Saturday, 28 November 2009

The one with... stem cells storage -- what say you?


The title of this post kinda says it all.

Actually both Kerol and I have had our own reservation when it comes to this thing called stem cells storage for the newborn.

However, we would like to hear what others out there have got to say about this..

I know I do not have that many readers but... care to share your thoughts on this, please? Anyone?

Thanking you very much in advance... :) Till later~*


  1. I certainly will opt for one if I were pregnant. Do you mind sharing how much per month you paying? I'm curious and wanna know beforehand.I know Sheila Majid did for her children and she's paying 2000+ initially, but that was 2-3 years back. You never know what'll happen in the future so it won't hurt if you spend a lil bit money rather than losing someone you loved.Stem cells research is expanding and who knows it can be used to treat other type of cancer one day :) Insya-allah

  2. hi farina! oh kitorang tak decide to take it up... thats what i meant by "Kerol and I have had our own reservation ..".. one of the reasons, is just like what you stated -- the research is STILL expanding..

    anyway, i value your input so much, especially from someone from medical background :) who knows we'll change our mind one day...

  3. lia..if not mistaken reader's digest nov/okt 2009 ade discuss on this stem cells the baby's stem cell save the baby's life coz dia actually kena stroke mase baby..very interesting story la..aku pon ade plan kalu ade rezki dpt 2nd baby nak buat stem cell storage..kat tropicana medical centre ade provide this service..dkt gak ngan umah..aku penah bace pamplet dia..the fund is around RM2000 tp x sure plak monthly ke annually..if annually then ok la jugak kan...

  4. Babe,

    I was thinking to have one, but onfortunately disebabkan I beranak 3 weeks awal, so tak sempat.
    It's very good, sebab for baby the recovery % will be 80%, parents 50% and siblings 30%. My advise is go for it, and about the cost, you can always compare - sebab ada more than one sekarang nie - ada Stemlife, croyo apa ntah...

    Masa I survey hari tuh - Stemlife -initially RM1k ( tak silap i la) and on annual basis RM200. So it can be kept for years.

    Memula I ingat pung tak penting jugak, but what had happened to my husband with his bypass and Aisya with suspected ASD (under close monitoring from the doctor), I regret tak ambik dulu.

    As for the 2nd child, insya allah I will definitely go for it. In fact you boleh start register from now on and they will come to the hospital yang you deliver.

    My takde is - go for it, sebab you will never know what will happen in the future.

    p/s : sorry panjang plak...he he he...

  5. hi Lia...
    i saw a documentary on this done by the Stemlife company.. i think its a very good investment especially if ur family has history in diseases....

    ko bole baca via internet and go to Stemlife yourself for a face to face consultation... knowing you, baca kat internet and mintak opinion tak cukup..hehehe

    much love

  6. takde org ckp pn stem celss storage ni x bagus ..

    yg penting kalau ada duit smua bole buat.. :)

  7. hi lia, fahmie n aku decided to take up this stem cell storage offered by Stemlife. After doing some research, tanya kat gynae, dgr talk and approached by 3 different stem cell storage co. etc.Stemlife ade 5 easy payment plans, ours- total is RM5500 (Processing fee of RM2500, Annual storage fee totalling RM3000)but we pay over 12 months, so monthly about RM440-460) Alhamdulillah, all payment dah settle once maya reached her 1st year. U can also opt to pay over 21 years i.e. RM2500 in 12 months installment + RM250 every year beginning from baby 1st bday..nak tau lebih lanjut kita calling2 ya. i can refer u to sumone if u need to know more on this ..

  8. teruk tak kalo aku ckp aku x pernah amek tau pasal stem cells storage ni..yg aku tau, kalo byk duir boleh la lepas baca komen2 dorg ni, rasa nak amek tau xde la mahal sgt kan...

  9. heheh..silap type daaaa.. duir = duit ye..

  10. babe... aku rasa tak perlu, sebab stem cell boleh harvest dari badan jeh, takyah dari tali pusat pon

    better sedekah duit ribu riban kat anak yatim ka, masjid ka... insurance akhirat tuh

  11. mase early check up kt umsc ari tu, b ade baca brochure psl stemlife...mase bace tu mmg rase bagus gak stemlife ni...can save our baby life in after dat dh lupe till i read ur post ni bt t'igt blk....hehe

    erm the best is to consult gynae kot..coz doc bole advice whether necessary or not

    lagi satu...lia btla post pasal set bersalin plak...hehehe bole menumpang information...b tgh in dilemma wic is the best..tgl sebulan lbh je lg nih