Friday, 11 December 2009

The one with... my experience doing check up at govt clinic..

It’s Friday and I’ve been working hard for the past couple of weeks to catch up with the things these people were rushing for, coz they are all going for long leaves already by next week.. and will be back only next year. Leaving me playing ‘jaga’ for the office.. Huhu.

Anyway I need a break, so here I am…

I normally go to the private hospital / clinic (not sure a Pusat Perubatan is considered as a hospital or clinic) to do my monthly check up.. But since I’m keeping myself open for options, I decided to go for check up at the government clinic as well -- just in case I decide to deliver at the government hospital.. Coz they said one needs to have that ‘buku merah’ for admittance to the government hospital.. Not sure how true, but I wanted to play safe.

So I thought, ok lah.. Just go for one visit, then I should be fine.. though it’s a bit of a hassle coz check up at government hospital / clinic can only be done on weekdays.. not to mention the waiting time too.

Nevertheless, I went to the one in Gombak last month together with Kerol. We were not so kiasu to come very early in the morning, so we embraced the long waiting time..

How was it? Honestly, I thought it was (surprisingly) a pleasant experience. Minus the waiting time + the part it must be done on working days + the fact that some days the doctor won’t be around for consultation, that is. The nurses were actually quite nice. And they gave a lot of useful information without you asking for it. And did a lot of tests too in comparison to the one I had at my normal place for check up. Amongst others, they gave me the injection for kancing gigi.. and that day I did the blood test too.

Because of the blood test, I decided to go again for check up at that government clinic coz I wanted to know the result though I’ve done the same blood test at my normal place for check up and had my result -- I was said to have a quite low red blood count (or whatever the correct term is). I was like, ok fine I’ll just go for the 2nd time to get the blood test’s result, and that’s it I will be done with government clinic.

So I took some time and went again yesterday, this time around, alone. Coz Kerol had to attend meeting in the morning.. Lagipun we noticed that those who go for check up at the government mostly are not accompanied by the husbands.. Hmmm.. Why eh?


As expected, I got turned off by the waiting time. And the fact that there was no doctor around, again… *sheeshh*. But I obtained more information than the last time. Especially now I need to start counting and timing the number of baby movements in a day. And I had my second injection for kancing gigi.. Perhaps maybe I am already at my later stage of pregnancy.. Huhu.. Anddddd.. the best part was, the ‘ujian gula’ or ‘glucose tolerance test’ people were talking about, I was instructed to come again next week for such a test!!! Sebab.. Sebabbbbb.. I gained 4kg in a month! Ngaaaaaa… :’(

But hey I thought its normal for mothers to gain so much of weight at the later stage of pregnancy?? No? Coz honestly, I didn’t feel like I’ve been eating like a lot A LOT… *siGh* And, what if, it’s the baby who is putting on weight.. not me? *hehe keji and nonsense*

I wanted to ignore the instruction for I have had enough going there for check up. BUT. I feel guilty to the baby if I were to just chuck that aside. So yeah, looks like I am going to the clinic again next week… Huhu.. And hopefully I'm actually not developing this form of diabetes called gestational diabetes some woman have during pregnancy..


If there’s any consolation, the nurses were quite impressed to see how ‘beautiful’ my tummy is.. and that my kaki is not swollen… *smiLe* Hope it stays that way until the day I give birth.. *amin*

I am due for check up at my normal place tomorrow, so lets see what my gynae will have to say.. if she also orders me for the glucose tolerance test, then I know I shouldn’t take things easy.. Huhu.. But one thing for sure, can’t wait to have the 3D scan done, coz during the last check up, my baby’s face was hidden a bit coz he was playing with his umbilical cord.. Hopefully this time around, I get to see a glimpse of his face…. Can’t wait! :)

So okie dokie, that’s all I have for now.. Looks like I need to start monitoring my diet from now on… Cannot be so selamba about it anymore.. huhu.. But this weekend will be packed with weddings (read: nasi minyak yummy yum!) and I just bought a big bag of chocolates from the Christmas bazaar sale Valiram is organizing specifically for the firm I’m working with… How? How????? Big problems I've got here peeps…! :P

Alritey till later.. Enjoy your weekend! :)


  1. Lilia, k emy pun dulu cam tuh jugak..dah masuk bulan ke-7, barula sajer nak pergi govt hospital..sebabnyer, k emy raser cam, beranak kat maner2 pun, sakit tetap , kitorang ingat bersalin kat hospital serdang dah ler..hikhikhik, lagipun time tuh hospital serdang still baru lagi, so environment + labor room memang best ..n sblm tuh, monthly check up k emy pergi clinic kat rumah je, memang betul, hospital serdang suruh k emy buat test itula, inila + bg banyak information...kesimpulannyer govt hospital ok jugak la...hikhikhik

    take care ok dear! ;)

  2. tu lah kak emy.. saye pun terfikir macam tuh gak -- private ke govt ke mane2 pun sakit gak.. its the work of nature for us woman.. antara lucky atau tak je kan.. sebab tuh ade terfikir nak deliver kat govt hospital... tapi tu lah, tak sure lagi.. we'll see how :)

  3. B agree sgt w information part tu,first time pg gov nurse explain detail giler,from mcm mane nk jage mase pregnancy smpla breastfeeding.private pun not as good as check kt private die x warn pun psl berat naik whatsoever,tp gov concern giler.

    Tp b sendiri dh stop pg gov clinic,mls nk amik leave pg doc ckp in my condition ni,kalau gov dh kene doc sporting so now I'm on 2wks MC.kene bedrest kt umh.dulu b mcm lia,kaki x bengkak lgsg,but now bengkak giler,mkn x jage,blasah je...hehe

  4. lia, tu laa aku suke checkup kat gov clinic. sbb sbnrnya gov clinic lg buat mcm2 test dpd private clinic. pastu smua jab pn free :)

    aku pegi klinik awal, dlm 7.30am. normally by 9am dah setel dah. sbb aku amik 2hrs leave. so ok la. lantak laa kiasu pn kiasu la .. at least i dont have to take a half day leave.. rugi. kene plak nnt dah kene weekly checkup .. pengsan laa kalo every week kene amik leave.

    waaahhh kau kene amik test air gula ke ... hahahhaha. gotcha!!tulah akibatnye kalo byk naik ..(aku xkene :P) byk minum air suam ok :)

    kau belum lg tu .. enjoy laa dulu. aku pn dah msk 9bulan baru kaki bengkak & stretch mark keluar menjelmakan diri .. tak chanteksss sungguh.

    ok take care! :)

  5. Lia, biasala kat klinik government mmg camtu.. nak jumpa dr. mmgla payah memanjang je xde.. balik2 jumpa nurse jer..

    jenuh menunggu tu mmg dah tentu..

    eh ko kena minum air gula ek.. hahah aku penah buat juga, euwww minum air gula mcm glukose tu satu gelas, dahla perut kosong sblm tu, lepas 2 jam tu pun xleh minum or makan apa2.. uhh..

    seronoknye nak wat 3d scan tu.. tiba2 sedih lak aku..

    well, good luck to u! :)

  6. to me, the waiting time is the most annoying bit of all when it comes to going to the govt clinic. other than that, okay je kot. the nurses at sri rampai branch are pretty strict but very informative. u can ask them just abt everything. :)

    i am also due for my 3d scan next month.. hope all goes well to both of us!


  7. oh..slalu dgr org ckp mcm2 psl govt hospital/clinic. tkmcm private hospital yg i pegi.Charge mahal, tp everything kita kena start tanya sendiri, kalu tk jgn harap.
    Thinking to change the hospital cos really not satisfied with them.

  8. cam menarik plak g check up kat govt cam x sanggup je nak tgu lama2..

    ko naik 4kilo doc suh buat glucose test? apesal masa aku naik tetiba 5 kilo doc x buat apa2 ek? aku risau gak sbb kaki aku makin bengkak..and now dah merebak kat tgn..risau plak..maybe next check up kena tanya doc.. (hmm..see..check up kat private semua kena tanya sendiri..mula la aku x puas hati nih)

    oh..nape ko sgt best x bengkak kaki? and nape tummy ko sgt cantik?? perut aku xde strech mark (yet) tp jd gelap..x tau la sbb ape..aku selalu sedapkan hati sendiri ckp that was the baby reflection..x pon byg2 baby (gila punya imagination..hahah)..apa pon aku harap lps deliver nnt kulit tu back to normal..aku dah la x berapa nak putih, makin gelap..burok bebenar rupanya!

  9. bb, -- itu lah, nurse explain macam2.. bab2 pemakanan pun dia advise jugak.. kira rasa macam ada value add la kat situ .. unlike private, kita tanya baru diaorang explain… but yang best kat private is everytime jumpa gynae, mesti dapat ‘jumpa’ baby skali.. :) sebab govt takde buat scan2 ni unless bila due to jumpa doctor… kan..

    lia ni still gagah lagi la nak pegi govt... tak amek leaves, tapi amek time off..

    oh kenapa bibi dapat MC 2 weeks? sebab condition bibi tuh ke.. yang placenta placenta previa tu ke? you better take care k…

    farah, -- hoho aku saje je cakap pegi awal tuh kiasu.. padahal nak sedapkan hati sendiri coz aku ni pemalas lipas nak bangun awal gila to queue.. pegi keje pun tak seawal tuh.. :P

    anyway aku pun amek time off jugak.. dah kate annual leaves takde dah kan… if ada konfem aku amek je.. senang.. coz by the time aku setel kat govt check up mesti aku rasa panas dan berlengas.. huhu.. nak tak nak gagahkan diri jugak la pegi masuk office balik after tu..

    itu laaaaa… mane nak tau aku naik 4kg wehhh.. aku memang tak monitor berat, and aku makan macam biasa jer.. cuma maybe lately aku banyak nak makan benda2 manis.. aiskrim la.. coklat la.. etc.. so skarang kena monitor diet aku.. huhu..

    cessss hopefully i can avoid both kaki bengkak & stretch mark… aminnnnnn… :)

    yantie, -- tu lah.. tapi yang masa aku datang check up untuk glucose test tuh, the nurse arranged for me to see the doctor.. phew finally. aku rasa doctor memang ada la, sebab bilik dia macam tersorok.. antara kita due atau tak to see him / her.. hehe ni teori aku sendiri lah.. :P

    hey don’t be sad k, i know its easier said than done.. but remember have faith and be positive !!!

    tina, -- kan.. paling menyampah nak tunggu.. dah la panas.. huhu.. tapi bila dah dapat jumpe the nurse / doc, berbaloi baloiiii.. :D yeah all the best to us! xoxo.

    MyJinsei, -- which private hospital you went to? hmm tu lah.. apart from all the hiccups i mentioned about govt checkup, they are actually not that bad you know.. i mean, its FOC, what more can you ask for kan… but i still go to both. i’m quite comfortable with the private clinic i’ve been going to.

    iyma, -- sila la pegi govt clinic for the experience :) tapi memang, waiting time is such a kill! huhu.. memerlukan kesabaran yang tinggi..

    hmm aku pegi checkup kat private pun diorang tak buat ape2 about that sudden increase of 4kg.. but yeah, kat private if anything you have to ask.. otherwise they wont say anything.. huhu.. ko better tanye lah, sampai bengkak tangan nih…

    hahahaha sorry couldn’t help it nak tergelak baca komen ko pasal perut gelap.. :) well, lain orang lain symptom nye kot.. aku ni pun risau dok bragging pasal takde kaki bengkak and stretch mark.. hoho takut woooo if tiba2 dapat… we shall see.. anyway at least you don’t have to worry, whatever you are experiencing is normal, and it’s a part and parcel of the pregnancy package.. (wahh senang betol aku cakap.. sila campak balik ayat nih kat aku bila aku start mengomel pasal stretch mark and kaki bengkak nanti.. huhu).

  10. So Lia, in total, semenjak pregnant ni ko da naik bape kg?
    Psal perut ko xde stretchmark tu:
    1) agaknye bekas2 perut ko yg dlu tu leh mengembang kot (dlu kan ko agak gemuk).
    2) Jgn brag sgt. Slalu Tuhan cepat je balas.

  11. anonymous,

    1. only close friends call me lia ye.. not some anonymous person, who btw could be someone from my circle.. but still...
    2. hehe cehhh.. yup i was once fat, but perut takde lah buncit macam orang pregnant weh.. so the most logical explanation about stretch mark tu is, i've not even reached 8 months of pregnancy...
    3. i wasnt bragging, i was just having my moment while it lasts.. and hoping for the best.. can u please jangan berburuk sangka can or nottttt ?
    4. hmmm what makes u think i'm telling you about my weight gain? :)

  12. lps baca psl u tk der strecth mark, membuatkan i sedar sknag.jgn mls..kena sapu cream kt perut kalu tk menyesal.
    Hopefully i pun tk nak bengkak22 kaki.

  13. lps baca psl u tk der strecth mark, membuatkan i sedar sknag.jgn mls..kena sapu cream kt perut kalu tk menyesal.
    Hopefully i pun tk nak bengkak22 kaki.

  14. MyJinsei, -- hi.. hmm selagi i tak deliver i cant confirm stretch mark tuh ade ke tak.. so far memang takde lah kan, alhamdulillah.. anyway yup, sila apply the cream seawal minit pertama k... :)