Thursday, 3 December 2009

The one with... going random, again... :)

  • First of all, thanks to each and everyone of you who has responded in my previous post regarding the stem cells storage.. farina, yantie zuri, zie, dayana, farah, muni, iyma, zetty & bibi -- really appreciate your valuable input.. honestly for Kerol & I, its not about the amount of money that needs to be paid for the scheme.. it’s more of the credibility and reliability of it that’s been bugging us in our decision making process.. anyway, not wanting to influence the thought and decision of others, lets leave it as it is k? :)

  • I feel so sleepy and lazy today.. must be the nasi lemak + cold weather combo.. PLUS that with the fact that I’ve been working late for the past couple of days.. AND also the fact that my colleagues keep on playing the happy Christmas songs.. AND for a fact that it’s already DECEMBER yaw!!!

  • Sigh if only I am in the same situation I normally was come every year end, i.e. left with 7-8 days of annual leaves.. But looking back, I had been using them, all for the great causes.. wedding leaves, honeymoon leaves, second honeymoon leaves, hari raya leaves, and finally babymoon leaves.. so, ok lah.. fine.. no regret! :) i will jaga the office nanti when everyone is gone to enjoy their year end break.. ok what, takde orang in office, i’ll come out with my own plan.. ngehngehngeh *evil laugh*

  • Nowadays whenever I’m on the road, I’ll try my very best not to curse when I’m stuck in the traffic jam or when I have encounters with the other rude & reckless road users… coz I learnt that the baby can hear the mother.. BUT.. it’s not helping much now that the WTFs are everywhere on the road!! It’s hard NOT to silently mutter what.the.f*ck when I see such plat numbers instead of seeing the three letters just as it is.. huhu.. (by the way, can the baby hear if the mother just cakap dalam hati je? hmmm.. ) soon there’ll be WTHs.. but at least its not as bad…

  • For Kerol & I, half of the year was just gone in a blink with us busy doing preparation for our wedding.. and the recent 30 November 2009 marked our 6 months anniversary.. and we are still in the state of bliss :) sometimes we regard ourselves as housemates judging by the way live the life in our own house –- each of us with our own markas untuk bermalasan at the living room.. and we follow our own rules.. Kerol can do whatever he wants and so do i.. :P guess this happens because before this we both stayed with parents kot.. so now dah ada freedom, macam jakun sikit lah.. :D anyway, my point earlier on was… how fast time flies.. and soon, there’ll be a mini us!! :)

  • Talking about how fast time flies, besok dah hari jumaat.. YEAY !

  • Hmm ok lah.. lunch hour is about to end soon.. I’d better stop now.. oh before I end this post, I have a question to ask.. those yang pakai spectacles, masa beranak nanti, pakai tak? :P kalau operate, mesti lah tak pakai kan.. sebab takleh bawak masuk dalam operation theatre.. but kalau normal, pun macamana nak pakai.. masa nak meneran tuh, mesti spec macam nak jatuh2 kan.. berpeluh2 lagi, mesti spec berwap sume.. so.. means tak pakai la kan? tapi kalau those yang with high power macam mine (around 600 – 700) yang jenis kalau tak pakai spec memang konfem tak nampak apa2.. macamana nak FEEL the whole situation kalau tak pakai spec nanti? especially bila doc / nurse letak the baby in the arms.. macamane nak enjoy such a great sight? ke masa tuh dah boleh pakai spec? hoho tak mungkin la pakai contact lense kan.. i know i know i think too much.. but please, do enlighten me… :)

  • okie dokie that’s all i have for now.. till later~*


  1. hehe lilia, about the spec@contact lenses..i think about it a lot too..susah betol bile power tinggi2 ni kan ;p

  2. Lia, kalau operate memang xleh pakai apa2 not a single contact lenses pon..

    but if normal aku rasa boleh kot pakai contact lense or spek eh, im not sure sangat sebab aku pun xpenah beranak lagi..

    tapi aku rasa xkan xleh kot pakai spek or contact lenses kan? aku paham sebab aku pun rabun jugakkk...

  3. aku pun sama..thn ni annual leaves aku tinggal 5 hari je!! sebelum2 ni annual leaves aku adalah 12-15 hari bila hujung thn and bleh simpan untuk GCR i.e gantian cuti rehat which mean cuti tu akan diganti dgn duit bila aku pencen nnt..huhu (oh..jgn heran sbb ape cuti aku byk sgt..keje gomen annual leaves adalah 35 hari sethn ok) pastu siap bleh carry fwd cuti utk jdkan next year annual leave 40 hari..wohooo! tp thn ni aku carry fwd je cuti 5 hari tu sbb takut i need it bila dah ada baby nnt..but, no regret..sbb cam ko, aku pon guna all the 35days leaves aku tu utk great purposes..honeymoon I.. honeymoon II...cuti menjadi SURIrumah di johor..rayas..jumpa baby (check up la)..hehe

    oh..aku pon sama..trying very hard utk tidak berkata apa2 time jem..susah kan..and yes..aku pon perasan that 3 words dah jd no plat kete..and the driver pon menunjukkan ciri2 no plat itu..what the......(abeskan sendirik :P )

    oh..aku pon terpk benda yg sama lia..sbb power aku adalah kalo x pakai spec or contact lenses aku dalah hampir buta! so, aku decide nak diam2 je pakai contact lenses siap2 befor masuk labor room..sbb mcm x practical gile pakai spec..i want to see & enjoy every moment clearly!! x nak la nmpk blur2 je..huhu...

  4. babe,

    good question on the spectacles, heheh..

    i had to take off mine when i had my c-sect.. tapi during the first few bit masa i dalam labour room sebab masa tu ingat boleh normal delivery, boleh je pakai specs.. heheh..

    anyhoo, u tak cuti ehh.. am thinkin of taking some days off next 2 weeks.. maybe i can join u for lunch during one of those days.. mcm best kan?

    this weekend pun i free jugak.. esp sabtu malam ahad.. buzz me if u are ok to meet up! :)

    hugs and kisses to u and your lil prince!

  5. hik22 kelakar..i tot i jer fikir camtu.coz im also wearing contact lens& spectacles.
    When i asked my hubby, tk perlu pakai pn

  6. kak hanney, -- kan.. kan.. !! i knew i’m not alone when it comes to this ’dilemma’.. hehe..

    yantie, -- itu lah.. tapi masalahnye macam troublesome je nak pakai contact lense / spec masa beranak… huhu..

    iyma, -- hoihhhh banyaknye cuti setahun !! bestnye ! siap boleh carry forward plak tuh.. anyway tu lah… tahun ni tahun menghabiskan annual leaves untuk tujuan2 yang ko cakap tuh.. hehe.

    weh aku tatau plak ko pakai contact lense / spec.. 550 kira tinggi jugak la kan power ko.. wehh bleh ke pakai contact lense? kang tiba2 contact lense kering ke.. ape ke.. tak ke naya je.. ko mane tau ko dok dalam labor room bape lame wehhh..

    tina, -- tu lah.. ramai kawan2 i yang rabun sume deliver c-sect.. so i still tak dapat jawapan whether its practical or not to wear spec masa beranak normal… huhu..

    and babe, the idea of you coming to ‘kidnap’ me during lunch time, that’s a good one.. let me know bila you punye days off tuh k? :)

    hope mika is all well by now.. tak berkesempatan lah nak jumpe you last weekend…

    MyJinsei, -- tapi kalau tak pakai tak syiok lah.. unless if power you sikit, then that shouldn’t be a problem as what your husband suggested.. huhu.. kalau power tinggi you’ll know what i mean.

  7. my hubby better u tak nampak.kalu tk u takut,biar blur22 skit.nanti dia tlg record kan..ada plak camtu

  8. I like ur 2009 experience - first half busy with wedding preps, second half busy with baby preps...Ur so lucky & it's so happening!

    Im soo happy for u being blissfully married, merrily pregnant n all...Alhamdulillah.


    p/s: x forget my burger goMBs taU.

  9. iye power aku mmg tinggi sejak keje ngadap PC je..huhu..dulu masa kat uitm aku rabun sket2..x sampai 100 pon.. so aku sukati2 je x pakai spec sbb still dlm class x leh duk blakang la...

    errr..ko buat aku pk balik decision xkan nak pakai spec? mesti cam terjatuh2 kalo lama dlm labour room mesti contact lenses kering plak..aiyoo..susah hati plak..hoho