Tuesday, 29 December 2009

The one with... parents-to-be's day out and updates :)

Am so happy and excited and not so panic-ky anymore.. (let's not go to the part about the actual giving birth thingy just yet okey.. ;P) Today and yesterday were very well spent, both Kerol and I went to go hunting for those stuff needed in welcoming our newborn soon.. =))))

(dah unpacked and went drool over the stuff that we bought, and packed balik.. tempat storage takde lagi, so they will remain in the plastic bag for now.. :p Ahhhh the sight of these stuff really gives me such a pleasant and soothing feeling..)

With a big smile plastered on my face, I can now tick-off those items in THE LIST one by one.. Weeeee~~~*

Paling thrilled adalah membeli those cute and colourful little baby rompers / babysuits and such.. I had to really refrain myself from overbuying them.. Huhu.. Gerammmm sangat2 tengok baju2 baby...

(sila abaikan the suggested quantity, of course we didn't buy that many.. cukup sekadar ada mengikut keperluan...)

I must say, completing the baby checklist is more fun as compared to completing the wedding checklist.. As for the baby checklist, when we tick one item off, means its really off the list.. Otherwise for the wedding checklist, things will materialise only when the day comes.. You know, like you tick off on items such as 'tempah baju', 'book catering', 'book make-up artist', etc... BUT you know for yourself that it will be really off the list when the day comes.. Huhu..

So now tinggal sikit2 lagi here and there to buy.. But of all things, Kerol and I somehow can't quite decide yet on the bedding set.. You know.. Baby cot.. Playpen.. Mattress.. etc.. I mean, is baby cot a necessary? Can we just buy the mattress set to be put on the floor (not directly on the floor, I mean, on a comforter / toto of sort) and let the baby plays and sleeps there during the day time.. and at night, let him sleep with us in our bed? But then, the mattress set we surveyed in the market was meant to be put in the baby cot -- i.e. comes with the bumpers and such.. Hmmm.. confuse.. confuse.. We are still contemplating on this anyway.. So we shall see how..

And particularly on my part, I am now quite concerned about the confinement related stuff.. Huhu.. Especially on the 'set selepas bersalin' -- which brand is good..what criteria should I be looking for (other than price) and also on the tukang urut -- what's per day rate is considered decent and reasonable.. Hmmm.. Any words of opinion?

Anyway, that's that. Like I said, I am more contended now that we have at least bought the basic stuff for our cute, lovely and adorable darling little one.. :)

I am doing fine, by the way. Been enjoying the long weekend by bumming around with hubby.. and purposely chose yesterday and today to do the shopping because we both are on leave and it's working day, so the crowd was not as huge as that of the weekend's..

And hubby has been such a good sport in entertaining my request to indulge in good food of my choice... :) Had seafood platter for two from Manhattan Fish Market yesterday.. and today, we spent almost 2.5 hours over the buffet spread of food for barbeque and steamboat at Seoul Garden... *nYamss!!*

Hmm but when it comes to shopping, sadly I can only last for max 3 hours only! Afterwards my feet will start to feel painful.. Like berdenyut2 like that.. Huhu.. I feel like a whale stranded on land.. :D

And these days I woke up in the morning having the numb feelings sort at my fingers.. Like macam berat and susah nak move.. From reading, it has got something to do with water retention.. and my nose and face, they are so kembang macam di pam2.. Huhu.. With the dark coloured & thick frame spec of mine, I feel like I'm wearing this all the time:

(okey, minus the bushy eyebrows and moustache ye... :D)

Hmm.. ape lagi.. Oh, I've gotten my result from the glucose tolerance test already.. Went to the govt clinic yesterday morning and phew thank God I didn't have that gestational diabetes associated to the pregnant ladies.. *alhamdulillah*.. And no more drastic weight gain *takut gila nak timbang depan nurse..* :p

This coming Thursday I am due for check-up at the private clinic.. Praying really hard that this time around we get to see a glimpse of our baby's face! Before this we've done the 3D scanning for two times already -- but yang first time he was playing with the umbilical cord, so his face was hidden behind it.. and second time, he was backfacing us.. Huhu.. Adakah baby boy kami ini pemalu orangnya??? :P Anyway from the last check-up we learnt that he's in the head-down position and he's weighing a healthy 1.8kg! :)

*Hoping for a smooth sailing journey towards the day I'm due for giving birth.... amin*

Okie dokie.. I guess it's time to get ready to sleep.. It's working day tomorrow -- 2 more days only to go that is.. Then, it's back to another long weekend.. Weee~* :))))

Alritey, till later~!

Saturday, 26 December 2009

The one with... mojo oh mojo, where are you...

Internet connection ada... laju plak tuh...

Masa lapang pun ada... dari semalam (Jumaat) saaaaaampai la Selasa.. kerja 2 hari lagi for the year (30th & 31st) pastu cuti saaaaampai la 4 Jan 2010...

Tapiiiii.... mood nak ber blog, still tak ada...

Hmm, thanks to those who gave comments in my previous entry.. I shall reply one of these days k...

Enjoy your holiday peeps, till later~*

Sunday, 20 December 2009

The one with... pre monday blues talking..

Hmmm i often find myself getting very very turned-off everytime after i received unwanted comments from anonymous.. (read: unwanted = komen yang macam tak membina..) To stick to 'ignorance is bliss' mantra after all is kinda hard i guess.. I mean come on, i am no angel, of course i'll feel uncomfortable just like any other human beings who have feelings would too.

I feel.. unfair knowing someone else gets to know updates about me and yet i don't get to know about the other person's.. (yang ada blog / exchange thoughts with me via comments lain cerita).

I feel.. friends dont make much effort anymore to contact me coz they can find out my updates from reading of my blog.

I feel.. office people judge me unnecessarily.

I feel.. those who hates me will keep on just reading quietly and thereafter thrash me behind my back, waiting for something bad to happen before start pointing out my flaws then.

I feel.. people make assumption of me and my life just by reading what i write here in my blog.. i mean, how shallow a person can be thinking that i write 100% about my life here right? but, then.. one can never be sure about that.. it's a mad mad mad world after all. a lot of different types of people do exist.

I feel.. that i've never meant and ever had any intention to step on someone's toes.. all i've been writing about all this while was nothing but in relation to myself and those around me.. so why the unpleasant anonymous comments? *sigh* I've been nothing but minding my own business, so why can't the anonymous? (please note am talking about the anonymous yang tend to kasi unwanted comments, not those anonymous baik ye.. )

Most of all.. I feel like wanting to stop blogging.. or perhaps put this blog into a private mode.. or disable anonymous comment..

I know there are other positive things i can feel, but at this very right moment.. this is what and how i feel.

Lets hope this feeling is just temporary. We'll see.

Salam Maal Hijrah to all my muslim friends and readers.. till later~*

Friday, 11 December 2009

The one with... my experience doing check up at govt clinic..

It’s Friday and I’ve been working hard for the past couple of weeks to catch up with the things these people were rushing for, coz they are all going for long leaves already by next week.. and will be back only next year. Leaving me playing ‘jaga’ for the office.. Huhu.

Anyway I need a break, so here I am…

I normally go to the private hospital / clinic (not sure a Pusat Perubatan is considered as a hospital or clinic) to do my monthly check up.. But since I’m keeping myself open for options, I decided to go for check up at the government clinic as well -- just in case I decide to deliver at the government hospital.. Coz they said one needs to have that ‘buku merah’ for admittance to the government hospital.. Not sure how true, but I wanted to play safe.

So I thought, ok lah.. Just go for one visit, then I should be fine.. though it’s a bit of a hassle coz check up at government hospital / clinic can only be done on weekdays.. not to mention the waiting time too.

Nevertheless, I went to the one in Gombak last month together with Kerol. We were not so kiasu to come very early in the morning, so we embraced the long waiting time..

How was it? Honestly, I thought it was (surprisingly) a pleasant experience. Minus the waiting time + the part it must be done on working days + the fact that some days the doctor won’t be around for consultation, that is. The nurses were actually quite nice. And they gave a lot of useful information without you asking for it. And did a lot of tests too in comparison to the one I had at my normal place for check up. Amongst others, they gave me the injection for kancing gigi.. and that day I did the blood test too.

Because of the blood test, I decided to go again for check up at that government clinic coz I wanted to know the result though I’ve done the same blood test at my normal place for check up and had my result -- I was said to have a quite low red blood count (or whatever the correct term is). I was like, ok fine I’ll just go for the 2nd time to get the blood test’s result, and that’s it I will be done with government clinic.

So I took some time and went again yesterday, this time around, alone. Coz Kerol had to attend meeting in the morning.. Lagipun we noticed that those who go for check up at the government mostly are not accompanied by the husbands.. Hmmm.. Why eh?


As expected, I got turned off by the waiting time. And the fact that there was no doctor around, again… *sheeshh*. But I obtained more information than the last time. Especially now I need to start counting and timing the number of baby movements in a day. And I had my second injection for kancing gigi.. Perhaps maybe I am already at my later stage of pregnancy.. Huhu.. Anddddd.. the best part was, the ‘ujian gula’ or ‘glucose tolerance test’ people were talking about, I was instructed to come again next week for such a test!!! Sebab.. Sebabbbbb.. I gained 4kg in a month! Ngaaaaaa… :’(

But hey I thought its normal for mothers to gain so much of weight at the later stage of pregnancy?? No? Coz honestly, I didn’t feel like I’ve been eating like a lot A LOT… *siGh* And, what if, it’s the baby who is putting on weight.. not me? *hehe keji and nonsense*

I wanted to ignore the instruction for I have had enough going there for check up. BUT. I feel guilty to the baby if I were to just chuck that aside. So yeah, looks like I am going to the clinic again next week… Huhu.. And hopefully I'm actually not developing this form of diabetes called gestational diabetes some woman have during pregnancy..


If there’s any consolation, the nurses were quite impressed to see how ‘beautiful’ my tummy is.. and that my kaki is not swollen… *smiLe* Hope it stays that way until the day I give birth.. *amin*

I am due for check up at my normal place tomorrow, so lets see what my gynae will have to say.. if she also orders me for the glucose tolerance test, then I know I shouldn’t take things easy.. Huhu.. But one thing for sure, can’t wait to have the 3D scan done, coz during the last check up, my baby’s face was hidden a bit coz he was playing with his umbilical cord.. Hopefully this time around, I get to see a glimpse of his face…. Can’t wait! :)

So okie dokie, that’s all I have for now.. Looks like I need to start monitoring my diet from now on… Cannot be so selamba about it anymore.. huhu.. But this weekend will be packed with weddings (read: nasi minyak yummy yum!) and I just bought a big bag of chocolates from the Christmas bazaar sale Valiram is organizing specifically for the firm I’m working with… How? How????? Big problems I've got here peeps…! :P

Alritey till later.. Enjoy your weekend! :)

Monday, 7 December 2009

The one with... Monday morning 'bad news'..

Just when I have my accomodation sorted...

Just when I have discovered that I actually still have one more day of annual leaves...

Just when I have discussed with Kerol on our itenary... and roughly plan our budget...

Just when I thought I can add 'Trip to Singapore 2009' into "My Travelling Stories" list..

Just when I got excited thinking that I can hang out with Alin in Singapore..

Just when I felt so happy imagining a holiday trip with Kerol for the last time before I deliver sometime early next year..

Just when.......

And thennnnn came the bad news -- Singapore is quite strict when it comes to allowing the (heavily) expectant mothers entering their country... *sheeeeshhhh* :(

Should I.. or shouldn't I.. take the risk? Ngaaaaaaaa.... Do you think I can get a buy in if I were to tell 'em immigration officers that I'm only 4 / 5 months pregnant.. ?

Thursday, 3 December 2009

The one with... going random, again... :)

  • First of all, thanks to each and everyone of you who has responded in my previous post regarding the stem cells storage.. farina, yantie zuri, zie, dayana, farah, muni, iyma, zetty & bibi -- really appreciate your valuable input.. honestly for Kerol & I, its not about the amount of money that needs to be paid for the scheme.. it’s more of the credibility and reliability of it that’s been bugging us in our decision making process.. anyway, not wanting to influence the thought and decision of others, lets leave it as it is k? :)

  • I feel so sleepy and lazy today.. must be the nasi lemak + cold weather combo.. PLUS that with the fact that I’ve been working late for the past couple of days.. AND also the fact that my colleagues keep on playing the happy Christmas songs.. AND for a fact that it’s already DECEMBER yaw!!!

  • Sigh if only I am in the same situation I normally was come every year end, i.e. left with 7-8 days of annual leaves.. But looking back, I had been using them, all for the great causes.. wedding leaves, honeymoon leaves, second honeymoon leaves, hari raya leaves, and finally babymoon leaves.. so, ok lah.. fine.. no regret! :) i will jaga the office nanti when everyone is gone to enjoy their year end break.. ok what, takde orang in office, i’ll come out with my own plan.. ngehngehngeh *evil laugh*

  • Nowadays whenever I’m on the road, I’ll try my very best not to curse when I’m stuck in the traffic jam or when I have encounters with the other rude & reckless road users… coz I learnt that the baby can hear the mother.. BUT.. it’s not helping much now that the WTFs are everywhere on the road!! It’s hard NOT to silently mutter what.the.f*ck when I see such plat numbers instead of seeing the three letters just as it is.. huhu.. (by the way, can the baby hear if the mother just cakap dalam hati je? hmmm.. ) soon there’ll be WTHs.. but at least its not as bad…

  • For Kerol & I, half of the year was just gone in a blink with us busy doing preparation for our wedding.. and the recent 30 November 2009 marked our 6 months anniversary.. and we are still in the state of bliss :) sometimes we regard ourselves as housemates judging by the way live the life in our own house –- each of us with our own markas untuk bermalasan at the living room.. and we follow our own rules.. Kerol can do whatever he wants and so do i.. :P guess this happens because before this we both stayed with parents kot.. so now dah ada freedom, macam jakun sikit lah.. :D anyway, my point earlier on was… how fast time flies.. and soon, there’ll be a mini us!! :)

  • Talking about how fast time flies, besok dah hari jumaat.. YEAY !

  • Hmm ok lah.. lunch hour is about to end soon.. I’d better stop now.. oh before I end this post, I have a question to ask.. those yang pakai spectacles, masa beranak nanti, pakai tak? :P kalau operate, mesti lah tak pakai kan.. sebab takleh bawak masuk dalam operation theatre.. but kalau normal, pun macamana nak pakai.. masa nak meneran tuh, mesti spec macam nak jatuh2 kan.. berpeluh2 lagi, mesti spec berwap sume.. so.. means tak pakai la kan? tapi kalau those yang with high power macam mine (around 600 – 700) yang jenis kalau tak pakai spec memang konfem tak nampak apa2.. macamana nak FEEL the whole situation kalau tak pakai spec nanti? especially bila doc / nurse letak the baby in the arms.. macamane nak enjoy such a great sight? ke masa tuh dah boleh pakai spec? hoho tak mungkin la pakai contact lense kan.. i know i know i think too much.. but please, do enlighten me… :)

  • okie dokie that’s all i have for now.. till later~*