Tuesday, 29 December 2009

The one with... parents-to-be's day out and updates :)

Am so happy and excited and not so panic-ky anymore.. (let's not go to the part about the actual giving birth thingy just yet okey.. ;P) Today and yesterday were very well spent, both Kerol and I went to go hunting for those stuff needed in welcoming our newborn soon.. =))))

(dah unpacked and went drool over the stuff that we bought, and packed balik.. tempat storage takde lagi, so they will remain in the plastic bag for now.. :p Ahhhh the sight of these stuff really gives me such a pleasant and soothing feeling..)

With a big smile plastered on my face, I can now tick-off those items in THE LIST one by one.. Weeeee~~~*

Paling thrilled adalah membeli those cute and colourful little baby rompers / babysuits and such.. I had to really refrain myself from overbuying them.. Huhu.. Gerammmm sangat2 tengok baju2 baby...

(sila abaikan the suggested quantity, of course we didn't buy that many.. cukup sekadar ada mengikut keperluan...)

I must say, completing the baby checklist is more fun as compared to completing the wedding checklist.. As for the baby checklist, when we tick one item off, means its really off the list.. Otherwise for the wedding checklist, things will materialise only when the day comes.. You know, like you tick off on items such as 'tempah baju', 'book catering', 'book make-up artist', etc... BUT you know for yourself that it will be really off the list when the day comes.. Huhu..

So now tinggal sikit2 lagi here and there to buy.. But of all things, Kerol and I somehow can't quite decide yet on the bedding set.. You know.. Baby cot.. Playpen.. Mattress.. etc.. I mean, is baby cot a necessary? Can we just buy the mattress set to be put on the floor (not directly on the floor, I mean, on a comforter / toto of sort) and let the baby plays and sleeps there during the day time.. and at night, let him sleep with us in our bed? But then, the mattress set we surveyed in the market was meant to be put in the baby cot -- i.e. comes with the bumpers and such.. Hmmm.. confuse.. confuse.. We are still contemplating on this anyway.. So we shall see how..

And particularly on my part, I am now quite concerned about the confinement related stuff.. Huhu.. Especially on the 'set selepas bersalin' -- which brand is good..what criteria should I be looking for (other than price) and also on the tukang urut -- what's per day rate is considered decent and reasonable.. Hmmm.. Any words of opinion?

Anyway, that's that. Like I said, I am more contended now that we have at least bought the basic stuff for our cute, lovely and adorable darling little one.. :)

I am doing fine, by the way. Been enjoying the long weekend by bumming around with hubby.. and purposely chose yesterday and today to do the shopping because we both are on leave and it's working day, so the crowd was not as huge as that of the weekend's..

And hubby has been such a good sport in entertaining my request to indulge in good food of my choice... :) Had seafood platter for two from Manhattan Fish Market yesterday.. and today, we spent almost 2.5 hours over the buffet spread of food for barbeque and steamboat at Seoul Garden... *nYamss!!*

Hmm but when it comes to shopping, sadly I can only last for max 3 hours only! Afterwards my feet will start to feel painful.. Like berdenyut2 like that.. Huhu.. I feel like a whale stranded on land.. :D

And these days I woke up in the morning having the numb feelings sort at my fingers.. Like macam berat and susah nak move.. From reading, it has got something to do with water retention.. and my nose and face, they are so kembang macam di pam2.. Huhu.. With the dark coloured & thick frame spec of mine, I feel like I'm wearing this all the time:

(okey, minus the bushy eyebrows and moustache ye... :D)

Hmm.. ape lagi.. Oh, I've gotten my result from the glucose tolerance test already.. Went to the govt clinic yesterday morning and phew thank God I didn't have that gestational diabetes associated to the pregnant ladies.. *alhamdulillah*.. And no more drastic weight gain *takut gila nak timbang depan nurse..* :p

This coming Thursday I am due for check-up at the private clinic.. Praying really hard that this time around we get to see a glimpse of our baby's face! Before this we've done the 3D scanning for two times already -- but yang first time he was playing with the umbilical cord, so his face was hidden behind it.. and second time, he was backfacing us.. Huhu.. Adakah baby boy kami ini pemalu orangnya??? :P Anyway from the last check-up we learnt that he's in the head-down position and he's weighing a healthy 1.8kg! :)

*Hoping for a smooth sailing journey towards the day I'm due for giving birth.... amin*

Okie dokie.. I guess it's time to get ready to sleep.. It's working day tomorrow -- 2 more days only to go that is.. Then, it's back to another long weekend.. Weee~* :))))

Alritey, till later~!


  1. hi lilia..i saw from the pict u beli avent breast pump..betul ke?or tu cuma feeding bottle?just wondering..why do u settle for avent?n not medela or other brands?

    actually i'm 5 months pregnant n now surveying for a breast pump..i'm thinking of getting medela still x made up my mind lg..hope u can share your views..


  2. wah.... sangat best shopping. shopping barang baby mmg menyeronokkan. kalau aku shopping sesorang, mesti najib boleh muflis. hehehehehe...

    insyirah dulu, tido dlm baby cot. tapi bila dia dh besar sikit dlm 3 bulan cenggitu dia tido atas katil, tapi insyirah tido buas, suka golek2, so dh berapa kali dia jatuh katil walaupun aku dh letak bantal utk hadang dia drpd jatuh. nasib baik katil aku rendah n ada carpet. baby cot selamat la utk anak2 yg tido buas mcm insyirah. huhuhuhuhu..

    tukang urut aku muda lagi tapi muda x muda la dlm lewat 30-an or awal 40-an kot, tp dia urut n jaga aku masa pantang mmg best la badan ringan je. dia kira hari. sehari 40 hengget. kalau amik byk hari dia bg discount, urut, tungku, pilis, mandi baby semua la, tapi dia ada packege. oleh sbb rumah dia dekat je kat greenwood so x de la extra charge. masa najib cuti, dia amik n hantar kakak tu. dia jual set bersalin mustika ratu n sendayu tinggi x salah aku. di sbbkan insyirah keluar ikut tingkap, aku x boleh la nk amik set bersalin. dia bg krim halia n pil yusmira utk kecik2 kan apa yg patut n utk buang angin. pas tu aku pakai bengkung leesa formula, sbb bengkung dia senang nk pasang n bukak. tapi ada org kata set bersalin leesa formula ni pun bagus jugak, tapi org kata la...

    best nye.. x lama lagi baby nak keluar dah. harap semuanya selamat ye!

  3. haha nnt first few months kau mcm blur xtau nak beli apa .. sbb smua dah beli :) tp still tgn gatal nak membeli jugak! ;)

    aku prefer mattress than baby cot .. sbb kalau kau bf, baby for sure tido dgn kau ..

    aku baru nak start mkn jamu bersalin lepas 6 bulan beranak.. xberani nak mkn jamu awal2, takut effect kat susu & baby. makan jamu lambat pon xpe. cuba fikir, kenapa mesti mkn jamu? utk slim balikkah? (aku dah back to normal weight 3months after delivery walaupon xmakan jamu). or utk betulkan sistem dlm badan? kalau stakat nak betulkan sistem badan so makan lambat2 pon xpe, yg penting kau dpt bf. tp bengkung is a must!!!

    latest photo dgn hidung & muke kembang mana?? hehe. xpe la. aku nak g jumpe kau sendiri nak tengok "perkembangan" kau before kau deliver. it must be fun! ngeeeee

  4. time sale.savingg.
    OMG..bila fikir psl checklist its also remind me abt wedding preparation.during tht time sooo excited.But tunggu baby pn excited more excited, tapi nape i blum start beli lagi.
    i rasa mcm confius, mcm byk menda nk kena beli, plus nervous psl giving birth, who will take my baby when i away for work.adoiii22 byknya kena fikir.
    relaksss2222take a deep breath.

    i can cool down when i read ur blog.Blh jadi reference

  5. wah lia, ko sgt particular siap ada cheklist.. baru aku sdr byk rupanya nak kena beli.. weee beshnyer aku dapat rasakan keseronokannyer..

    wish sok turn aku plak.. well as for the idung kembang tu aku rasa mmg almost all pregnant lady kot mengalaminyer, dont worry nti ia akan kembali normal..

    well, selamat bersalin.. eh btw bila ko due ek?? :)

  6. hi sya, -- congrats on your pregnancy! :)

    anyway that bit of avent you saw in the pic was the feeding bottle.. i have not yet bought breast pump.. but you are right, they said medela is the best.. and there’s another one brand, i can’t recall as of now.

    but if you were to ask me for my view, i ingatkan taknak beli lagi breast pump for the time being.. i want to see how am i doing first, i.e. whether able or not to produce milk for my baby.. (of course i’m hoping for the best -- been telling that to myself and talk to the baby about it since i was in my 5 – 6 months.. huhu).. coz some of my friends advise, kalau susu banyak.. pakai breast pump cap ayam pun ok.. takyah invest mahal2.. but kalau susu sikit, beli la yang mahal2 pun, takkan jalan.. something like that la.. so i ingat dalam masa 2 bulan berpantang tuh nak tengok my own performance, then only i’ll decide on which one to buy..

    but again, that’s the decision i reached with my husband.. different people might have differing opinions about this..

    selamat bershopping barang baby! :)

    yannie, -- hoho memang best!! :) aku sampai kerol nak kena drag me away from the baby section sebab dia bleh nampak aku dah naik syeikh.. haha.

    anyway, thanks for your sharing of thoughts pasal baby cot tuh.. will take that into consideration..

    anddddd.. nanti aku calling ko ek about the tukang urut.. tapi tu lah, nanti aku berpantang kat umah mak aku kat keramat.. nak kene tanye cemane plak caj dia..

    anyway, thanks also for sharing about set bersalin tuh.. ye tak ye jugak kan, kena tengok jugak bersalin cemane.. hmmm..

    itu lah kan, macam tak percaya je due date dah dekat! nervous gile nih… (-_-”)

    farah, -- abes2 busuk, ape lagi.. beli baju and baju and more baju lahhhh.. :D

    mak aku pun cakap benda yang sama about baby cot VS mattress… dia kate baby nanti tido ngan kita.. kalau dalam baby cot macam susah nak kena angkat2 everytime dia nak menyusu..

    ouhhh a;ah kan.. masa aku gi parenting forum tuh pun dia ada cakap benda yang sama.. kalau breasfeed, jangan amek jamu etc, sebab it will goes to our milk as well.. nanti baby consume apa yang kita consume.. hmmm.. so bengkung ape yang ko pakai? sharing is caring sketttt.

    hahaha latest photo? nanti lah aku capture… hehe.. tapi kalau ikutkan memang takde mood nak bergambar skang nih.. :P cehhh bila ko datang jumpe aku wehhh.. jom jumpe… nak gomol hadzim! :)

    MyJinsei, -- hehe happy! :) i’m sure you will come to this feeling soon when you start with your baby shopping.. hehe.

    anyway itu lah kan, cakap pasal checklist memang teringat masa wedding prep dulu.. tu yang i compare tuh.. :P

    yang pasal tak shopping lagi for baby tuh, don’t worry.. i had the same situation jugak.. rasa excited, tapi tak start2 jugak… taktau ngape.. huhu.. tu yang marathon terus 2 hari berturut2 try to complete as much as possible..

    anyway you start la buat target, bila nak beli barang2 baby.. slowly, one thing at a time k.. :) don’t forget to survey around about babysitter and such.. ape2 pun, i’m glad i can be of your reference.. but bear in mind, i’m a first timer jugak tau macam you.. so you might want to refer to other mommies’ blog for a better reference…

    all the best and enjoy!

  7. yantie, -- huhu.. i guess its normal kot for a first timer macam aku nih to be particular.. :P panic lah, i know nothing about handling a baby tau.. huhu..

    insyaAllah, aku doakan this new year of 1431H and 2010 will bring you a better luck when it comes to pregnancy, amin... :)

    thanks yantie for the well wishes.. insyaAllah if all goes well aku due end of feb.. wish me luck!

  8. best kan shopping.. *grinnn* aku pilih barang smpai husband aku gi duduk sbb x larat nak ikut.. (aku ke dia yg pregnant ntah..hahah) seriously wpon penat cam nak pengsan, aku jln jugak sbb excited giler! :D

    bila kira2 balik the total we spend, husband puji aku sbb aku manage beli mcm2 brg tp x abes byk..thanx to year end sale! and sbb aku byk pilih brg yg murah..heheh..

    aku dah beli breast pump..brand tommee tippee..sbb feeding bottle dia sgt cantik! harga lebih kurang avent aku anggap quality lebih kurang la bila baca komen ko kat atas, cam menyesal lak beli awal..x terpk plak pasal sumer x pe lah..dah beli pon..

    aaa..aku x sabar nak update pasal ni kat blog aku..cuma mood belum smapai...

  9. lilia,
    pada pendapat saya..playpen better coz dia besar pada babycot..nanti baby dh besar sikit boleh main dlam tu smpai trtido..
    barang baby jgn beli banyak sgt..nnti org bagi lagi..smpai ada yg x sempat nk pakai dh kecik...
    yg penting pantang mesti ikut..x kisah la normal atau ceaser..bengkung jgn tinggal..bukan setakat nk kurus tp badan nk kuat..takut nnti lembik and mcm2 lg masalah org pompuan..jgn minum ais smpai 100 hari..set brsalin yang best nona roguy atau nama baru NR..bole banyakkan susu and x beri kesan kpd baby...
    pasal breast pump..mmg madela is the best..yg electric harganya bole pakai lama..bole simpan for next baby..ok take care..


  10. iyma, -- bestttt !! :) aku plak, kerol ugut kalau aku teruskan gak berjalan malam nanti dia taknak tolong urutkan kaki.. huhu.. so nak taknak terpaksa akur dengan keadaan diri yang boleh dikategorikan sebagai ‘kenderaan berat’ nih..

    itu lah.. aku pun pilih barang mix and match the price.. tapi total figure at the end of the day tuh, tak sure la berbaloi tak.. hehe.. tapi ye, aku sangat thankful now is year end sale!

    yang pasal breast pump tuh, ko jangan la terpengaruh ngan aku.. ok lah tuh ko dah beli.. nanti leh aku tanye ok ke tak brand yang ko pakai tuh!

    oh ye, sila update blog about your shopping experience! :)

    mira, - hi! thanks for sharing your thoughts about this…

    tu lah kan, husband pun cakap benda yang sama about playpen VS baby cot tuh.. so we’ll see how later..

    and true! you are not the first person yang cakap about jangan beli banyak sangat baju baby.. nanti orang kasik lagi.. pastu baby akan cepat membesar.. huhu.. i had a hard time to restrict myself from buying more and more of the baju.. hehe.. in the end, berjaya beli 5 jer dulu.. :)

    yup, i’ve read about the importance of berpantang.. will definitely follow all the do’s and dont’s.. so far dah few people has suggested NR set ni.. nanti i will check it out..

    and finally thanks for your well wishes! :)

  11. hi kak lilia!ok first i gotta admit am a tiny bit disappointed cos i was browsing down this post looking at one photo after another in hoping for at least half a photo with this lovely mother to be in it but i got a weird looking party mask instead.hmmm.

    oh if you opt for a cot, twinsbaby has plenty to offer and they're currently having a y.e.s too!try check it out.ohh and playpen is mighty know playtime,naptime, travelling yadda yadda.

    and btw, i used the amway confinement set.its pretty okay, i love the whole herbal bath and the firming tapel & such but the afterbirth pills kinda brings in the constipation for me. normal delivery + constipated = big OUCHH!

  12. hey!!
    Wawawawa xleh bg comment pasal shopping baby,or breast pump or baby cot..left outnye..xde pengalaman..hahaha..but excited baca post so sebelum basi kene tulis something gak.. :)
    Anyway,adakah checklist tu tulisan ko? So grown up sungguh tak percaya.hehe sudah curvy2 kat checlist hospital tu dah ada sikit2 the real you (yg tulis ibu tu) hehehe

  13. aku suggest playpen sebab dia besar lagi and boleh pakai dari newborn sampai baby besar..
    as for breast pump.. you must have it! nanti kau dah bersalin mane boleh keluar rumah beli kan.. if you plan to give exclusive BM, kau kena start simpan stock masa dalam pantang lagi..
    masa baby baru lahir, dia banyak tido.. so time tu nanti your breast akan bengkak and time tu la kena pump.. kalau lama sangat bengkak boleh demam.. lagipon kena ajar jugak baby hisap botol, nanti senang orang yg menjaga dia bila kau dah start kerja.. ;)

  14. aimie, -- haha so sorry to disappoint you hot mama! :P truth is i’ve been in no mood to pose in front of the camera of late.. just imagine my normal face with that weird looking party mask and you’ll get a glimpse of idea about my latest look! :)

    anyways. thanks for sharing. will check out what twinsbaby has got to offer and also on that amway confinement set.

    hope you’re coping well with the motherhood world… take care missy!

    nana, -- wah ko komen blog aku! :D memang IT savvy ko ni skarang.. ngan FB nye.. blog-hopping nye.. hehehe..

    anyway, you can start taking pointers from now on whatttt.. *wink* but don’t worry, you'll know from who to get such a comprehensive checklist (to set you all panicky when the time comes), just how you seek for the engagement & wedding checklist! haha.

    ohhh tidakkk.. checklist tuh bukan tulisan aku.. sungguh bukan aku ye kalau tulisan curvy2 nih.. hehe.. but yeah spot on, you still know me quite well.. that tulisan ‘ibu’, ‘mama’, ‘towel kecik’, etc (i.e. in blue), yes, those are mine! ;)

    hana, -- hmmm ko nye komen gives me a whole lot of new perspective.. thank you thank you. balik ni nak kene diskusi balik with kerol nih..

  15. hi lilia..
    ingat lagi ke? takpa..yg penting nak share something as ma pn pregnant 36 weeks now..set bersalin memang kebanyakan orang suggest NR tp diorang yang dah makan ckp NR ni panas skit..awal2 bersalin mmg takleh makan lagi..nak2 plak kalau baby jaundice kan..kadang tu lepas sebulan baru itupun kekadang baby cirit..bila dah jadik camtu, kita kurangkan laa dos dia..diorang ckp leh buat taktaulaa pengalaman orang lain laa bukan first dulu ma makan ubat tok bidan je..for second baby ni ma dah beli set leesa, ada extra pil pati ikan haruan..utk luka2 dalaman..orang kedai tu claim..kebanyakan orang beli NR atau leesa..kalau takut badan takleh terima NR (sbb panas ibu dan anak) amik leesa..sebab tu ma amik leesa..terpengaruh ke apa aku ni..hahah..sendayu tinggi plak cam renyah skit..ada pil yang kena consume masa 10 first days laa..pastu next ten days kalau tak silap laa kan..padahal awal2 tu mana leh makan jamu lagi pun..sian kat baby..

    dulu ma guna breast pump tak pandai pump sangat kot dan tak kena masa..masa dia tgh banyak..sakit2 tempat tu..tak pump sbb tak beli lagi..susu ni pun kena guna psikologi kan..majalah pa & ma ckp kena pump every two hours kot..jadik hasil kurang memuaskan..tommee tippee bpa free..avent yang bpa free adalah lebih ada kawan yang jenis susu banyak beli pureen elektrik je..dia kata nak perah kena ada tak pi belajar lagi ngan tak beli lagi breast pump..

    hoho..pasal hidung tu kan..kata orang mengandung anak lelaki mmg camtu..hidung jadik kembang..kalau baby girl sama rasa ada gak betulnya..

    ok lilia..dah panjang plaks..hoho by the way..anak ma yang first tak beli playpen tak beli baby cot..dia tido ngan ummi je..senang nak bagi susu..satu lagi tido bersentuhan kulit ngan dia..mmg satu perasaan yang tak reti nak gambarkan :)

  16. hi lilia,
    juz wondering, kat mane lilia dapat list tu eh? i have to start a list, tapi x tau nak listkan i guess kalau ada list yang mcm lilia senang sikit. juz tick aje..hehe

  17. Hehe told ya!!! Bestkn shopping brg baby sekali gus mcm ni....rase satisfied gile once u started ticking off one by one item on the list.pastu blk rmh punggah tgk all da stuff yg dh beli tu.Bb siap kene sound w my mum sbb beli byk (zaman dulu xde list2 cm kite ni kot haha)

    well,since dh beli..lps ni kene start sorting for stuff to put in one bag for ur trip to hospital for me...doc dh bg hint on date nk c-sar wic will be on 11-13 of jan.suspen kn...esok check up nk see how's latest condition.

    N oh ye....b br amik set bersalin amway tropical in most forum byk suggest amik either leesa,amway n Nona roguy pun ok but too expensive.however,it actually depends jugak,one product may have diff effects on diff quite subjective jugak nk ckp wic product is good.decide amik amway pun sbb price ok n so far xde amway user comment on side effect to baby such as berak Cair etc hope this help

  18. ma, -- hi ma! of course ingat lagi.. :) lame menyepi kat comment box dalie.. and sini juga.. hehe tau2 dah nak ada 2 anak dahhh… congrats2x !

    anyway, thank you for sharing.. very useful, and i’m sure it could be of a help to my other readers too… :) so far what i gathered from talking to other people, rata2 pun suggest these 3 brands for set bersalin – NR, leesa formulae, and amway.. so nanti i'll check it out and we’ll see how.. anyway will definitely take note on all the pointers highlighted..

    about the breast pump pun, nak kena survey which brand to buy.. again rata2 pun suggest about the same brand.. medela.. spectra.. tomee tippee.. avent.. choices choices choices.. hmmm..

    hoho itu lah.. rasanye kalau pregnant nih memang ade je yang mengembang.. tak kesah la pregnant with baby boy ke baby girl ke kan.. ;)

    can’t wait to have that bonding moment with my baby.. skarang ni pun kalau main2 ngan dia by touching my tummy pun takleh nak express with words the amazing feelings, what’s more bersentuhan kulit for real kan… :)

    kak hanney, -- sila check inbox kat facebook k! :)

  19. bibi, -- itu lah, memang best!! :) yang tak bestnye cume cepat penat dah skang nih.. huhu.. anyway the part about kena sound by the mothers tuh memang betul pun.. lia pun, both mom & MIL asyik dok laa cakap ini tak payah.. itu tak payah.. sebab time diorg dulu tak pakai pun benda2 tuh and yet they can raised us up without any problem.. heh.

    and yup, can’t wait to start sorting those stuff into the right place.. and bibi!!! bibi dah nak deliver dah keeee… cepatnye !!! nanti jangan lupe update tau.. bibi pilih la 11 jan.. macam cantik je tarikh 11.01.10, leh susun jadik 110110 ;)

    and macam lia ade reply komen2 kat atas.. at least now i know that the suggested brands are either NR, leesa formula or amway.. so its about choices choices choices.. huhu.. we’ll see.. takpun nanti pas bibi dah deliver and start consume amway tuh, leh tanye bibi kan…

    all the best bb!! and take care tau!!!

  20. hey lia,

    did my baby shopping too last week and adalah sukahati becos i hv bought almost 90% of the important stuffs..

    confinement set i beli leesa formula.. mula nak beli NR but after hopping into almost three jamu shops, all sales assistants suggested leesa formula.. so beli la leesa formula.. price-wise, okay la.. kalau u tanya i, mmg i kata mahal, hahaha.. but dah kata kena jugak beli.. pejam mata jelah..

    i bought the avent bpa free breast pump.. not sure whether it's good or not.. apa2 nanti bila dh guna i will tell u my opinion..

    best kan shopping for baby's stuffs? hehehe

  21. aduih mengah aku nak baca post ko ni..komen yg panjang lebar nye..bagus2..siap nana komen lg fuyoo huhuhu...aku pon tumpang xcited..lia ko mesti hari2 mau tgk balik brg2 baby tu kan...sbb aku dolu2 mmg camtu..hari-hari mau tgk brg2 baby tu..selagi x deliver..ape punye peel la hehehe..syazwan x leh ckp apa dah..aku dulu pakai set bersalin my experience set tu mmg far x de effect apa2 kat baby aku kan c-sar so aku x pakai pon bengkung tu..byk gak la bhn2 yg aku x pakai..
    pasal breast pump tu aku rase ko better get one la..aku dulu pn igt x byk once baby dah hisap..mmg byk sgt susu..lmbat feed je rase mcm nk bengkak jer..ade breast pump leh simpan susu tu..
    towards the end ni byk2 la berehat..dah last2 ni baby selalu je mengeras..bykkan doa..insyaAllah dipermudahkan ko bersalin pon sihat..jgn pikir bukan2 sgt..everything will be fine..

  22. halo tina banana :), -- hehe mari2 sama2 suka hati.. weeeee~~* i pun tinggal sikit2 here and there to top up the list… :) and ho yeah shopping for baby stuff memang BEST!

    yanti zuri, -- haha awat sampai mengah2.. anyway a;ah.. aku hari2 tengok barang2 baby tuh.. tapi.. nak kata looking forward to deliver pun, tak jugak.. sebabbbbb.. takoooootttt… huhu.. :P

    anyway thanks for sharing your experience.. dulu2 mesti ko ade cite kan.. tapi masa tuh of course bagi aku masuk telinga kanan kuar telinga kiri.. hehe.. dah kata tak relevant.. :P and also, thanks for the well wishes!