yet.. Hmmm...

  • And because of that, I suggested The Curve when Tina asked where to meet for a catching up session last weekend.. =) I had a great time especially talking about pregnancy and motherhood.. And this Tina, upon telling her how far I am now with my pregnancy, dengan rileksnye and chirpynye boleh muttered "ouhhh last time masa ni I dah gave birth to Mika dah... you pun, tak lama lagi lah ni babe...".. Hoho scary ok!! I mean, I know it's about time soon, but not this month lah I hope.. Mintak2 cukup sampai 40 weeks... :) Oh by the way her Mika now is just so so SO cute and adorable! I hope my baby boy will be just as cute too, if not more... *hehe*

  • In view of my kaki getting bigger and more swollen with each passing day, I've bought myself a new pair of Crocs (I wanted to continue with my Scholl, but my feet can no longer fit into it.. huhu) to make sure walking is not a pain.. *yeay! happyhappy* I guess one of the perks of being pregnant is I get to shop and buy things (for reasons) too! :) Maternity tops, pants, cereals of my choice, milk, fresh fruits, more and more foodstuff, new sandal, etc etc and now.. new Crocs... in blue =)

  • My next check up is due in 8 days time, can't wait ! :) And my EDD is end of next month.. it's so unbelievable how fast time flies.. Huhu.. Completing the baby shopping list is one thing, but preparing myself mentally and physically is another.. I am so nervous. And I haven't packed my hospital bag yet (somehow I got this question about packing hospital bag posted to me all the time whenever I said that I am due next month.. hhmmm).

  • I am attending another antenatal class this weekend with Kerol.. This time around, it's gonna be more on the practical side of things, rather than a forum type like the one we attended previously -- well and so they said lah. We'll see how it goes nanti.. And this time around too, I will have friends attending together.. Hehe ade geng..

  • OK lah.. I better go now.. It's lunch time, the one and only time I've always been looking forward to during the working hours.. apart from the going back time, of course.

  • Till later~*

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The one with... perKEMBANGan semasa.. :P

First and foremost, Happy New Year everyone! Wishing you guys, myself included, for one great year ahead ya.. :)


And now (as the title suggests) here's presenting my perKEMBANGan semasa... huhu...

- pipi & muka kembang -

-hidung kembang -

- perut of course la kembang kan.. :) -

- officially paling kembang in the family.. and this pic captured the last time i ever indulged in ice-cream.. (yup, that's an ice-cream in my hand).. and any other favourite sweet delicacies of mine for that matter.. huhu.. (sikit2 ade la here and there.. just to satisfy my sweet tooth cravings.. which is, mana puas!! huhu).. -

remember in my previous entry i mentioned that based on the glucose tolerance test i took at the govt clinic, my sugar level was just fine? guess what, within the span of 2 days, i went to the private clinic as i was due for my check-up.. and just like what seems to be within overnight, my sugar level suddenly indicated otherwise -- a high reading.. *iSk*.. i was told that the normal reading is below 7.. and mine was 8.1.. of which according to my gynae, if controlled, can easily go down in no time.. so i am controlling my sugar and carbo intake for now though the cravings are its peak during this final trimester!

*hoping for the best.. huhu.. risau bila being told and read about the effects diabetes can have on the baby*

- kissing don-don goodbye for now :'( -

- oh, and finally.. kaki kembang.. hoho.. tapi yang pelik, only on the right side je.. hmmm.. (notice inai terakhir di ibu jari kaki? ;p) -

BUT... over and above these symptoms i have.. and experience.. they are all worth it everytime i flipped through my baby's album... and feel his strong movements in my tummy.. without fail, i'll feel so amazed and blessed and,.. and all this other equivalent great feelings beyond words to describe, to actually witness and experience myself his development with each passing day.. week.. and month.. :)

and especially during the last check up when finally the 3D scan enabled us to get a glimpse of my baby's face.... *good boy my dear* alhamdulillah..

- isn't he so cute and adorable? =') hidung comel, pipi montel.. *heart-melting love love* :)))))) -

now hidung kembang, swollen feet.. yadda yadda what???


okie dokie.. that's all i have for now.. goodnite! till later~*