Thursday, 26 November 2009

The one with.. more (and long-winded) randomness...

  • sigh i have a report to review, but i am already in the holiday mood lah… well, not holiday holiday as in involves travelling.. but i’m referring to the public holiday tomorrow, hence the long weekend… :)

  • have i mentioned before that i am now officially got (really) sick at and de-motivated with work? hmmm… not going to elaborate any further but there you go, i’ve blurted it out loud.

  • so, anyway life has been very interesting lately.. do you know that SOON i am entering the last trimester of my pregnancy??? BIG DEAL!!! life will totally be different after this, i really hope its to the better... aminnnnn.

  • it makes me panic every time thinking about it.. *iSk* especially when i read that says “the newborn will be on your lap soon in no time..”.. i was like, NooooOOoooo… can i keep him forever in my tummy??? :P

  • the baby is so active these days.. and i’d like to think that he can respond to me especially when i rub my tummy or tickle at the area where the movement is felt… coz he will give more and stronger movements.. *smiling* this is definitely the best part of being pregnant. now i understand why expectant mothers like to touch their tummy when i see them walking in public places.. coz i am one too now! :)

  • but.. of course with good things come the not-so-good things as well.. i found that sleeping at night is a challenge.. coz it’s hard to find the right and comfortable position… and i cannot stand / walk too long also, it makes my feet hurt…

  • anyway so far i haven’t had any swollen feet.. nor any stretch mark.. YET.. but hey are these two avoidable? coz i hope i get to skip them.. :) we’ll see.. we’ll see..

  • to come to think of it, i cannot remember how the heck did i able to go through that one phase when i got terrible itchiness all over my body.. i couldn’t help it but to scratch my skin until it bleeds and left some ugly reddish marks… that time i was so sad, i even beg kerol to please please accept me for who i am (for fear that the marks will turn into permanent scars).. but you know what, thank God no scars whatsoever! *phew* that, by far was the biggest challenge i've experienced with my pregnancy.. as of now, i just apply the normal nivea intensive cream lotion all over my body instead of the expensive stretch mark cream like bio oil and cocoa butter that lasts only.. what 2 weeks max..? alhamdulillah it works wonder on me! :) should have opted to this much earlier.

  • you know i think my baby somehow inherits that sensitive side of me.. :P there’s this time when i was just started to learn that i can feel his movement, i tend to say to kerol or update my facebook status with stuff like “my baby so active” or “why my baby is so active, is he feeling sempit already” or something like that.. not to complain.. but i guess he must have understood it that way kot.. coz one day, he was like, not the normal him.. i hardly felt his movement i wanted to cry.. i kept on reciting the prayers and doa.. and then there was movement, but a very weak one.. kerol and i, we almost gone to see our gynae just to make sure everything was ok.. and that’s whennnnn suddenly he gave us the assurance that he’s a ok… *phew* itu pun after kerol talked to him slowly, and finally he gave that one hard kicking.. or punching.. hoho baby merajuk kah.. ? :P so cute! anyway now whenever i wanted to talk about him, i’ll make sure it’s in a positive tone.. not wanting him to think the otherwise :)

  • i got so.. how to say.. rimas lah looking at the long list of to-buy for the newborn.. i mean, are all those necessary?? kerol and i are going to work on that list like seriously starting this weekend.. all these while we did the survey but always ended up buying our stuff.. hehe.. that has got to stop! must start spend for the baby pulak... :P

  • my appetite has been very very good lately.. asyik lapar je.. tapi takde la mengidam benda yang pelik2.. :)

  • and i cannot wear any of my baju kurung already... huhu.. baju kebaya toksah cakap lah.. masa 2 / 3 bulan pregnant memang tak boleh pakai dah...

  • hmm i can go on and on talking about my pregnancy, so i'd better stop now. actually, to be honest its hard to update blog lately without writing about it... hence the gap between entries..

  • do you know that i have no more leaves to utilise this year? isk.. so sad..... i so want to go singapore.. it has been my yearly thing.. kerol and i have even thought of going during this weekend.. but macam keji la pulak kan.. its raya haji.. tapi tu lah.. kitorang siap terfikir nak cakap kat family kerol yang kitorang celebrate with my family.. but to my family, cakap kitorang celebrate with kerol's family.. :D (no we are not doing that ya..)

  • ok lah.. i do not know what else to write.. well, actually i do.. but it's gonna be more about pregnancy.. so i'd better save that for some other day k.

  • selamat hari raya aidiladha to all my muslim friends and readers.

  • till later~!


  1. wah dah nak masuk final trimester dah? how time flies.

    next week aku balik spore ... ada nak kirim ke..?

    lia aku bleh pakai baju kurung sendiri sampai 7bulan :)(belagak)

    ok aku pn dah bosan. nak balik dah. selamat hari raya too!!

  2. tu lahhhh... cepat kannnn... isk.

    bestnye ko ade port kat singapore.. huhu... hmm takde lah nak kirim anything specific.. ingat nak jalan2 survey2... kalau suke baru beli..

    hey aku pun kalau ikutkan buleh ye pakai baju kurung.. tapi disebabkan sume baju2 kurung aku adalah style kurung moden, i.e. ade shape.. maka tak lepas nak pakai bile dah masuk 6 months.. (tanak kalah!! wekkk..:D)

  3. sick with work already? *grin* takpe 3 months you will get a 2 months hang on there ya babe!


  4. baby active ehh.... dia bersenam dlm perut. hihihihihik! sangat comel. aku dulu klu baby x gerak 1 hari aku nangis, sbb takut apa2 jadi n mlm2 pun mmg susah nk tido, telentang x kena, mengereng x kena end up tertido sendiri sbb penat pusing2... ko skang mlm, selalu jaga nk shishi x?

    selamat hari raya aidiladha jugak n take care!

    *shishi = buang air kecik

  5. kak zue, -- 'sick' is pretty normal.. it comes and go.. 'de-motivated' is the key word.. huhu..

    yannie, -- tu lahhhhh.. risau kan bila baby tak gerak.. and betulllll.. malam2 memang slalu tidur lepas dah penat pusing sana pusing sini.. hehe.. bangun malam to sishi tuh takde lah plak.. i mean, setakat skali je lah.. tak kerap sangat... coz maybe aku bukan jenis minum air kot...

    you too, take care! :)

  6. lia..ade kakak kat opis aku btau perangai kite mase pregnant actually perangai baby kita..thats wat they call pembawakan budak..rasenya mcm betul la...coz wazif mmg kuat menangis ko tau..pastu siap ratu air mata lg..n he's a very friendly boy too..mmg coz time pregnant dulu aku mmg kuat senyum..muka manis jer no wonder la baby ko pon sensitive...dah mmg tu perangai dia kan..habisla huhuhu...

  7. bby ko merajuk cmtu ek? kalo baby aku merajuk, dia punya movement bleh buat aku terduduk & x leh gerak..aku selalu je ckp, baby girl mana bleh ganas cmni..and then baru dia cool down...kalo dah lahir pon jenis mengamuk cmni, abes la aku..hohoho

    hmm..aku pon susah tido mlm2..kdg2 aku siap bgn gi buat susu..konon bleh ngantuk & hampeh..aku bkn x x selesa! aku still x tau position ape yg best bleh buat aku lena..hmmm

    oh..ko sungguh beruntung sbb semua itchyness tu x meninggalkan parut..aku plak mmg dah byk parut bintik2 kat perut & peha & betis sbb gatal2 mkn seafood dulu..its not a strech mark..its scars! i hate husband aku selalu ckp, lama2 hilang la tu..takes time kot..but for me, what if x hilang..huduh betul kaki aku skarg! *emo*

    idea keji ko nak g spore and putar belit cite cmtu aku dah buat 1st day kitorg nikah..ko tau kan..aku ada mention dlm blog aku dulu :P :P kitorg mmg keji..and luckily smpai skrg xde family aku or dia yg tau..haha..keji gile perangai.. :P

  8. he..hepi jer dengar
    i pun kena penyakit..Ya Allah malasnya nk g kerja.which happen worstly bila pregant.

    if u dont mind can u share with me @ reader about the list for your newborn.
    I pening tk tau nk start kt mana.even dh baca buku pn still blur.

    Napa ms nk kawin dulu terer jer buat preparation.

  9. yanti zuri, -- alamakkkkk ye ke.. hoho.. hope baby boy aku tak cengeng sangat…… ! erkk.

    iyma, -- itu lah.. dia merajuk macam tuh, but only that one day lah.. other than that day tak perasan plak dia merajuk cemane.. but he can be very very active lah.. kengkadang the movement hurt me.. huhu.. but in a pleasant way… :)

    And you are right, aku pun sampai sekarang not sure which position yang senang untuk aku tertidur.. memang kene pusing sana pusing sini sampai penat, then next thing i know, baru tertidur.. itupun bangun pagi kengkadang rasa lenguh.. huhu.. but i’m definitely not complaining.. :)

    about the scars, takpe.. hopefully it will go off soon.. try la pakai mak nenek losyen biasa plak.. :)

    haha yeah i remember plan keji korang.. well, at least we didn’t do it… it was just an evil thought :)

    MyJinsei, -- ouhhh congrats! :) pasal list of newborn tuh.. i customised from the one my friend gave me.. its quite a long list.. you can leave me with your email address, and i will email you.. otherwise you can find from