Sunday, 20 December 2009

The one with... pre monday blues talking..

Hmmm i often find myself getting very very turned-off everytime after i received unwanted comments from anonymous.. (read: unwanted = komen yang macam tak membina..) To stick to 'ignorance is bliss' mantra after all is kinda hard i guess.. I mean come on, i am no angel, of course i'll feel uncomfortable just like any other human beings who have feelings would too.

I feel.. unfair knowing someone else gets to know updates about me and yet i don't get to know about the other person's.. (yang ada blog / exchange thoughts with me via comments lain cerita).

I feel.. friends dont make much effort anymore to contact me coz they can find out my updates from reading of my blog.

I feel.. office people judge me unnecessarily.

I feel.. those who hates me will keep on just reading quietly and thereafter thrash me behind my back, waiting for something bad to happen before start pointing out my flaws then.

I feel.. people make assumption of me and my life just by reading what i write here in my blog.. i mean, how shallow a person can be thinking that i write 100% about my life here right? but, then.. one can never be sure about that.. it's a mad mad mad world after all. a lot of different types of people do exist.

I feel.. that i've never meant and ever had any intention to step on someone's toes.. all i've been writing about all this while was nothing but in relation to myself and those around me.. so why the unpleasant anonymous comments? *sigh* I've been nothing but minding my own business, so why can't the anonymous? (please note am talking about the anonymous yang tend to kasi unwanted comments, not those anonymous baik ye.. )

Most of all.. I feel like wanting to stop blogging.. or perhaps put this blog into a private mode.. or disable anonymous comment..

I know there are other positive things i can feel, but at this very right moment.. this is what and how i feel.

Lets hope this feeling is just temporary. We'll see.

Salam Maal Hijrah to all my muslim friends and readers.. till later~*


  1. yes Lia, I agreed with u.. thats why aku private kan blog aku..

    but, It's in your hands.. tapi bagi aku ko abaikan lah komen2 yang xmembina tu.. xmenjadi kudis pun kat ko..


  2. i feel you lia......sometimes - org tau pasal kita...tapi kita tak tahu pasal dia orang.....

    tapi i am always right behind you girl, kalau u nak private i support you...

  3. takpe lia. i bet everyone goes thru this phase once in a while..

    u do what u think is best for u, okay? and hopefully, we get to meet up next week. miss you so terribly but ntah la, every weekend mcm ada je benda nak buat, heheh..

    love ya!

  4. oh..please lia don private ur blog.i luv to read ur blog
    Perangai manusia mmg mcm tu selalu ada PHD.
    for me honestly, if read a blog, n i dont like the way they write in blog.i totally terus tk der buat comment menyakitkan hati.
    org bodoh je buat menda mcm22 tu.
    Be strong girl..but depends on wat u think right and good for u.

  5. lilia... biar kan je la dorang2 tu. aku suka baca blog ko. klu ko stop blogging... kurang la bahan bacaan aku. dh la aku malas baca buku. huhuhuhuuhu!+ aku kan jarang jumpa ko, bila baca blog ko, aku tau la jugak perkembangan ko n baby...

  6. farah yg sentiasa happyDecember 21, 2009 3:57 pm

    biasa la. smua org xbleh senang kalo org happy-happy. maybe sbb dia sendiri x happy .. kesian org mcm ni.

  7. kan..susah nak ignore that kind of person..aku pelik gak la nape dia nak komen2 benda yg menyakitkan hati pastu menyorok as anonymous..hmmmph..penakut! kalo ko rasa benda ni (komen x membina dr anonymous) menyemakkan, buat la apa yg kalo ko rasa ko bleh je nak handle, let it be..kalo aku mmg x bleh la..bleh buat aku berpk bertahun2 lamanya nnt..hahah :P sbb tu aku private kan blog aku..wpon dlm blog tu aku asyik duk bebel pasal diri aku je..hehe

    dah la..jgn pk sgt (ckp senang la kan)..x baik utk baby :)

  8. hye lia

    how r u doing...hope ur baby is also perfectly fine...:D

    even since jd reader to ur blog...mostly everyday bb tgu for new post...bkn nak busybody but it just feel that "oh i know what's happening among my friends"....rase mcm ade connection dat we still keep in touch eventhough we hv no time to see each other...n through blogla we keep the friendship going...(i know it's jer bace lia punye stories...still thinking of whether nk share my stories ke x hehehe...kate tgh bercuti...sgt2 byk mase x tau nk bt ape nih cam best je if bole blog pasal the experience of growing up my baby kan kan)

    tp tula...x semua mcm tu...there r people out there yg gunekn blog just for the purpose nak busybody hal org lain n hv the guts plak nk komen2 this kind of people r around...juz hv to accept it n mmg x bole nk bt ape kt org yg mcm just who they r...

    so it's all up to's ur blog....nak private ke nak public's ur decision...but don't left me out ya kalau dh privatekn hehe

    p/s : patutla skang mcm slow je blog ni..izzit??

  9. lia..juz dont bother if people said smthing bad bout u..dahla masuk x bg salam..ko x boleh hide jer ke komen2 cam tu..aku njoy je baca blog ko ni..its how we i update bout u..aku nak wat blog hmm agak pemalas bab nak baca blog org aku rajin ar hehehe..lantakla org nk kate ape lia..kalu dia bagus sgt btau la dia sape..bole la kite tau bagus sgt ke dia isk isk..

  10. i feel....glad that I know you, and despite not being able to properly catch up with you in person....happy that we can still keep in toch through our blogs! Yeay!

    I believe that people do not have the right to judge others through blogging and the way they react is at times childlike and insensitive, but with a little bit of patience, we can grow mature about it and laugh it off! Yes, tough to do at times (I know, people judge me too...even people I regards as "close friends") but I keep in mind that I know myself better and if they do have a problem with me , kenapa menyorok kan??? Cakap depan tak boleh?

    There are other things that count besides that small irritating the family that loves you, the friends that support let's hang on to that and keep the happy thoughts!


  11. yantie, -- tu lah kan.. aku memang nak abaikan.. tapi kalau kena time jiwa kacau tu yang takleh blah tuh.. anyway thanks! :)

    zie, -- thanks zie.. rasanye malas lagi nak privatekan.. tengoklah nanti bila dah dapat baby kot.. anything i’ll keep you in the loop k!

    tina banana, -- yeah, i think so too.. it’s a normal temporary phase.. huhu.. and babe, bila nak jumpe nih… huhu..

    MyJinsei, -- itu lah kan.. i pun sama, tak suke, click ‘x’ terus.. but oh well, not all people are like us.. anyway thanks!

    yannie, -- thanks yannie, aku pun suke bace blog ko.. (hint: sila update slalu haip! :D)

  12. farah, -- itu lah kan.. kasihannnnn…

    iyma, -- memang pun, ntah ape2.. kalau betul tak puas hati reveal nama lah kan.. hampeh sungguh.. anyway thanks for the support :) aku time mood ok, takde masalah nak handle anonymous nih.. time2 jiwa kacau tuh yang kurang berkenan sket tuh.. anyway, tu lah.. tanak fikir sangat.. kalau nak private pun, i’ll do that after deliver. cannot imagine if people were to talk about my baby or the way kerol & i handle the baby.. cakap pasal aku je takpe lagi…

    bibi, -- hoho bibiiiiii.. kalau dah cuti lama tuh and boring2 bukak la blog!!! :) kalau private, jangan lupe invite lia okie dokie! hehe.. anyway yang pasal fair / unfair when people get to know my updates and i don’t get to know other people -- that was my emo talking.. huhu.. i shouldn’t have said, and felt that.. coz nasib la kan.. sape soh tak privatisekan blog.. of course it’s open for whoever yang nak baca.. huhu.. anyway blog ni macam slow lately coz either sibuk kat office.. or sibuk berehat kat umah.. :)

    yanti zuri, -- boleh je nak hide komen2 macam tuh.. tapiiii.. malas lah.. biar je lah.. tengok lah nanti aku ingat nak disablekan anonymous comment.. anyway thanks yanti sebab bace blog aku.. hehe.

    kak zue, -- :) thanks for the cheer up comment.. made me smile.. :) yeah glad that we get to keep in touch with each other via blogs.. anyway, true.. people judge us all the time.. even those close friends of ours.. it’s a matter of whether we want to take it.. or leave it.. kan.. oh well.. yuppie yup, i’m blessed with my other people who take me for who i am all around! *hugs*