Monday, 7 December 2009

The one with... Monday morning 'bad news'..

Just when I have my accomodation sorted...

Just when I have discovered that I actually still have one more day of annual leaves...

Just when I have discussed with Kerol on our itenary... and roughly plan our budget...

Just when I thought I can add 'Trip to Singapore 2009' into "My Travelling Stories" list..

Just when I got excited thinking that I can hang out with Alin in Singapore..

Just when I felt so happy imagining a holiday trip with Kerol for the last time before I deliver sometime early next year..

Just when.......

And thennnnn came the bad news -- Singapore is quite strict when it comes to allowing the (heavily) expectant mothers entering their country... *sheeeeshhhh* :(

Should I.. or shouldn't I.. take the risk? Ngaaaaaaaa.... Do you think I can get a buy in if I were to tell 'em immigration officers that I'm only 4 / 5 months pregnant.. ?


  1. my sis went to s'pore last year on december,just before 2 weeks she delivered ..ok je..takpe jgn risau..

  2. kenapa babe?
    tak boleh masuk spore ke kalau preggie?

  3. yup heard dat x tau how far it's true....ade dlm immigrationnyer ruling ke??

    take good care of urself n baby...jgn jln smp exhausted sgt tau!!!

  4. err...
    why such rule exist? hmm..

    anyway.. mau bershopping ke beb? abot ader business trip ke singapore lagi dua minggu.. aper bender menarik yang worth buying there ek? sila jawab yea :p

  5. laaaa.... ye ke? kenapa x boleh? alaaa.. ko ckp je la saya baru 4 bulan je. x kan dia nk check perot ko kot. x pun ko ckp la saya mengidam nk shopping kat singapore.
    jom2 g singapore, mana tau boleh jumpa ko kat sana.

  6. anonymous, -- hi! hmm i guess your sister must be one of the luckiest.. coz i've surveyed around, especially from friends yang dok singapore & JB.. yes, one MAY enter into singapore even if she's heavily pregnant.. tapi.. there are risks one will be denied too.. huhu.. so tu yang tengah dilema nih, to take or not to take the risk.. kang dah sampai kat immigration tak pasal2 kena patah balik KL.. huhu...

    tina, abot & yaNNie, -- it has something to do with them not wanting others to become their citizenship or something if ter deliver kat sana.. sebab tu 6 months ke bawah takpe..

    bibi, -- lia tengok dalam singapore nye immigration website, ade extra procedures about that.. huhu.. anyway thanks! lia pun skang takleh jalan banyak, tumit cepat sakit !! tsk. checklist banyak tak tick off lagi nehhhh... *panic attack*

    abot, -- alaaaa best best nyeeeee... 2 minggu lagi tuh, before ke after christmas? sebab kalau after, then tak best sangat untuk shopping.. otherwise, kalau masa tengah christmas sales, banyak gak branded items offer good deals, even after conversion rate pun still murah compared to malaysia.. contoh2 yang lia tau barang murah (sebab pernah beli) is guess, levis, gap, tefal, U2, esprit, charles & keith.. kira banyak beli baju keje la jugak.. tapi kalau baby-related item.. itu tatau.. sebab tak pernah survey lagi.. huuuuu.. sebab tu nak pegi this time..... !!! *harapan hancur*

    yannie, -- ko pegi bile? itu lah.. nak je cakap baru 4 / 5 bulan.. tapiiii perut ni dah takleh sorok dahhhhh... huhu.. aku try tanye around kot2 aku nampak macam 4 / 5 bulan pregnant.. sume pun kate susah nak percaya... ape ntah lagi singapore nye immigration.. lagi la strict....

  7. kalu tummy still kecik y not.
    kalu pegi if anything happen teruk tk?ka lu risky sgt tk yah la

  8. Women in an advanced state of pregnancy (i.e. 6 months or more) intending to visit Singapore should make prior application to the nearest Singapore overseas mission...

    'Spore overseas mission' - Spore Embassy in Malaysia, I think.

    Hmm I wish u cud make it but yeah, referring to the line's a real 50-50 thing.

    Unless ur really gagah dan gigih pegi Spore Embassy in KL for authorization letter. Takpun, make plan B eg. holidaying in JB instead, if ur x allowed into Spore. Oh ya u've had so much of JB hotel stays for outstation jobs..howwabout checking out Desaru ke... ;)

    7th mth is crucial. 8th mth tu dh kira fasa selamat...tinggal tgu to 9th mth je. Org cakaplah. Im x sure..belum kawin lagi so cant say much..wink.

    Just my suggestions, untuk menyedapkan hati kawan baikku.. *hugs*

    Anyways, chill my dear. Spore je...kalau Brisbane ke, sayang la jugak... :)

  9. hi I was bloghopping from Tina's and found yours! anyway, I am going to Singapore next weekend, insya allah for a babymoon trip too. hehehe and that time I will be 31 weeks pregnant.

    siries tatau such ruling apply. but I'm gonna go for it anyway. gamble saja la. hehe n perut pun masih dlm kategori kecil. harap2 okla. worse come to worst, tipu sajala kata masih 6 bulan semua tu. haha n we plan to stay in JB anyway. so what abt u? still going?

  10. aku rasa kena apply la kalo nak masuk spore if pregnant..that's what my husband told me..sbb malas nak gi embassy, aku x jd g spore next week..ingat nak shopping brg baby cam stroller & other things yg besar2..murah kat sana..

    another thing yg buat aku x jd pegi ialah, aku malas naik bas..sbb aku dah x leh naik flight..cis..cis..xleh tipu! sbb MAS nak surat doc..

    p/s:eh, aku punya word verification today is SURIe.. wow! wow! :D

  11. as a half-singaporean, aku nk bg sket pesanan penaja - jgn degil.

  12. MyJinsei, -- well the thing is tummy is kecik no more! :P and the risk i was talking is about being denied to enter Singapore, i.e. kena patah balik even though dah reach the border… and the risk about pregnancy, at this stage, of course there are possibilities of pre-term labour. huhu.

    a.Lin, -- i think not worth the risk la linnnn.. huhu.. i wish can go to! *tsk* though its only Singapore, but still… oh well, looks like we have to abort the plan! huhu.. thanks lin anyway for the heads up. hope to see you anytime soon, miss you missy!

    PixiePwincess, -- hi! :) itu lahhh.. i pun seriously didn’t know they have such thing.. huhu.. anyway you are still going aite… good on ya! update me tau nanti hows the thing like.. i.e. the procedures when it comes to pregnant ladies.. and lastly, enjoy your babymoon trip!! =) as for me, after much deliberation, i’m not going lah.. huhu.. lagipun barang2 pun banyak tak beli lagi, so we’re going to spend that weekend just to do that…

    iyma, itu lah, what your husband said concur with the others as well.. so sudahnye memang aku & kerol decide not to go.. ohhh tu lah, memang dah takleh naik flight kan.. kalau pegi, kitorang memang decide nak drive jer.. eh tapi kalau ikutkan.. kalau drive, kat checkpoint tuh, dia bukannye nampak kan? hmmmm.. cemane tuh..

    perghhh that’s the ultimate hint, dapat word verification surie tuuuuu.. memang WOW! ;)

    farah, -- aye aye!! :)

  13. ha ah kan..kat check point bkn kalo terkantoi..kena patah balik..huhu buang masa je..xkan nak shopping kat JB lak..better shopping kat KL la drpd JB..JB brg mahal...

  14. lia, i went to singapore last yr for 2 weeks business trip when i was 5 mths pregnant..ok je, but mayb bcos perut x besar kot hehe..tatau pun pasal restriction tu until i read ur post nih hehe..